Daily Tarot April 10-16 Mercury Retrograde & Finding Home

Well the cards and the stars want you to know there’s no place like home.  However if you are attached to ‘home’ being anyplace outside of you, there may be some seismic activity to help straighten you out this week.

What you are meant to know, and I mean really know, is that you have everything you require within you right now to make your dreams come true.  Are you brave enough to trust that?  Because no matter what it looks like, every single thing in your life is there to give you a richer experience on your way ‘home’.  This week you have to let the chaos be present for a little while to help bring you a wealth of bigger opportunities.

The challenge is in that pesky Pluto, the Dark Lord Transformer, sitting in Capricorn that wants it done perfectly.  In the quest to find ‘just right’ you can miss out on the invitation for you to help create what is ‘just right’.  In other words, be willing to see what’s in your life as raw clay that you shape into the work of art that is your life.

Risky?  Yes.  Challenging? Sometimes.  Are you willing?  Because if you are conscious of the opportunity that sits in front of you and willing to risk yourself – then this week can deliver some real pay dirt.  It’s the beginning so don’t expect to have the last ten minutes of the movie flash before you.  You shape the eventual ending in the way you handle this week.  It’s a beginning, be patient as you are part of what unfolds!  The cards and stars can help.  Let’s begin…



Card of the Week:  Ten of Stones

Tens are always an empowered one to the tenth degree so this week you can see where and what you have created in your life and take comfort in experiencing your strength.  Because stones are the slowest moving this is not quick success, but instead is where you have spent time, effort, risk over time.  Look at years not months, weeks or days.  What have your relationships taught you about trust, resilience, power and strength?  Can you interpret any so called ‘mistakes’ in a different light, one that is kinder and more expansive?  When you do that, suddenly you can see home and like Dorothy with the Ruby Slippers, you’ve had the power all along.  ‘There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.’








Monday:  King of Bows

This fiery King is tailor made to preside over a day stacked with Astrological aspects.  One of the keys to this King is that he has the ability to bring together things that don’t seem to be able to go together.  Fire melts all the boundaries and let’s something new emerge out of the flames.  The Grand Cross with Moon, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are all in play today along with Eris, the planet of strife.  So for today, trust the disruptions. Your watchwords today are grounded and kind.  The goal is to learn to keep your feet planted in physical reality while your intuition helps you sense what is coming.  That unknown expansion brings up tension so therefore, grounded and kind are important.  Don’t try to think your way, feel your way a moment at a time.  It is coming together.


Take Action:  Trust any chaos and tackle it a bite at a time, seeing yourself as in command of anything that comes up.  Exhale….








Tuesday:  King of Arrows

This is the second King in a row and this one gives you the highest point of view.  Arrows are our minds and help separate us from our sea of emotions that may have been triggered in yesterday’s starting Cardinal Cross and chaos.  The aspects spill over into today and now Chiron is the mix.  See where your history contributes to how you feel about things.  10% has to do with the people and situations in front of you.  90% of it walked in with you and comes from a lifetime.  Your patterns for what hurts you are more understandable today.  At our core we all want to feel safe and loved but life doesn’t always serve that up.  What story did you weave from those heartbreaking moments about your worth.  Okay, now you are ready to let that story go and see a bigger Truth from this King’s high view.  You are so loved and lovable.  Let that in, please.

Take Action:  At any time today where you feel anxious or angry, put your hand on your heart and belly at the same time and breath.  In breath is ‘I am safe’, out breath is ‘I am loved’.  Repeat as often as needed.








Wednesday:  King of Vessels

Well what do you know, three Kings in a row.  Aside from my Dr. Seuss moment, three in a row means upright conduct meets with small successes.  Take them.  Don’t worry if they aren’t the big sweeping changes yet, those are coming.  For right now your nervous system can handle small consistent confirmations that you are doing well.  The Sun is conjunct Eris so there may still be some swirl of changes that help shape the big corner you are about to turn.  Plus the Moon is trine Neptune, you aren’t taking that turn alone.  The whole world is in shift and change.  This really is where many hands make light work.  You don’t have to improve the whole world or even your own world by yourself.  You have help.  Take each yard of gain and enjoy.  Get into the rhythm of the expansion.  What do you know, you might even find yourself dancing to it!

Take Action:  Seriously, put on your favorite go to dance song and shake it baby.








Thursday:  Four of Bows

This card says to celebrate!  Fours always put things on a firm foundation and with Moon in easy relationship with the Dark Transformer you can see today where fear of inadequacy and rejection have kept you from acknowledging all of you.  You are seen, loved and even celebrated today and doesn’t that feel GOOD.  As the day moves on we have Moon and Mars using Vesta’s energy to help us change up the place in us that thought we had to be perfect to be loved.  Nope, not true.  In fact it’s the very human moments in each other that comfort and connect us all.  Too much perfection actually is rejected by the brain as unreal.  No kidding.  So do a lap in that reality today and let go of any concerns that keep you from knowing you are perfect, just as you are.  Reason to celebrate for sure!

Take Action:  Start today (or end it if you forget) in front of a mirror and say out loud – I am perfectly lovable just as I am.








Friday:  Seven of Vessels

In the Wildwood Tarot this card means mourning and indeed with Sun square Vesta it is important to acknowledge how alone you have felt in this struggle to be perfect and hiding those flaws for fear of being rejected.  Compassion for that drive to be worthy is necessary today.  Vessels are heart and signal an instinctive knowing that with this seven shows the block from the mind’s drive to get it perfect.  So send the should’s, the ‘if only’ and any other phrase that keeps you less then to the couch on the side while the big Truth of you steps forward.  Do it kindly, those drives have helped protect you for quite a while now.  But their time has come to take their appropriate place and that’s in the background as a reminder of how far you’ve journeyed on the path to worthiness.

Take Action:  Mourning does well with a ritual, like a funeral.  Find what feels right and let those old fears ‘rest in peace’.








Saturday:  Six of Arrows

Well hello rainbow after the storm – Venus goes direct today!  These last six weeks (no accident it’s a six) were a chance to take a good look at where our illusions about what we love (and who we love) are really and invitation to do the work that helps to make them real.  We really bond with what we love when we have to invest in overcoming obstacles, work through delays and choose over and over again what matters to us.  Notice what you are willing to overcome to have what you want or where it feels better to let go and make room for something new to come into your life.  That’s what this Venus Retrograde gave you and today’s aspects help you see.

Take Action:  Take a few minutes to review where you are worth your own effort and what that looks like today.









Sunday:  The Woodward

This is the Strength card and it often comes up when you have to deal with the raging beast in yourself or in others.  See anger for the defense that it is even when it shows up as offense.  Our anger is where we protect what we love and there is almost always some fear of loss with it.  Loss of respect, self worth, love are all threats that can bring out the beast and with Moon square Chiron it will come up.  Strength says your compassion can pull the thorn out of the lion’s paw and help it heal.  Where is that nagging pain eating away at your own peace of mind or that of someone around you.  Moon trine Uranus can show you how a simple unexpected kindness in the face of a snarl can shift things profoundly and lay the groundwork for long term change.  Do you want to be right or do you want to help make it right?

Take Action:  Be mindful of anger, crankiness, snapping or snarling today as a sign to apply some loving kindness to yourself or another.

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