Daily Tarot March 27th-April 2nd New Moon Crossroads

This New Moon is the death knell for old drama in relationships.  It’s as if the triangles, trauma and tensions of the past have become food way past its expiration date that makes you sick if you keep on eating it.

With five planets in Aries, it’s time for a fresh start.  The old is done and the new is uncharted territory.  You need time to gain your balance, so as much as the Ram loves to plow forward, feel your way.

Take it a step at a time and let things reveal themselves.  You have much ahead of you and it will all still be there if you slow down enough to let everything settle a bit.  There is reason to be excited, just keep a firm hand on the pace and enjoy


Card of the Week:  The Guardian

Remember when I told you last week’s Five of Vessels card was a sign to break up with your past?  Well this week’s theme is to give it a proper funeral. The Guardian is the Death card in traditional Tarot.  Not to fear, however.  It merely signals slow change for the better.  It is the inevitable end of one cycle and the beginning of the new.  It’s Spring in the Northern Hemisphere where you have daily evidence of winter’s end.  The Guardian is the Winter Cycle and is also a gentle reminder that whatever you begin now will also have it’s natural conclusion, too.  Nothing is permanent.  The only thing you can hang on to is your presence in this moment.  Be here, now, fully aware as you shape a better tomorrow and release the past.









Monday:  The Green Woman

With five planets in Aries, this New Moon is potent with life force.  What better card than the endless abundance of the Green Woman to remind us of all we have around us.  In this fertile environment it’s important to pace yourself.  Impatience is a theme with so much Aries energy and you don’t want to rush by your opportunity to enjoy the banquet of good things surrounding you.  Pay attention to where urgency is a sneaky way to get you to focus on results you want before you really know all the moving parts you have to play with right now.  It’s a fun fiery day that gets better when you take it ALL in before you bolt into action.  Remember nature finds a way to grow without all the fuss and force.  Trust it is all coming together beautifully and probably takes more than one day to reveal itself.  Enjoy the whole process.

Take Action:  Put an alert on your phone to stop at least twice today and take three deep breaths to help you take it all in, my friend.  You’ll be glad you did.





Tuesday:  Eight Of Arrows

Well the Cardinal Cross is being triggered today with the Moon, Pluto, Jupiter and Vesta.  This eight reminds you that you are only ever as stuck as you think you are.   So often we struggle when we hold both ends of the rope in the mental tug of war.  Drop the rope. Acknowledge that this painful loop is old news or childhood fears dragged into adulthood like shoes we’ve outgrown but insist on jamming our feet into no matter the pain.  Feed yourself a different story today and you get a different outcome. It’s that simple and that challenging.  Go ahead, there is too much good stuff waiting for you to waste time on yesterday’s suffering again.

Take Action:  When you catch yourself stuck in a old story, stand up and make one complete turn clockwise.  There, now you are back in the present where you have the power.






Wednesday:  Page of Vessels

Oh happy surprise this lovely page brings you.  Good news indeed!  With the Moon moving into Taurus and Mercury adjusting your connections for the long haul, you have some good foundational shifts on hand today.  You may not fully realize what they are but you will look back over your shoulder in coming months and remember, ah yes, it shifted there.  For today, enjoy yourself, even if you aren’t completely sure why you feel so happy.  Just welcome it and let it wash over you.  Sweet…

Take Action:  Look yourself in the mirror today and blow yourself a kiss.  Go ahead, it’s fun to be silly.








Thursday:  Ace of Bows

With Moon conjunct Mars and Jupiter square Pluto this fiery Ace says something’s going to pop!  The restlessness you feel, the excitement, it’s best when you channel it into a new idea or arena.  Watch for an invitation or opening and trust your intuition.  The spark will flare up and out, just mind you apply it constructively rather than wasting it chewing out the bad driver in front of you.  They may be lost in their own inspired thought rather than driving safely.  It’s a bold energy today that can start a new expedition for you.

Take Action:  Let your imagination soar today.  Leave practicality for tonight when Moon trines Pluto.  First indulge in flights of fancy.








Friday:  Page of Arrows

Hmmm, this Page can point to the inner critic having a bit of an impact but with Moon into Gemini and Sextile Venus it can also mean heartfelt communication of an important message for you.  Venus and Mars have some tension between them which is a hallmark of creativity and passion, so watch for a message that inspires or moves you.  Keep a check on that pesky judge in your head and focus on the creation potential today.  Even edgy exchanges can help spur something new into being.

Take Action:  Watch for written communication today that has some key information for you.








Saturday:  Three of Bows

Ah sweet arrival of good news, indeed!  Now with the Moon square Neptune something about your news may rock the boat for those around you.  Don’t worry, the waves pass and you are meant to enjoy your good fortune without apology to those who preferred the status quo or wish it was their turn for that arrival.  Your biggest job today is to demonstrate how to receive with joy and grace.  It may be just what another needs to remind others that a practice of gratitude and openness is what brings the proverbial ship into harbor.

Take Action:  You’ve waited for this to happen, now learn to enjoy it without guilt for your good fortune.








Sunday:  Six of Bows

Yesterday was a warm up for more abundance today.   With Moon into Cancer and square Venus you must continue to practice receiving good things knowing that it can separate (temporarily) those who don’t have.  Each of us wins in our own unique way and to measure yourself with a critical eye is to miss the abundance there for everyone.  Let’s watch how a rising tide can lift all boats.  As the good things flow in for one the whole group benefits by seeing abundance is real.  Then we each can find our own sweet spot.  Celebrate today, without apology, but with compassion for those still striving.

Take Action:  Anyplace you are struggle with feeling good about what you have if someone you love isn’t in a good place use visualization today.  Imagine theirs arrives in the perfect way and time while you bask in your own joy.

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