Daily Tarot March 13-19, Justice Reversed

This week there is a dance between inner resources meeting obstacles or delays that require finesse.  Still feeling the effect of last week’s Cardinal Cross and Sunday’s Full Moon, it’s important to use your strength wisely this week.  The energy is best served to keep that inner transformation going and let the outside world show you your progress.

Instead of trying to change outside events, people, situations you are most effective when you clear away outdated beliefs.  For example, I talked to two people this week on opposite sides of a fight.  Each one was committed to being right and outraged at how the other had screwed up.  Sounds like Congress, but I digress.  Their commitment to a point of view where the other was wrong and needed to change behavior had them in a fine state of rage.

This is some of the fallout from that February Lunar Eclipse that took the gag order off so people can speak up for themselves.  Then the question becomes, what happens after the verbal bombs drop?  Rage and indignation can get all out of proportion to the situation which is frequently the case when the genie finally pops out of the bottle.  There is a lot of history behind those feelings.

You have your own emotional vault of hurts, fears, rage and pain – some that felt too awful to look at – so they get deep-sixed for storage.   Now situations and people are call up those old wounds for healing and perspective is a powerful tool.  The person in front of you, the situation at work, the family drama has roots that go way down.  Use this time to pull out the weeds of judgement.

Wherever you’ve put a value statement on someone or something else, check the underlying belief that created that judgement.  I guarantee you things have shifted.  You aren’t the helpless child anymore.  So the Astrology and the Cards have some insight to help you feel powerful, starting with your own internal landscape before you try to clean up someone else’s garbage.

Wishing you a wonderful week of discovery ahead.


Card of the Week:  The Green Man

For the Green Man and the Astrology this week I have to quote the Wildwood Tarot directly.  “This is a time for both giving and receiving the natural flow of life both inwardly and outwardly”.  Having just wrapped up the previous week’s Cardinal Cross and Full Moon that highlighted our Relationship Revolution, the theme continues to press for real change this week, both inside and out.  Abundance is your reward for the work and what a bonanza indeed.  However with Neptune in Pisces it has to ultimately benefit the community as well or it cannot last.  Still, this card is tangible proof to remind you, you reap what you sow.  If the crop doesn’t satisfy you, then take a good look at the seeds you’ve planted before you blame anything else.  The promise here is when you so curiosity instead of defensiveness you get exploration rather than battles.  Where you sow patience rather than an agenda you get rich new resources you didn’t know were there.  It’s a fertile time so plant your seeds with care and learn from your present harvest.  It’s a rich time to be alive.






Monday:  The Stag (Reversed)

With The Stag Reversed this is where you are sometimes at the mercy of what feels unfair to you.  You know that place where the right thing doesn’t happen?  Evil triumphs or a liar gets away with it or even gets rewarded for lying.  Today with Mercury in Aries your sense of outrage could surface.  How do you handle it when life doesn’t offer up a just outcome?  Do you respond with calm resignation, outraged action, or maybe a decision to do as the cheater does?   How do you make your world safe when things aren’t always fair?  It’s an important question and it serves to help you put down a foundation for how you operate in relationships in this year of revolution.  You can’t get it wrong for you, but you do want to know how you deal with it.  This allows you to expand your world knowing that you can take care of yourself when the world doesn’t.

Take Action:  How do you deal with injustice?  What’s your belief and where can you see your adult strength to affect the situation rather than be at the mercy of it?






Tuesday:  Queen of Vessels

Well this sweet Queen presides over a day just loaded with astrological elements.  The Moon touches Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus, while the Sun joins Pallas and Chiron plus Mars trines the North Node.  Whew… This card can signal an emotional situation that requires containment and it couldn’t be better placed than this.  We continue yesterday’s theme of looking within to really dig in on what we want and what are you wiling to do to have it?  Obstacles are a way of bonding with something.  Where are you so moved that you can’t quit, can’t let go, can’t stop wishing for it no matter how many challenges you’ve had to endure?  That’s where your treasure is and today it’s time to trust those delays.  Every one served you and you have gained strength and knowledge.  Or it may be that the price has become too high and it’s time to let go.  Where are you ready to sail in a new direction?  This card says feel your way, don’t think it.  When you use your mind to talk you out of what you love, YOU are the biggest obstacle.

Take Action:  Feel your way to what’s important to you.  Not just who, but what really matters most to your heart?  Commit to spending more energy here.





Wednesday:  The Woodward

The Strength card in traditional Tarot is where you are called to stand firm and resolute in difficult circumstances.  It’s persuasion rather than force.  Strength is a Major Arcana card for courage in the face of difficulties that benefits the greater community by example.  With the Moon in Scorpio opposite Mars there is an inner tension between what feels safe and what your actions are today.  Building on yesterday’s theme, where will you show up for yourself and do the hard thing, make the difficult choice, be the better person today?  It doesn’t have to be dramatic, in fact, in may be a simple mind set that wins the battle.  But today stand strong for you, what you want, what you believe is possible.  Instead of that worst case scenario that plays out in your head, replace it with a best case scenario and see your commitment as bringing you closer a step at a time.  Inner strength that backs you up and stands firm in your own heart’s desires won’t shrink from conflict, disagreement, difficulties.  Instead they only serve to reinforce what’s truly important to you.

Take Action:  Seriously, take one worst case scene you fear and spend a good amount of time painting the exact opposite picture of what can happen – the BEST CASE SCENARIO.  Lather, rinse, repeat.




Thursday:  10 of Arrows

Yuck, this card is no fun at all.  But it can offer you a great deal of good instruction as the card says in the Wildwood Tarot. Prepare to let something die, plans to fall apart, the failure of something whenever you see this 10 show up.  However the Arrows represent the mind’s realm and most of the pain associated with this card is us suffering over our suffering.  With Moon in easy aspect to Pluto it’s easier to let go of what’s lost.  This Scorpio Moon is trine Neptune so you receive plenty of support from the community or the collective unconscious.  Whatever it is you must let go of, it somehow feels like freedom.  There can be a sigh of relief that accompanies this loss.  The end of anything is well served with a goodbye or ritual to mark its demise.  See what feels appropriate and help yourself let go with kindness and some acknowledgment of what you are leaving behind.

Take Action:  Give something a proper goodbye today, whatever is ending that meant something to you.  Even if it is a belief, write it on a piece of paper and burn or bury it.







Friday:  The Wheel

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016

Ah, my friend, nothing stands still.  Today we move on from the loss of yesterday to the changing tides of fortune.  Because something was released yesterday, there is space for good fortune to bring you new experiences, people, choices into your life.  The key  today is to remember you are not at the mercy of fate, you are part of all that is playing out in life.  With the Sun square Saturn we’re reminded there is a time limit to everything, including us.  This helps us appreciate and value what we have in our lives.  You are what you give your attention to each day.  Who and what gets the bulk of your time and does it accurately reflect how important they are to you?  If not, make adjustments and as you move into the evening there is a sweet Sun Moon trine to ease the shift.

Take Action:  Take note of what gets the bulk of your attention and what else is on that list.  Reorganize it to include your biggest priorities.





Saturday:  Seven of Vessels

Interesting, this card in the Wildwood Tarot is labeled ‘mourning’ and how appropriate that it shows up after the Ten of Arrows two days ago.  Grieving is a process and no matter how free you feel there was a loss.  There is gentleness and quiet reflection called for when this card shows up.  If you wish to enjoy all that is unfolding for you, it is necessary to grieve what is gone.  Emotions take roughly ten minutes to travel our nervous system so allow yourself at least those ten minutes of grief.  Moon square Neptune may have you hypersensitive to what others think about your emotions but with Mercury conjunct Venus then trine the Moon it’s important to verbalize the loss.  Speak up, share, listen to another, find the connection in saying goodbye.  Loss is a common emotion that connects us all.

Take Action:  Share with a trusted buddy what ended or failed this week.  Sharing is good for the whole community one safe person at a time.







Sunday:  Two of Arrows (Reversed)

Okay with The Stag Reversed and now the Two of Arrows reversed we have a theme that wraps up today.  Thanks to a Sagittarius Moon in easy aspect to both Uranus and Jupiter and square Chiron, we can see where we have been our own worst enemy in relationships.  This card reversed is about balance in partnership that also allows for imbalances as part of the normal course in life.  Life corrects itself.  Give it time and things have a way of working out.  We visited themes of injustices in life, painful endings and emotional process of feelings this week.  Congratulations, you are ready to relate to others from a more adult place that won’t have you feeling helpless or at the mercy of the world when unpleasant things happen.  Can you feel the strength and power in you?  Can you feel all the possibilities when you are no longer defending yourself against enemies on a regular basis?  Instead you deal with things on a case by case basis and trust yourself to handle whatever comes up.  You’ve got your adult panties on for sure now and so much more is possible, including fun.

Take Action:  Celebrate at least one place where fairness feels restored or validated.

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