Daily Tarot 1/29-2/5 Action & Traction In Relationships

It’s a formative few weeks ahead and I can say that with some certainty because I lay out the cards for the whole month at a time. We are in a period of shedding our old skins and getting familiar with the tenderness of the new one underneath.

There is wonder and joy in your new found sensitivity along with some occasional discomfort.  So tread lightly but keep moving forward.  Your expansive new life is calling you.

This week we set up for the Lunar Eclipse on February 10th that will have us busting loose or busting chops.  Be mindful that satisfying as it may feel in the moment to serve a Haymaker to someone, the latter choice leaves you limited options after the verbal or emotional body blow lands.

Instead. use this week to punch through any old conditioning where you feel unequal to the task, less than or even rejected for what you bring to the table.  We are moving into the space where you narrow your focus and attention in order to have more impact and traction on getting what you wish for.  All you have to do this week is look for clues and follow those breadcrumbs to learn more about how to get what you really want by taking the right bigger risks for you.

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Okay, now on to the week ahead.  It’s really shaping up for you…


Card of the Week:  The Archer

This card has a description in Wildwood Tarot that is too good to miss sharing with you for the week.  “This is time to be bold and commit to the hunting a new life and a better relationship with the world”.  It couldn’t express the aspects any better if it tried!  This week invites you to spend quality time look at where fear is silently, tightly woven into your choices.  Then slowly pry off the sticky fingers of habit everywhere you are more afraid than engaged with life.   With the Moon and Pluto diving deep into our hidden motives and conditioning but using Pallas and Mercury to help reshape it, the brave Archer brings it home with intuition, inspiration and imagination that informs your every action.  The darkest fear simply adds depth and layers to the picture emerging of your expanding life.  You will find your courage and watch where it takes you next.  What a week ahead…








Day One:  The Hooded Man

Rest your mind with the Hooded Man today. It signals rebirth and renewal, right on track with Astrology.  We have brave adventures to gear up for this week, so today let a little introspection reveal where your body already knows what’s good for it and what isn’t.  Play a little game where you watch to see how your body reacts to any news, food, conversations with different people.  Our body is much better at giving us information then we are at listening to it.  Take a closer look at how well you and your body connect, then use that as a guide to measure your intimacy tolerance with those close to you.  Discover both gifts and limits with a little quality time with you today.

Take Action:  Make a note of how your body shows you a yes versus a no today.  Which part of you speaks first ?  Which parts speaks the loudest?








Day Two:  The Green Woman (Reversed)

The funny thing is I went through and turned all the cards upright before laying out a whole new month.  The Green Woman was one who was straightened out.  Then wham, here she comes upside down again.  We have an astrological aspect on Thursday that speaks to this card today – and today Moon/Mars then Mercury/Uranus helps you get ready for it.  The Green Woman represents abundance, richness, fertility is all things.  Upside down, the invitation is to explore quality over quantity.  Instead of taking just a bite at table after table in a feast, pick one section to pull up a chair and get into everything you can there.  Go deeper, not broader today.  The Hooded Man set the stage, the Green Woman says  take it further.

Take Action:  Let the conversation with your body continue as you pick where you want more quality (or with whom) and then what three things there are most important to experience this year?







Day Three:  Ace of Arrows

This Ace brings the cord cutting to the abundance that you started clearing through yesterday.  With a clean swipe of the blade you cut free of the many to focus concentrated effort on the one.  Don’t be afraid more than you are excited.  Giving one person, project or dream your concerted effort for a little while gives you far more than you give up.  Mercury sextile Chiron helps you clarify the choice and don’t despair if you find you need to tweak what needed trimming (Moon square Pluto).  As you act on things a greater understanding emerges as to what’s happening.  This is all an adventure and the only way you get it wrong is to fail to play at all.

Take Action:  Visualize your sword and picture cutting through the unhealthy cords that keep you tied down mentally, spiritually, emotionally or even physically.







Day Four:  The Ancestor

Okay, I laid these cards out for the whole month and this card, which symbolizes February 1st or the ancient day called Imbolc, actually falls on February 2nd.  Which loops us back to yesterday and our cord cutting.  The Ancestor is the promise of structure, tradition, ancient wisdom that blends the civilized with the uncivilized.  In new territory the minds favorite weapons are often shame and blame.  So watch where judgement comes up  No shoulding on yourself or others. today – easy does it.  Use awareness to build a different path to anchoring in strength, one that has equal parts of compassion for you and others.

Take Action:  Baby steps while you choose new traditions.  Try on more generous mindsets and take a lap or two to see if they fit.






Day Five:  Knight of Vessels

Once again the Wildwood Tarot is spot on for describing the energy today with the aspects for you.  “Discovering how to merge with a concept or find accord with another person.  Promoting harmony.”  In its shadow side, it’s the part of us that doesn’t want to give up our options, so we keep one or two on the side just in case things don’t work out.  Notice where keeping your options open protects you and take a closer look at what it costs you.  Yes there is more risk in the single focus, but there is also a much bigger reward.  Are you ready to risk big to win big?  Only you know the answer…

Take Action:  Notice where you are ready to risk as well as where you aren’t.  It’s all good information for you to have about you.








Day Six:  Seven of Arrows

This seven is calling out our insecurity for healing.  Building on the story unfolding all week, where is it terrifying to get quality over quantity and let go of all the places where you haven’t spoken up for what you really want.  You have a lot of heavenly help today from the soft lunar trine to Mercury and sextile Venus.  It’s softer space to clear away the threatening scenarios our mind produces to scare us back into safe, familiar patterns – that has us silent on our own behalf.  Observe where in your life ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ as Teddy Roosevelt said.  We are heading for a lunar eclipse next week that has us breaking free of old restraints and getting the proverbial monkey off our backs when it happens.

Take Action:  Talk your fears through with someone you trust not to be triggered right along with you.  Things need to be discussed and now is the perfect day to practice that!






Day Seven:  King of Bows

This fiery King is set in a day full of lunar shifts and shocks.  Jupiter also goes retrograde in Libra today, taking us back to the theme of quantity or quality.  It’s not a simple or easy path to get from many to few or vice versa.  Our brain resists change so to navigate most effectively allow yourself to flail a bit, have compassion and then pick yourself up and steer in the new direction with confidence.  You have helps to do this and you are not alone. This is new space where you not only can speak up for yourself, but you really want to do it, too.  There is no one right way, so bring your own desires and wishes to how the shift might look – after all you are creating it with each choice.

Take Action: Speak what you want out loud to a trusted friend.  Notice where you feel lighter and when the fear shows up.

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