Daily Tarot 2/19-26 Solar Eclipse & Suffering

We have a week of the unexpected to help remind us that right now we are best served doubting our doubts.  In fact with a very busy Mercury this week we understand things in a much more complete fashion and then Mars rushes in to act on this new knowledge.

It may feel a bit like breaking in new shoes.  You love the way things look on you but they may still rub a few places tender while you adjust to each other.  Excitement in the honeymoon phase of self-love helps you adjust to it all after that whopper of a lunar eclipse.

This week understanding dawns and it starts with how you relate to you with more compassion and strength in that order.  It’s a process that unfolds throughout the year, this Relationship Revolution Year, so then pace yourself.  Action is required but feel your way, allow for mistakes that educate, correct and build trust in how you progress rather than hitting a particular goal quickly.

The Solar eclipse on Sunday is more of that theme and throws a bit of the mystical in the mix with Moon conjunct Neptune.  It’s time you learned that the Magic is real, because you yourself are the magic.  When you look back over your blocks, delays, obstacles you start to understand how ever detour served you – better than you knew was possible.   When you view it this way, you turn the proverbial lead into gold.  Magic.

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The weekly video is below and contains information different than the write up.  Some overlaps but use them both to get the biggest picture.



Card of the Week:  Nine of Arrows

Ah, the teaching moment of the Nine meets that pesky fear brain of ours this week to show us where we worry needlessly.  Good to reflect that the better you are at scaring yourself with the worst case scenario, the better you are able to paint an equally happy picture!  With help from Mercury and Uranus today, turn the mental light on and see that the monster in your closet is just a shirt.  Whew…  When you let the sun shine on those shadows you can see yes, you’re only human, and so is everybody else.  Remember, you want to be as generous with other people’s monsters as you’d like them to be with yours.  Meanwhile, master the inner critic with a little bookend technique of following up the worst thing you imagine with the best thing you can imagine.  What big rewards that little exercise will pay you.  And get ready to reframe suffering – you’ve got the power.








Day One:  Eight of Stones

Uranus the Great Awakener is lending a little brightness to the day with lightening bolts of clarity and comprehension.  First Mercury then the Moon are lit up for you to see how you have seen things in too limited a way and felt unhappy because of your restricted understanding.  We continue the theme of where we have been our own worst enemy when we judge too harshly or too soon.  Today you are the student mastering the art of seeing yourself as powerful as you are and having compassion for the places where you doubt it.  Notice where confirmation of your skills, efforts and actions come back to you today.  Eights always bring you the return on what you’ve put out there.

Take Action:  Make a list of all the places you contribute a word, thought, or deed to your community that makes you feel good about yourself.







Day Two:  Eight of Vessels

Rebirth is the name of this card in Wildwood Tarot and with Mercury trine Jupiter plus the Sun contacting the South Node and Pluto be prepared for something to happen today that gives you a fresh start.  After all this is the second eight in a row and signals a development not expected.  Letting go of those feelings of being unloved, unacceptable or less valuable is part of the process today.  Suffering is when we tell ourselves those lies are true.  Freedom and release arrives where we show up for ourselves with time and attention.  Refine and redirect your direction with the good information that comes your way today.  Like a watery Phoenix rising out of the deep well of emotion, you rise again today to begin anew.

Take Action:  Be receptive to what comes your way today and then decide what to do with it.  In other words, let go of defending and you find you have no need to do it!





Day Three:  The Great Bear

Okay today you have a short leash for bad habits; you simply cannot repeat the old without suffering.  And guess what, you are DONE with suffering.  So you may find yourself in a bit of an internal tug of war.  Be mindful it doesn’t spill out onto others, with Mars Square Pluto there could be a proverbial pushing match with the gloves off.  Might isn’t right unless it’s used for the greater good.  You must include others into what you do with the right balance.  It’s asking you to discover your Goldilocks spot of not too much or too little of others influencing your decisions.  From that space, choose to believe you are more than capable of dealing with life and turning anything into a win for you and those around you.

Take Action:  Pause and breathe before you unleash on anyone today, no matter how much you feel they have it coming.






Day Four:  Five of Stones


This five asks us to be patient with our process and see our progress rather than how far you have left to go.  Patience is necessary to manage the irritating feeling of not enoughness.  Yes, I’m making up words.  Notice those places and spaces where you judge yourself or another for shortcomings and then stretch out against a year’s time frame back a year and forward to see how it looks now.   Make peace with your pace, the truly delightful creations take time to come together.  Don’t judge too soon and rob yourself of joy in the creation.  This card is named endurance for a reason.

Take Action:   Take a good look at where you have been richly rewarded in the past for those things you stuck it out to accomplish.  Good to remember…







Day Five:  Ten of Stones

Sweet the empowered one of this Ten, and rock solid too.  You are home.  Yesterday’s frustrating five turns into today’s empowered ten – now isn’t that a breath out?  After the stretch-inducing aspects this week that have you test-driving your new found strength and power, you can bask a bit in accomplishment.  Don’t worry about mistakes or slip ups.  See them, own them, learn from them and you will do better next time.  With Moon Sextile Venus, you can rest a bit on your achievements this week and feel good about you.  With Mars squaring Vesta, it’s a good time to practice feeding yourself some encouragement.  It’s food for the soul today.  When you are free to be yourself, all of you and extend respect to others it gives you a form of freedom that gets you hooked.

Take Action:  Give yourself some serious applause today – you’ve earned it.






Day Six:  Seven of Stones

This seven wants you to visit the place where you helped heal through your actions this week.  You did it in quiet and subtle ways along with some of the bigger corners turned.  The reason you want to give that your attention is because the Moon with Saturn wants you to drink deep the truth that you are always in command of your life.  Command is so much better than control which expends precious energy  to change what already happened rather than flexing with changes.  The key to this healing is self trust.  Let mistakes give you good insight into what you can do next time.

Take Action:  Put your hand on your stomach and breathe deeply.  You heal with each breath.







Day Seven:  Four of Vessels

SOLAR ECLIPSE IN PISCES today.  The effects of this eclipse are felt for up to the next year and a half.   With so many planets in Pisces today we have to surrender to truth of how interconnected we are.  It’s literal sky-writing that reveals our destiny as a whole is tightly interwoven with your individual purpose.  Your evolution and change is necessary and required from you.  The more you resist it the greater the chances you suffer increased unhappiness. This is when our earthly shadow falls on our conscious (egoic) Sun to remind us that the simplest delays, obstacles and blocks are here to serve a purpose too.  Stop struggling with what is, know that it’s for the greater good and trust what is unfolding is perfect for you and for everyone else.  We are tied together, grow and thrive or stay hidden and suffer.  With all the support this week, you turn this corner and do it consciously.  That’s power…

Take Action:  Set a personal growth goal, just one and log your progress the next 18 months.

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