Daily Tarot 2/13-19 Sweet Love Between Eclipses

With a little effort you can have a smashing Valentine Week with love, love, love as your theme song.  Now that you are working with new found freedom to stand your ground, that strength helps you open up a little more in relationships.

You need to manage those pesky fears and they will pop up this week if only to show you where you are expanding.  What we love we fear losing, so our old protection methods kept us safe from one kind of pain while causing us quite another.

This week you have the benefit of seeing the real Truth of what’s going on with you and those you love.  It’s easier to understand that someone’s sharp remark is covering a spike of fear that they’ve been exposed or judged and not meant as a dig about you.

It will be easier to understand where your own expectations about love and romance can cheat you of what’s being offered simply because it looks other than what you pictured.  Love is all around you, your job is to see it for what it is instead of wishing it came dressed a different way.

Once you get there, you have a whopper of a week no matter what the inner critic says about you or anyone else.

Enjoy the update… it’s a good week to love and be loved.



Card Of The Week:  Ten of Vessels

Would you believe that laying out the cards for the month, this card was the symbol for this week between eclipses.  How perfect it all is…  This is the ‘Happily Ever After’ card in the traditional Tarot.  Ten is the empowered one so this card means you are strong enough and soft enough to love and let another love you.  With the Sun in Aquarius this week, the invitation to let kindness and generosity spill over to all mankind is also on the agenda.  Compassion is the rising tide that lifts all boats.   So the key to reaping sweet rewards the next few days is to apply kindness for your own human moments and model it for those around you.  Go ahead give it away, there is an endless supply, truly.





Day One:  Two of Stones

This two is perfect for the Libra Moon today widely squaring Pluto and opposing Uranus.  Emotions could swing between  peace loving in spite of differences and the need to assert your independence.   A sweet Sextile between the Sun and Saturn helps you get a rhythm going with  newfound confidence of speaking your truth and allow others to do the same.  Don’t expect perfection, let the day take you where it will as you feel your way forward integrating individual and collective demands. You’ll get the hang of it with practice.

Take Action:  Make a point to invite another to share their opinion today and add yours to the mix as well.




Day Two:  Page of Arrows

This page is a good match up for the Jupiter and Chiron connection today for Valentine’s Day.  You may have fears or inner critic pop up today with old wounds trying to get you to protect yourself from emotions last Friday’s eclipse let loose. This page is the mental state that precedes actions and it’s helps you balance but it goes too far when it has you struggling against obstructions.  Instead, let the blocks show you where you can risk more, trust more, love more – starting with yourself in all your human moments.  Believe that exactly the problem you have in front of you is designed to help you get to where you are going.  Not in spite of them, but because of them!

Take Action:  Love your obstacles today and let them show you the beauty in exactly why they are their for you.




Day Three:  The Pole Star

You are made of the same stuff the stars are and today you can feel it!  Today links back to last September when Jupiter and Vesta first squared off.  How we nurture ourselves, take care of all of you is going through a big metamorphosis that wraps up on April 11th.  Your mind is meant to serve you by helping you get what you really want, not talk you out of it.  This takes practice because your brain has been very good at giving you all the reasons why you mustn’t feel what you feel or as much as you feel.  This card promises a fresh openness to a life that holds much more for you to collect on and enjoy as the Moon gets help from Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.  You can act on those new beliefs and see them grow.  Doesn’t that feel good…

Take Action:  Observe where you’ve expanded your kinder self care from last September.




Day Four:  Nine of Vessels

Sweet the appearance of this loving nine is between eclipses on the road to Relationship Revolution, right?  This card along with Mercury sextile Mars and Moon trine Neptune says any difficulties you have with the old security system trying to steal your joy won’t work.  You are in command of your life and even the hiccups are simply showing you how far you’ve come in speaking up for yourself in a way others hear.  The Mercury aspect today helps you interpret and share from more equal footing that opens up all kinds of possibilities as you start imagining how much more you can create when you aren’t wrestling with the fear monster.

Take Action:   Write down one heartfelt wish today and tuck it away for the next nine months.  You can check it then – if it even takes that long.



Day Five:  Five of Arrows

Okay with Moon Square Mercury and sextile Pluto, your sh#t is going to come up today.  It’s happening so you change up how you interpret it.  Squares always call for an adjustment and this irritating five stands for all the critical little things that pop up and how you put the inner critic to better use.  It’s normal and natural to have the mental push back – but not healthy to let it run on endlessly robbing you of peace of mind.  Recognize your inner mean girl or guy and see it for what it is.  Then remind yourself that what’s challenging you is perfect to help you get exactly what you want, just in a bigger, better or unexpected way.

Take Action:  Trust yourself and your challenges today.  They are yours, claim them rather than cursing them.





Day Six:  The Forest Lovers

This card is all about consideration and thoughtfulness – continuing the love theme for this week.  It also says you have a choice.  With the Moon squaring the nodes, what you let yourself feel and share today is a big fork in the road and it’s time to choose forward or back.  You have all you require to love big and lose big, it’s grown up time and the stakes are higher now.  You know that and more than that, you are ready for it.  So dial up the self compassion, spill it out on to those around you and take those risks that are right for you.  The win is waiting for those who begin the race.  What will you do…?

Take Action:  When the starter pistol goes off today what does your race look like?  Mine is floating down a big river on a beautiful raft filled with those I love.



Day Seven:  Queen of Stones

We’ve got help from both Venus and Mars today as our deeper issues may bubble up after you courageously chose to go forward yesterday.  This Queen is abundance and security.  You can trust yourself and what you are creating, you are oh so rich with support.  This is the double feminine of the Queen and Earth so it is receptive by nature.  Be open to what happens, what comes your way today.  Open doesn’t mean trampled, it means curious and engaging with those things that appeal to you.  There is a banquet on offer, go try some things that are new.  You may have more options on who will go with you then you realize.

Take Action:  As you get in to bed tonight, make a mental note of how many things are in your life that show you how strong, loved and secure you are – right where you are at.


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