Daily Tarot 1/16-22

Well the fast and furious pace that I started 2017 with came to a screeching halt this Saturday.  My body shut down with a back spasm that has seriously limited my mobility, especially sitting and typing.  I think it was the 20 hours of doing celebrity couple astrology charts in a day and a half for E Entertainment that pushed me over the edge.

Which was right on time with the Full Moon Cardinal Cross.  When good things come flooding in, my tendency is to try to do all of them.  Like a kid in a candy store, I went crazy and have the discomfort of overindulgence to pay.

Sadly it comes with a small price for you as well.  I simply can’t sit and write out the forecast for the week.  But I did dose myself up and do the video for you.  It’s eight minutes give or take a few, I packed a lot in for you.

It’s the best compromise since I did so want you to know what was happening this week – it’s important and fun!  We wrap up a cycle that goes back to August 24, 2016.  So enjoy and thank you for your understanding.


Card of the Week:  Three of Bows – Fulfillment


The Secret is where your own actions tell you exactly where and what you’ve healed.  Where have you taken back your power the last six months?  Hint – it’s gets bigger each time you look at it.









Day One:  Three of Arrows (Reversed)



Take Action:  See where the delays of the last six months have served you in speaking up and standing up for yourself.  You can choose to let go of suffering… Pain has a purpose, suffering less so.








Day Two:  The Green Woman (Reversed)




Take Action:  Give to others generously today









Day Three:  King of Stones



Take Action:  Let your actions of the last six months be the foundation you trust that you are bringing in big rewards.  Almost home…







Day Four:  The Wanderer




Take Action:  Intuitive leaps of faith are needed today.  Trust yourself and do it.






Day Five:  Eight of Arrows



Take Action:  You are only as stuck as you think you are.  See how far you’ve come and how close you are to home.








Day Six:  King of Bows


Take Action:  Two Kings, upright conduct crowned with success.  Make difficult choices easy when you consider and respect both parties.








Day Seven:  Knight of Stones



Take Action:  Slow and steady wins the race

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