Daily Tarot March 20-26th, The Critic, The Optimist & A Briar patch

It’s here, one of the most important weeks of the year my friend.  Are you ready to turn a giant corner?  With the Spring Equinox next week you’re likely to experience quite a mental storm, one to rival the Nor’Easters of New England.  Let’s call that the inner critic.

The question is which direction do you want to go from here?  Turn left or turn right – everyone chooses this next week.  Not choosing leaves you with the default patterns of your past and I can almost guarantee that those aren’t so comfortable anymore.  Let’s call that the Briar patch.

It is the easiest time ever to leave the past difficulties behind and see the clean slate offered you and make the most of it.  With gale force winds of change to help push you out of the stuck place and into freedom, use the strength you have to sail with it and trust you can navigate from there when things calm.  Guess what?  That’s the Optimist at work.

Use your fear to guide you because your greatest power to expand is always right behind the fear that limits it.  There’s a big opening in your world ushered in with the Spring.  The fear is always equaled by the power to deal with whatever happens.

You are your own best authority, what you believe, you will see evidence of, so shift those unwelcome beliefs with the energy this week.  The cards will help…

P.S. If you are receiving this and you don’t normally get my weekly updates, it’s because this week was so important I wanted everyone to have good guidance to weather the bumps for the days ahead.  So enjoy and if you want this delivered to you instead of checking back you can get that for less than $.50 a week.  Get yours here.




Card of the Week:  Six of Arrows

This card acknowledges both the storm this week and the calm that arrives swiftly on its heels.   Grace is needed in the form of recognizing how difficult it is to master our fears.  Sixes symbolize whole and intact, complete in itself.  Arrows are the perfect symbol of the mind as both the weapon and the protection it affords us.  How does your mind work for you?  Or is it just working you?  This week you get to decide.  Change direction and the you sail out of the storm and into the rainbow.  You are the Captain, which way are you steering?  There is no guarantee that you chose the easy path but you absolutely have a clear view of the choice to suffer or whether to head in a new direction.  And there is power when you see it is you who decides.






Monday:  Five of Vessels

This card often heralds a break up.  In this case, you are invited to break up with heartaches of your past.  With a stunning array of planets triggered by the Moon today, you are most likely going feel waves of emotion or an incredible show of force by the mental police.   The best case scenario is to use your mind’s muscle to shape those feelings.  Like picking out a container, decide the size, texture and color of the feelings so you don’t just swim in them.  I see mine as a big ocean going Luxury Liner when I look at today’s aspects.  All the different issues can have their own rooms.  Some get a suite with a window, some get the boom boom room down off the boiler.  What does yours look like?  As all the emotions roll through, your own or other’s, notice how you handle the deluge.  Then step it up a level.  It’s spring and there are new beginnings waiting when you break up with old wounded stories and sail them off into the sunset.

Take Action:  Use visualization today as the antidote for fearful or negative thinking.  Give it a job to do and create with it instead.





Tuesday:  Five of Stones

This is the second five in a row and two fives signal personal uncertainty.  It’s okay to not be sure.  Stones are about patient creation, while fives bring in the creative aspect.  So don’t expect immediate results.  But these two also remind you, don’t quit when you are so close to the finish line!  I know it can feel like nothing good has come of all your effort.  It’s okay to have a few minutes of pity party for your long-suffering investment that still doesn’t have a reward.  But don’t give up, change is so close.  I promise you this, it is all changing and faster than you know.  So borrow from yesterday’s tool and visualize to help you get through the dark moments.  Picture yourself having run all but the last few seconds of the most important race you can remember.  Then see the finish line just ahead.  You are almost home.  The Astrology today with Neptune and Juno speaks to soul contracts being played out.  This is important stuff you’ve got in front of you.  Trust your progress.

Take Action:  Visualize a bridge from the old to the new and you’re building it over to the new land.  Two fives in a row means lather, rinse, repeat this actions step as needed.





Wednesday:  Seven of Arrows

Ouch, we take the personal uncertainty of the last two days and now we face our insecurities.  Well it’s spring cleaning for sure.  The Astrology today helps us remember that we bring all of the strength from the past into an uncertain future.  Your focus now is how to reapply those strengths in ways that help you unpack the frantic fear brain that has you feeling not good enough, talented enough, loved enough, or valued enough.  Fear lies to keep you in safe space even if you are miserable.  So don’t abandon yourself to those fears.  Instead today you will also have evidence that you are good at what you do, you are loved, you are valued.  Uranus throws a lightning bolt of recognition on that fact. Push back on the inner critic and don’t let the bully win.  Acknowledge the strength of your security system that tries to keep you small, then remind it that it works for you.   Put the best of you to work balancing out the weakest parts of you.

Take Action:  Seriously, keep your eyes open for the confirmation of what you do well today.  It may look like an invitation you may not even want, but it’s proof that they see your gifts.




Thursday:  Pole Star


Whoopee you made it to Thursday!  With Sun square Pallas, you can’t think your way through today (or life), you have to know the bigger truth.  Fear only sees things in a linear fashion and what it doesn’t see it doesn’t believe.  The deep truth of you can sense things you can’t see yet but you know they are there.  Trust that Truth, trust what you feel today and everyday.  This Spring offers seeds of intuitive wisdom for you to nurture and grow.  Don’t let the inner critic flourish like weeds to choke out the seedlings.  You are made of the same stuff the Stars are and magic is in you.  So trust the unseen, feel your way and use your mind to help you get to what you feel but can’t see.  The world is waiting for you.

Take Action:  List one gut hunch you’ve had that came true and add one hunch you can feel now.  Then give it time to bloom…







Friday:  Moon On The Water

Ah, the aspects today stress the most positive side of this card – Intuition.  Coming after yesterday’s Star card, you simply cannot think your way through without suffering unnecessarily.  You must, must, must add in more of your heart and intuition.  They aren’t logical, in fact they defy logic.  But the fact is, facts alone don’t tell the whole story.  You are here to live a much bigger story than the linear one you are experiencing right now.  So with the Moon in astrology and the Moon card, look for the unexplained to show up.  Be open to astonishment, wonder, magic and the fun of it all.  You have trust the Magic to live in it!

Take Action:  If you catch yourself explaining away the surprises of today, stop.  Just give logic a back seat today and let something extra have a place.






Saturday:  Eight of Stones

Boy did you ever get through a big week to land here!  Today watch for feedback from your world on how well you navigated this mental corner we turned.  Eights are always about what you put out there returns to you.  See how your fears come back magnified or your gifts and talents do the same.  Which do you want to send more of out… right?  Balance them because fear will always guard your expansion.  It’s not about doing away with the part of us that gets scared.  Instead it’s your job to manage it and acknowledge fear’s efforts on your behalf.  Sun conjunct Venus says you can relax and receive a bit of reward today for your efforts. Get ready for some solid confirmation of what you did well.  Enjoy!

Take Action:  Get a massage, indulge in a favorite Netflix show, pamper yourself a bit today and then from this soft space look back over the week and feel good about what you accomplished.





Sunday:  Three of Arrows

Good thing you rested yesterday with this worrisome three in hand.  Because you have work to do today.  With Mercury conjunct Uranus there are BIG breakthroughs in how you process jealousy.  We are wired to Compare and Dare – we learn through mirror neurons in our brains.  So when we see what’s possible for someone else we are now pre-wired to try it ourselves.  It may take practice to master but it is there for you to add to your experience because you saw someone else do it.  Replace ‘compare and despair’ with Compare and Dare mentality and watch what happens.  Jealousy comes from a scarcity mentality and is tied to feelings of unworthiness.  Take a good look at the lie that you aren’t worthy and watch for the ‘aha’ moments.  Freedom feels good…

Take Action:  Any place today you are jealous or envied, apply the Compare and Dare principle to redirect your mind.  Practice, practice, practice.


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