Daily Tarot 1/23-29 Failure and Disaster Transformed

We have a New Moon this week that is challenging and painful but towards a great goal.  This is a year of relationship revolution.  So this week is key to setting you up to a much healthier and happier union.

To get there, the Bandaid must be ripped off to let some oxygen in those old wounds.  So be prepared for an emotional week.  But don’t despair!  Oxygen speeds up the healing process.

When you let in some fresh air, you are effectively moving through the pain faster and more efficiently.  If you are in a partnership of any kind, you can help each other too.

Remember that pain is momentary, suffering is the story we tell ourselves that keeps us trapped and powerless reliving the pain over and over.  You can and are meant to let go of anything that has you powerless.

Speaking up for yourself, listening – really hearing each other is a big part of how you move quickly through the wound.  Notice where you are listen to reply versus listening to understand.  There’s a big difference and it can make ALL the difference this week.

Don’t be afraid to reach for someone’s hand.  Remember how safe and good that felt when you were young?  It may be the perfect time to do that again… Or if you’ve always relied on someone holding your hand, let go and try a few steps on your own.  Shift and change is the watch words this week.



Card of the Week:  Ten of Arrows

In the Wildwood Tarot this card is ‘Instruction’ and I love that for this most difficult of cards.  Out of the entire deck, this one is the darkest.  It means plans fell apart, you suffered failure, loss and you may well be numb now in survival mode.  This is the wound, the place where you’re disconnected from your heart out of protection.  What you may have forgotten or overlooked is that you did survive and more than that, learned what you are capable of enduring when you learn.  You have the power to let the rotting corpse of past failures be like the leaves that fall to the ground and die providing rich mulch for the next spring.  Let the shitty past be your fertilizer for a rich future.  Air helps… so talk and listen to those close to you.





Day One:  Ace of Vessels

The Astrology today is a pushing match between what we knew as safety and the growing pressure for more than those safe boundaries.  The need to belong is at odds with the need to stand out and be unique.  We require both to build healthy communities.  So find your individual expression and find ways to integrate it into your world with compassion for disruptions it may cause.  With this Ace and honest self love you can do it in a way that best serves everyone.  It’s not only okay but necessary for some disruption in order to evolve.  Some may overcome personal resistance to bucking the norms by shocking and unleashing.  Others hold back and swallow whatever seems may bring conflict.  Today is for adjusting your typical pattern with a little of it’s opposite.  Gently…with LOVE.

Take Action:  If you are used to speaking boldly – listen eagerly today with more silence.  If you are used to holding back, speak up with a loving compassion for the fear it brings.





Day Two:  Nine of Bows, Respect

Watch out today, with Moon Square Mars and Venus conjunct Chiron the simplest actions can trigger someone else’s emotional outburst.  Nine’s are the teacher number and calls for mental discipline and the key word respect.  You’ve come far enough to see that someone’s anger is a way of covering fear or a feeling of helplessness.  Or that someone’s tears are cathartic and washing away old hurts.  Be a kind witness when you remember you don’t have to defend yourself today.  It’s the old wound talking, not the adult in front of you.  Be their wiser perspective and let them be yours.

Take Action:  Ask gentle questions when someone has a moment today rather than defending.  Defensiveness isolates, curiosity opens up solutions.







Day Three: Ten of Stones, Home

Sweet this card and these aspects.  You’ve got a nice milestone in this emotionally highlighted week.  The Capricorn Moon is sextile Neptune so we put our emotions on firm ground, adding solid foundation under the expanding territory in relationships of all kinds.  This structure is one that allows deepening relationships and powerful new beginnings.  There is always the home inside of us with this empowered one marked as a ten.  Knowing your own strength and resilience allows you to take risks, try something out of the box and see where it takes you this year.  You’re ready…

Take Action:  Make a list of disasters in your life you’ve survived.  Today I want you to see how much you’ve been through and are still breathing.






Day Four: Seven of Bows, Clearance

The Wildwood Tarot calls this card ‘time to make a decision and choose priorities.’ With this new Moon uncomfortably triggered by Pluto, Uranus and finally Jupiter, you’ve got work to do. The Sun and Chiron help bring the old wound into the light of day with kindness available from Venus and the Moon by day’s end.  Take a good look at painful memories, see them with fresh eyes and a beginners mind.  Better yet, tell someone just the facts of the story and see how they interpret it – choose a good listener who understands their own fears, so you don’t reinforce old fears. Or have them tell you the story of you, see how it matches up with your own version.  Weak or strong, how do you see your survival skills now?

Take Action:  Tell the old story without all the drama.  Boil it down to a couple of key facts and see what those bare bones reveal.







Day Five: Six of Bows, Abundance

OOH are there are difficult aspects today.  You will feel it and where you have a lack of faith you will be challenged to decide – do it the old way or do it with newfound strength and perspective.  While it may feel awkward and uncomfortable this brilliant six says you find your way to higher ground with a little help from those around you.  So trust the disagreements, missteps and hurt feelings will take you to a good place.  At the end of the day, you can have all your justified old excuses for feeling bad or you can feel better about yourself and others.  Victory is yours if you want it!  Six is always about healing and this fiery one says let your intuition evolve your point of view.

Take Action:  See where the old stories come up and do it differently.  Listen to understand not to reply and share from the heart and you win the day.







Day Six:  The Wheel

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016Well now the wheel turns and brings the change you need, whether you know you want it or not.  But trust me, you want it!  There are some real ‘aha’ moments today if you pause and let a little reflection on this week and the thread that ties your progress together all the way from last August.  You see yourself as more powerful, more in command.  Not because you make what you want to happen, happen.  Although there is some of that.  No this is more about understanding that even the stuff that doesn’t turn out can be made into something better with a little kindness and help from those you trust.  It’s a lemonade kind of day from those lemons in life.  With plenty of sugar in the mix for sweetness when you add compassion for yourself and others.

Take Action:  Give yourself a measurement on the empowered scale where you were last August and then a new one now.  Be generous with yourself.



Day Seven:  Five of Arrows (Reversed)

Whoohoo my friend!!  This card of frustration reversed means you did it!  This week was the making of a much better relationship year with the progress you made.  Don’t sweat the parts that aren’t so pretty to remember.  You got through it and learned something.  You may even have shown someone else how to do it too.  You just don’t know where your courage and creativity may inspire someone else.  Now keep on practicing, because practice makes it mental muscle memory.  You are definitely going to want that muscle with the expansion on the books for you this year.  Trust the new story, reinforce it and let it take root.  Tears just water the growth.  So go ahead and release a little.  Or a lot.

Take Action:  Give yourself a high five in the mirror for all that you’ve done this week.  List the moments out loud if you want some extra credit.  Well done YOU!

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