Mercury Direct Daily Tarot 1/9-15

We have Mercury going direct and an illuminating Full Moon that requires patience and cooperation to get the full benefit.  Expect emotions will flare up this week ahead of it, showing you where your true partners are along with pulling back the curtain on where you must move from helpless to focused.

Don’t be too quick to judge those that fail you this week, just as you may benefit from some grace as well.  The energy this week helps you consolidate your new beliefs and act upon them for practice.  And practice makes perfect, don’t you know.

So watch out for those old stories that keep you stuck in familiar but uncomfortable loops.  You benefit through a little help from your friends move to new beliefs and let the old ones go.  This year brings a whole new understanding of how we do relationships of every kind and it starts NOW.

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Now let’s fall in on the week ahead!



Card of the Week:  Forest Lovers

Balance is the word of the week.  You will feel or see a range of feelings weaving together in a symphony this week with the ultimate goal being one of harmony.  My favorite quote from Miles Davis is “It’s not the note you play that’s the wrong note, it’s the one you play afterwards that makes it right or wrong.”  So this week it is about what you do when someone (including you) plays a note that seems out of tune.  What note will you play after it?  Adjust, amend, correct and play one that continues the harmony in your soul.  If it’s in tune there, the world will fall in with you or perhaps just fall away.   Be brave enough to find the tune that suits you and line up with those who play in harmony there.  You’ll know it by the way it feels in your body.  Listen to that…






Day One:  Moon On The Water

The moon is square Neptune, Venus and Jupiter today, wow what a lineup.  This calls out the fears based on old stories that once made you feel safe but now make you mostly miserable.  Before you can change it, you have to feel it and understand yourself.  Watch for imploding or exploding today.  Better to schedule ten minutes for a feeling, the time it takes to travel our nervous system, and let yourself be sad, mad, glad, afraid or whatever it is you have welling up for the whole ten minutes.  This inner awareness paired up with outer actions is a great way to handle the tides of emotion this week.

Take Action:  When you are done with your ten minute emotional break picture the feelings flowing down through the soles of your feet into the ground and being swallowed up.




Day Two:  Eight of Vessels

This eight speaks to enormous potential waiting to be unleashed in you when you walk away from what is finished.  You simply cannot repeat the old without suffering ever increasing resistance to it.  If you find yourself in discomfort, look to who or what you blame for this pain.  Wherever that is shows you who or what you gave your power away to and it’s time to take it back.  Saturn is conjuct Juno ending a five year cycle.  Look back over these five years and let them show you what you are meant to releas. You are ready for this.  Pain is a standard part of life but suffering is a choice.  Let go and the suffering ebbs away like the tide.  Let go now and start the New Year with a clean slate.

Take Action:  Write down one thing that caused you suffering you know you want to let go of this year.  Now burn it or bury it.  Up to you…




Day Three:  The Hooded Man

Trust the chaos today.  It has much to teach you with Saturn conjunct Eris.  After all, you helped create the confusion and it summons your best gifts to help you deal with it now.  The Moon joins Neptune to show us where our illusions helped create comfort but by evening with Pluto entering the picture you can see clearly where you are required to adjust beliefs and the actions that go with them if you want to create an outcome free of unnecessary suffering.  Wildwood Tarot refers to this card as offering the wisdom of rest and reflection.  Look at your story through a long lens, what of decades rather than moments and see what Truth emerges out of that.

Take Action:  Whatever you do, spend a few minutes having quality alone time with yourself today.  You’ll be glad you did.





Day Four:  Queen of Vessels

Today’s full Moon creates a cardinal cross with the Sun and Pluto opposite it, while Jupiter and Uranus square it. Whew… there’s a LOT of intensity with today’s grand cross that is both personal and global.  The way to thread the needle on today’s slippery path is to watch for emotional outbursts and instead let the feeling show you what’s important to you.  Then see when and if those around you can meet you around that desire or need.  Who shares your views or who offers contrasting views to help you expand into uncharted territory.  It all feeds you when you let it, your job is to direct the flow without going down in the deluge.  Focus, a little mental discipline and even just knowing it’s coming can help you today.  Good fortune and happiness wait on the other side.

Take Action:  Mentally give your emotions containers today to help manage them.  Is your anger sitting in an imagined refrigerator box or does it need a dump truck?




Day Five:  The Green Man

Ah sweet relief.  Today is an aspect free day so you sail in calmer waters after the storm you’ve weathered this week.  This card is all about instinctive actions that bring results in mostly predictable and reliable ways.   You command your inner landscape and today you can safely give and receive some of the richness available in the world around you.   The promise of this card is resilience and the strength in your ability to adapt, change and find your way in unfamiliar territory.   Nature almost always finds a way to survive and you can draw on the solid earth as you role model today.  Adjust to what is coming in with a good attitude, knowing you have a role to play in making it more of what you want to see.

Take Action:  Take a few minutes outside today and stand in the sunlight, feel your feet on solid earth and breathe.




Day Six:  Page of Vessels

The pages are the inner state that precedes action signaled when the Knight shows up.  This page and the aspects today challenge you to take your dreams and commit to the action that comes next that makes them real.  The caution with this card is always imagining what you want to happen without taking any steps towards making it real.  Today you have support to change that.  Take a risk, let your heart show, be vulnerable and watch for a happy surprise.  You may have more welcome waiting for you then you knew.

Take Action:  Believe that what you desire has something good to offer you and be open to risking for it.





Day Seven:  Queen of Bows

This Queen is a favorite of mine because she has work and personal life dialed in and flowing.  She’s quick to intuitively sense what is needed and help connect the dots.  She gives good counsel and has a naturally upbeat way of seeing life.  Draw on this today to navigate the unpredictable waters of Moon opposing Neptune and Venus, Semi Square Ceres.  You’ve come far enough to see where illusions are not real – YET.  If you want to make them happen you have a part to play.  Feel your way.  Let your intuitive guidance be measured and not so quick to decide the whole picture.  You could get it wrong today if you jump to conclusions and just stir up unnecessary conflict and competition.  Instead, use your feelings like a dashboard to give you good input that helps you get all the way to your preferred destination.

Take Action:   Pause before you do anything today in the heat of the moment.  Put yourself on 30 second delay – maybe longer.  You’ll be glad you did.


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