2021 Survival & Surrender

How are you feeling as 2021 unfolds?  Whether you know it or not, you’re on the dance floor of evolution.  The heavyweight planets Saturn/Jupiter meet and part in an evolutionary rhumba of 20 year cycles down through history.

These cycles mark fascinating patterns throughout history and you are caught up in one with dramatic flare.   Can you feel it?  Time to get your dancing shoes on to make the most your turn on the dance floor.

The fixed Earth energy of the last 200 years that fueled the Industrial Revolution gives way to change-artist Air signs for the next 200 years.  You officially live in times of change – and the internet is one example of how broad a ‘net’ air can cast.  I know, change is a constant in life.

The difference is now you feel and see how quickly things can change. Turn your head and take in a new view, that’s how quickly your perspective can expand.  What you do with that new information, including resisting it, is your particular dance style.

This faster paced evolutionary shift brings parts of the entire world to us today through technology if not actual physical presence.  (Count how many things in your household have parts or come from places far beyond your daily environment)  The downside is that this can overload the body circuits if we don’t learn to safely ground and shape the changes.

In today’s audio I want to share with you what I’ve witnessed in so many people, how the dance plays out for people differently based on some practical guidelines that keeps us on the beat and off other people’s toes.

We learn what’s possible, what helps or hurts from those around us.  Then you get to decide, you get to create with that information and make it your unique contribution to the world that is becoming… YOU matter!

The four cornerstones we cover in the audio are:
  1.  How blame is an important warning sign and what to do with it
  2. Where apathy plays its part and how protective it can be while it steals your happiness – you can’t be indifferent to others without also being indifferent to your  own unwanted emotions
  3. The secret to surrendering to love, beyond the transactional exchange and into the transformative charge of it
  4. When community makes all the difference and how to improve the connection with yours

Listen to the audio HERE.

Download this audio HERE.

Dive deeper

For those of you who still want your year ahead forecast, we can take a look at what the music of this year offers you and how to make the most of it.  Find out with Lisa if you need a new pair of shoes or just a buff up on the ones you wear.  Get yours Here.

Since we are almost two months in on the year, I’m happy to add a quick peek at what the eclipses highlight in your dance this year.  Are finances, relationships, health or friends more likely to feature front and center?  Let’s take a look together…

If we don’t talk, do know I wish you well, always.  Take care of yourself and make the world a kinder place with the choices you have every day.  

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


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