Daily Tarot April 3rd-9th Successful Mind Control

During this particular two week New Moon cycle, control is a big issue.  You see the futility of trying to manage things that you basically have no control over, but boy your ego sure wants to believe it can.

It’s the reaction where the fear brain kicks in and tries to scare you back into familiar space, no matter how uncomfortable this real estate may be.  However, this week especially you can shift gears.  Instead of grinding it out in low speed against stubborn resistance you can acknowledge what’s unmanageable about the big picture and focus more on shaping the edges.

There is so much more command there and while it’s humbling to admit you can’t stop the tides from turning at will, the edges afford you real influence.  As does your attitude, my friend.

Control tries to direct the waves, the wind and the boat at once; while command focuses on adjusting one thing at a time.  Be humble, be patient, be persistent and there is smooth sailing ahead.  The cards and stars can help…Enjoy!



Card of the Week:  The Archer

This bold huntsman is also the symbol of success for the Major Arcana.  You’re well positioned to master the negative inner chatter that often sends you scurrying about on impossible tasks such as trying to stop what’s already happened.   Your inner observer shifts viewpoints to see instead where your efforts and energy are better focused.  What can you impact, where can you make a difference in those things that really matter to you?  Ah, let the tension between the outcome you want and the present where so much is beyond control help you focus.  Imagine what wish for, believe it, feel it and then let it go.  Stop struggling to control the arrow of imagination as it flies and let it hit the bulls eye.  There, you did it.  Success!








Monday:  The Wanderer 

With Mercury the Messenger and the North Node in easy aspect to each other you can trust your gut to help you adjust course today.  Logic isn’t the answer, it will only delay or complicate things.  See whether a choice makes you feel lighter, easier, happier – that’s a yes.  If you feel darker, contracted, uncomfortable then hold on tight.  Don’t move ahead from this place.  A strategic pause serves you well in that case.  If your mind tries to direct traffic, let your body have the final word.  You can trust what your senses have to say today over your jumpy inner critic.

Take Action:  Make sure you run any decisions by your inner compass today and listen to what it has to say.   Then trust you were right no matter how it looks at first.







Tuesday:  The Empress

In accordance with the endless abundance this card signifies, we have a slew of Astrological aspects today.  The Moon, Uranus, Chiron, Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury all have a part to play today.  Ready to turn this corner?  Yesterday was good practice trusting your gut, now today you see where delayed gratification can be the sweetest.  There is both relief and some nervous excitement as things shift, almost seismically for you.  Our brain can’t tell the difference between fear and excitement in our bodies unless we give it additional information as to our safety.  So take charge and use your breath to keep command while you take this next big step.

Take Action:  Breathe, trust your choices, take the next step and breathe again.  That’s all  it takes to expand into new life territory.







Wednesday:  The Pole Star (Reversed)

This is one of the few cards that when reversed doesn’t automatically mean bad news.   Instead it goes back to the delayed gratification being a chance to rewire yourself to trust your dreams come true even when they’ve been late to show up.  Take a look and see where there’s been progress in what you’ve been waiting for.  While you may not be at the finish line yet, see how far you’ve come and how close you are to the goal.  Notice where those delays you’ve dealt with gave you time to adjust to the changes just ahead.  You are a lot more ready thanks to the wait.  Patience just a bit longer.

Take Action:   Release any tension around your fear of failure with a good stretch today.








Thursday:  Seven of Stones

The word patience comes to mind again today.  The Seven of Stones shows a gardener pausing at work while the plants grow at their own pace.  Nature has a rhythm and it’s perfect.  You don’t get a flower to open by pulling the petals open.  No, you wait until it’s time for it to bloom.  Today is a patience with timing day.  Pull the mental weeds out, water yourself with love and let the Sun bring everything to full glory.  Coming back to full strength after struggle requires patience with your process.

Take Action:  Treat the pesky inner voice of doubt over delays like weeds.  Pull them up and clear space to nourish the healthy growth of your dreams.








Friday:  Two of Bows

Oh finally, some progress reflected back through the conversation with like minds.  This card says let your imagination shine brightly on what grows all around you right now.  It’s in conversation that sparks fly that ignite new possible outcomes.  With the Sun opposite Jupiter and the Moon opposite Neptune these conversations help you round out the picture with a full 360 degree view.   Don’t delay talk to a friend or colleague today.

Take Action:  Park practical ‘how to’ discussions in the back seat today.  See the whole picture first with another’s help.








Saturday:  Knight of Stones

Congratulations!  Your patience and persistence opened a whole new avenue for you that you understand today.  This Knight is the slowest moving one because he his actions pack the biggest physical punch.  So take a good look at your options, use your body and intuition to guide you as to which path is best for you.  With a grand trine between Moon, Mars and Pluto, your actions are grounded in the expansion you’ve done and show you how much you’ve shifted since last November.

Take Action:  Feel how much strength, trust and command you are working with to take this next step and use it to balance any anxiety that comes up.









Sunday:  Six of Stones

This six is a reminder that actions have consequences and those results help us make better choices in the future.  Where you have considered both yourself and others you can rest assured you will be rewarded in tangible ways.  Where there is imbalance in giving or receiving, this too has to be adjusted.  Today the Moon moves into Libra, Mercury prepares to go retrograde plus Mars joins Ceres, so we see where feeding ourselves is not enough if those around us starve.  Balance is required today to move forward with good health for all.

Take Action:  What needs adjusting so those around you benefit from your good fortune just as you benefit from theirs.

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