Daily Tarot 2/27-3/5 Uranus Shakes March Up

We have lots of outer planets in play this week to ensure incentive and momentum for this year of Relationship Revolution.  With Jupiter exactly opposite Uranus the shock waves may make for some shock changes this week but with a few sweeteners to smooth the bumps.

Whenever you are new to something it helps to practice so it becomes muscle memory, like riding a bike.  Be on the look out for old hurts or stories so that you can resolve them and then replace them with the broadest possible perspective that includes compassion and patience.

The key theme with all the planetary shifts this week is to remember ‘believing is seeing’.  If you can’t allow for the possibility of quantum leaps forward, they they will only look like chaos to you.

Watch for the chatter in your head that has you wrong no matter what you do.  That’s always a hallmark of expansion when the fear brain pipes up and tries to scare you back into safe, familiar territory.  Talk yourself down and chalk it up to building your mental muscle.

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Meanwhile, enjoy  the week!


Card of the Week:  The Ancestor


Tradition, structure, authority – all these are in the picture when we meet the Ancestor.  Before there was man’s law we had the law of nature, a much simpler and sometimes brutal rule.  This week is about the beginning of where you stitch together a new set of rules and beliefs around what you should and shouldn’t do.   Watch for places you feel challenged by those closest to you or in positions of actual authority.  This week is a slow pace forward that helps you bring about your own tradition.







Day One: The Blasted Oak


Well the planetary line up is stacked and action-packed.  Mars opposes Jupiter so watch for bursts of activity or temper that reveal where the hidden wound is sitting.  Thanks to those trigger moments today, and a strong Mercury assist, you see the situation and yourself in a new light.  Information from your past helps you reinterpret the role you played and understand where you have helped yourself with what you believe or hurt yourself.  Those details help you review your life’s obstacles and challenges as important and even necessary in the creation process.

Take Action:  New ideas become part of your world when you act on them, so put one into action today,








Day Two:  Four of Arrows – Rest

After the two day astrological storm you can breathe a sigh of relief today and rest your scurrying mind.  In fact if you don’t slow down and take it easy your body may do it for you with a cold or bug that forces you to rest.   The Moon conjunct Venus makes it easier to do so today.  Self soothe yourself,  You just weathered the proverbial downpour and it’s accompanying sensitivity so now it’s time to shift gears and put yourself into soft space, with comfort food or mindless physical activity to get you out of your head and into your body.

Take Action:  Do nothing more than what you absolutely must do today that requires mental concentration.  Rest your mind…








Day Three:  Five of Arrows – Frustration

Today it’s the struggle that occurs when your mind outpaces your body and the results aren’t there yet.  Impatience goes with the frustration as the Sun joins Neptune which makes it hard to move forward with any speed, but the Aries Moon is pacing the floor wanting proof of progress now.  Check in on your internal weather, there are big shifts in the wind.  Breathe deeply and know that Saturn the great timekeeper is supporting the Moon so you can focus on the big goal ahead of you this week.  You are making progress, just not quickly.  When actions slow down the mind can speed up.  Redirect it, give it a job to notice all the places where you have covered ground and moved forward.  You’ve come farther than you realize.

Take Action:  Observe where your frustration rears up.  It’s where you have the most power to change your own mind on how close you are to what you want.







Day Four:  Four of Bows – Celebration

Jupiter opposes Uranus today, exact opposite each other in Libra and Aries.  The Moon has support from mental Mercury and dreamy Neptune so your community is the best place to help flesh out the the big lightning bolts of awareness offered up.  This is the second four in the week and signals good relationships – a perfect place to practice balancing individual needs against group needs. Today is the perfect time to take stock of how well you learned to do just that and relax into the new beginning with some celebratory fun.

Take Action:  Toast a success or two with a friend.  Have a mutual admiration party – go ahead, you’ve got reasons to do so.








Day Five:  The Seer

The Moon is trine the Deep Transformation planet Pluto along with a Mercury in a mildly tense aspect with mars.  The Seer gives you a pair of ex-ray glasses to see all the way to the bottom of your relationship issues of the past but you can only see the edges of it.  The whole picture hasn’t come into view.  You sense what is changed and yet you can’t quite get the words and actions to line up clearly yet.  Be patient.  Take several looks at it all and let each one give you more and more insight.  The delay gives you time to put it all together like a puzzle and get ready for more growth while you do.

Take Action:  Observe today and trust the information you get even if it doesn’t make sense yet.  It will in time.








Day Six:  Ten of Stones – Home

This ten is a whole new level of self awareness, security, pleasure and even joy.  There is enough evidence today to make you feel good about yourself, no matter how uncertain the world appears.  Take stock, feel how sweet it feels to feel good about yourself and those you love.  You’ve come far enough to see your progress, you’ve even celebrated with friends this week.  So today rest in a still quiet place of wonder at all the good things in your world and see where you contribute to it in your own unique way.  Rich indeed.

Take Action:  List ten things you have that make you feel good about yourself and your world today.








Day Seven:  Ace of Vessels

With a stack of planetary action today the theme is baby steps and self love.  Emotions may be near the surface for you and others, gently navigate the day and with a slower pace you can see how challenges slip away or disappear all together with a little soft attention and love aimed at them.  No need to struggle, just feel good about yourself, show another person what that looks like and it’s contagious.  Our mirror neurons have us firing together and wiring together.  So the more you can gently deal with whatever pops up, the more you see how easily things resolve.  Ahhhhhh, yes, that’s the way.

Take Action:  Put your hand on your heart whenever something triggers a strong emotion today as a gesture of self love.  Breathe and then do what feels right.  That pause makes all the difference.


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