Daily Tarot April 17-23rd Relationship Reset Dives Deep

Venus went direct after walking us through a more thorough look at where we stop short of making our dreams real when we expect it to be handed to us.  We have to show up and invest ourselves to get the big rewards.  Now with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all retrograde as well, we have to look within ourselves for the changes we long to see show up outside of us.  What’s our story and where can we transform old drama into real life.

Pluto joins them retrograde this week and insists we drag our shadow out into the light, particularly where personal power is concerned.  Saturn wants you to add inner structure that you then show the world what you believe in action.  Saturn demands you be consistent and invested for real growth.  Jupiter brings new opportunities but they’re imperfect to address where you want it just as you imagined it without any effort from you.  Wishful thinking on overdrive makes you miserable until you realize those imperfections or missing pieces are an invitation to add yourself to the mix.  Rewrite your story with Mercury Retrograde – this is your window through May 3rd.

If you want career success, where can you bring unused parts of yourself to the picture?  If you’re a subject-matter expert, try being a cheerleader for a change.  Or maybe you are great at collaborating but lighter on your detailed excellence.   This is the time to invest in education, stretching, growing.  Mercury Retrograde promises that where you invest in upping your game you get pay offs.  The same goes for romance as well.  Outside your comfort zone is everything you could wish for…will you risk pain or stay defended, right and lonely?

You can’t do this alone, now is not the time for that.  We heal through good connections.  Your job is to help build the bonds of trust between you and those you love to create stronger bonds.  Where they are imperfect, release judgement and help make it stronger by speaking your Truth with love.  If they can’t or won’t evolve with you, be willing to move on after a real investment of effort.  In the Year of Relationship Revolution you must be equally matched.  Equally vulnerable, equally committed to personal growth, equally willing to be responsible for your own actions.  It’s a new kind of equal.

You’ve got abundance waiting for you just a bit out of reach.  So show up, do your part and then celebrate like mad when you hit that big score.  The cards and the stars will help…



Card of the Week:  Three of Wands

Three is the communication number ruled by Mercury so this week the theme is where is the bonanza of inspiration within you that you’ve perhaps overlooked.  Instead of looking for more resources and reassurances from outside of you, spend time inventorying what you already know and may not be using.  We are right in the thick of Mercury Retrograde with Pluto about to join it, so quality time spent on this bit of introspection can yield rich results that will have you celebrating for sure.  You’ve got talents you haven’t used in a while, successes that fell to the back burner while you’ve been grinding away in this season of change.  This week offers us a chance to finish with the old story about you not being enough, doing enough, having enough and you do it when you spend one on one time with you and the big Truth of who you are.  You are richer than you know, have more available to you than you realize and can have more fun too.  Just look and see.








Monday:  Six of Vessels

The Sun trine Saturn today gives you extra backbone to help balance the unfamiliarity of new awareness and actions that bump up against old ‘shoulds’.  Don’t should on yourself today and you are already ahead of the game.  This six is about heartfelt healing through corrected actions.  That means you may slip back into an old pattern or see someone that triggers an old fear loop.  Witness yourself, have compassion and then adjust for new beliefs.  This bigger understanding of you requires different actions and it takes a little time to get into automatic muscle memory.  Gently, gently, gently adjust.  No shaming or blaming.  Kindness applied soothes any rough edges in the transition.

Take Action:  When something triggers fear or anger in you today (tension too) then picture yourself as a four year old and comfort yourself there before you do anything else.  Be sweet to you.








Tuesday:  Page of Vessels

In traditional Tarot this is the ‘I believe’ card.  The one that champions faith over fact and says that believing is seeing.  With Moon conjunct Pluto today being almost the only aspect until a late day bolt of brilliance from Uranus, you have to look at those dark scary places that has you defended against loss rather than risking hurt.  It’s where you expect your partners and loved ones to love you perfectly or where you believe you have to love them at all costs in order to stay connected.  We can and do grow together when we can accept our missteps and mistakes as a chance to change and grow.  Today is about practicing love as unconditional but allowing for behavior that needs improving.  Ask others for behaviors that build trust, offer those around you behaviors that build trust and watch what happens.  Magic.  Person acceptable, behavior is adjustable to maintain healthy connections.  Yes….

Take Action:  Make a sincere effort to have behavior and heart in alignment.  If you are angry then speak up for yourself in a way that honors the other person but addresses








Wednesday:  The Green Man

This ‘hump day’ is a mid week pause to trust the abundance and see the difference between mature power and reactionary response to events. The only aspect is a Sun/Mercury conjunction late day that gives encouragement to walk your talk as a confident, powerful individual with trust you can handle whatever comes your way.   Today feels potent and powerful to make an impact on the world.  You may be called to stand up for yourself or a belief today.  Don’t overstate your position, though, you have the power so there’s no need to swat flies with cannonballs.

Take Action:  Check in on your personal boundaries today and adjust as needed.  Not too much defense, neither are you a doormat.  Find your new ‘just right’.








Thursday:  Ten of Vessels

Wow, with this heartfelt ten along with Mercury and Pluto retrograde together it’s time to revisit what happened in March.  This day links back to the Full Moon of March 12th that brought wounds to the surface that have been healing quietly for the most part in unexpected ways.  Today brings awareness of how far you’ve come and how sweet it is to not carry the old unhappiness of the past with you.  This week ushers in a fresh start – so use it wisely and leave the tragedy of the past behind you.  Ten’s are always an empowered one and this one is heartfelt.  You are your source of comfort and strength and from there you can risk bigger and get those bigger rewards!

Take Action:  Write down one negative belief you are willing to bury (or burn) today and give it funeral.  Thank it for its protection and then say goodbye!









Friday:  The Ancestor

Whooosh, we roll into Friday with a planetary pile up.  Rather than cross your eyes with all the geek-speak let me boil it down for you.  Your actions must line up with your expanded awareness of you.  Watch for old habits (remember yesterday’s burial) that no longer fit the new you.  The more you invest in a powerful picture that’s more accurate about you, then put words and deeds together behind it, the bigger the benefits you receive.  Persistent effort is rewarded more than speed as you navigate around old fears and into fresh opportunities.  Notice where the old traditions rub up against new realities.  You decide what the appropriate guidelines are for your life, then your work is to plug them in to the world around you.  That occurs over time.  No rushing this process because it’s foundational.  You are your own highest authority.  Period…

Take Action:  Today is a ‘should free’ zone.  No shoulding on yourself, no kidding.  Instead ask yourself ‘what do I want and what does that require from me to help it happen?’









Saturday:  Three of Arrows

Interesting match up with this Three of Arrows and the Mars semi square Neptune today.   Threes are always communication and this card heralds a sorrow from the past coming back to haunt you.  Again, remember the burial and pay attention to the story you tell yourself when the timing of what you want is off.  Can you reframe delays to mean something good is about to happen and the wait is more than worth it?  Where does your mind take you when you have to wait?  Be kind to your fears but don’t let them bully you by comparing yourself to anyone else.  Choose a cozy couch and a soft attitude.  Good news is coming soon…

Take Action:  Make a list or go on an internet hunt if you need inspiration about where good things come to those who waited.  Ready, set, go!









Sunday:  The Mirror

Wow, the theme continues with today’s aspects looping back to March 12th’s full moon and the Medusa Point.  You get to see your progress and where you still need to work on handling feminine rage.  With Pluto going retrograde the end of this month we already feel the place where we all have the infants furious wail at being helpless and dependent.  But you aren’t an infant any more.  Still, this place requires patient attention and strong boundaries to get through it.  Where can you be compassionate with that melt down moment and still hold a firm line on what behavior is or isn’t acceptable?  It’s all a necessary learning curve and it will serve you well further on down.  Remember we see our shadow self in other’s and judge them because it’s something we struggle with ourselves.

Take Action:  Repeat the mantra ‘Person always lovable, but behavior must be negotiated for mutual benefit.’


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