Daily Tarot April 24-30th Pluto & New Moon Flips Relationships Upside Down

Get ready for something unexpected to pop up this week.  I’d predict it but then it would no longer be unexpected, right?  The bottom line is can you soften into enjoyment of life no matter what is going on around you?  Believe it or not, it can be hardest for us to let ourselves actually feel happiness.

We usually sandwich those moments in between adrenalin rushes of deadlines, phone calls, every day worries so we don’t linger long there. When we do slow down to be that happy the inevitable fear of loss comes up to quickly separate us from that feel good place.

This week you can turn your outgrown interpretations of people and events upside down, providing a lot more connections to a feel good space.  What have you got to lose except some of your defenses and struggle? We have a New Moon drawing a thick line under Relationships and nudging (or pushing) you into situations that require you review and revise how you do them and it’s for your ultimately benefit.

You have to risk your heart to get more love in your life and with a little push this week (if you are willing) you turn this corner and find your courage and strength are greater then you knew. It’s not going to be perfect, it’s not going to look perfect.  Let it be tenderly new and awkward and see if some of those pure happiness minutes reveal themselves to you in the chaotic swirl.

Who know’s what might show up… It’s the week of the unexpected, after all.  Here’s a little help from the Stars and the Cards.



Card of the Week:  Eight of Vessels

This eight signals rebirth in the Wildwood Tarot.  It reveals the kind of energy you put out there because some of it comes back to you, like the loops in that figure eight.   You must let go of the outworn patterns for how you interpret what you feel.  Over 60% of the population have loops for finger prints which are a tribal connection as your primary motive for behavior.  The down side to loops is defensiveness.  Whenever I see this card I think of the brilliant tangents my mind can take when I fear something.  It’s good at those tangents.  But the defended mind’s story always underestimates you and overestimates a possible threat.  People aren’t out to make your life unhappy.  People aren’t trying to take something away from you.  People don’t think you are weak.  Most of us don’t give other people that much thought unless it’s ‘I wonder what they think of me’ moments.  So this week trust the longing for community, find a way to bring your unique self to more people.  From there, let them surprise you on how good it feels to be seen and welcomed when you drop some of your guard.








Monday:  Eight of Arrows:

Sweet trine between Mercury and Saturn starts this day off with some hidden treasures of insight.  As the second Eight in a row it also stands for Unexpected Happenings.  With the Eight of Vessels as card of the week, it’s why we have to see it as part of the bigger theme.  So today with help from the retrograde Mercury and then the lightning bolts from Uranus, the heavy weight of old traditions and restrictive ‘shoulds’ tumble to dust.  You can see the limits of those old stories and yet it can be so tempting to slip back into the familiar rhetoric.  Like a pair of well worn tennis shoes those old sad songs can be so easy to play.  But today they don’t feel as good.  In fact, they may not feel good at all.  Time for a kinder way to interpret whatever is going on in your life.  See it from the perspective of something that is there to support you.  Try it, you may be surprised at that the old challenge has a new gift when you see it through fresh eyes.

Take Action:  Keep a watchful eye out for any thought train that takes you to the judgment zone about yourself of another, then switch direction and add the best case scenario alongside the not good enough place.







Tuesday:  Page of Stones

When Saturn and the Moon hold hands like they do today this solid page knows security is close at hand.  Often pages are symbolic of the inner children and Stones are the body or physical world.  This card says you have a solid opportunity to start something very real in the very near future.  So don’t rush, feel your way.  The body is the slowest of the four elements that represent body, mind(Arrows), heart(Vessels) and spirit(Bows).  The inner child is still holding all the possibilities inside before they are shared in the world.  So let your desires of the heart find a sweet spot to land in your body.  If you are used to hanging out in your mind, this is big task but you are capable.  Mercury help you see and interpret things in a new way, a sustainable way that can last a long, long time.  Then your body helps you relax into new actions that align with a more powerful you.

Take Action: Your body is talking today, listen when you put your hands on your heart and belly and breathe.







Wednesday:  Forrest Lovers (Reversed)

Well today is about turning those old beliefs about relationships upside down.  Uranus and Mercury hang out together providing a bridge between our lower mind and higher mind.  So you can flip your interpretations sunny side up with Saturn helping ground it in a fresh perspective.  What does it look like when you are willing to see something from somewhere new even up to the polar opposite of where you started from this week.  Are you ready to be surprised for the better?  Remember your fear underestimates you and overestimates others.  Where can you poke big old holes in that view today – especially when it comes to relationships?  When Saturn’s involved you may have to patient for the big payoff but with Venus and Chiron hanging out, you move on past old heartache, further and further away from historical pain points.  One day at a time you live a different reality as a bigger better story unfolds.

Take Action:  Be sure to watch this week’s video and see if you can catch the Mercury Retrograde oops.  There’s a story there and a fun reward for those who comment.








Thursday:  Four of Arrows

Fours are the firm foundation and with Arrows what we need is mental rest today to put us back on track.  There’s a lot of rewiring going on so remember to take a break that gets you out of your head and into your body.  When we do something physical, especially something unfamiliar and put your focus there it allows the brain to drop into neutral while your attention goes to mastering the task in front of you.  This is an easy way to reroute and overworked mind and over to a more predictable place.  Dark Lord Pluto is hanging out with Mars to help you shift gears to get out of that bad mental neighborhood where you feel unloved or unacceptable when life didn’t look like it ‘should’.   You’ve come further than you think and you’ve done more than you know.  Rest easy on that truth for a few minutes today.

Take Action:  Pick one physical activity and do it, even if it’s only for ten minutes.








Friday:  Queen of Vessels

Well hello good fortune and happiness that comes with this heartfelt Queen.  Thanks to the cozy hook up between our higher and lower mind still giving gifts we can much more easily bridge out of unhappiness and into hope.   Remember that when the Moon squares Neptune late afternoon and old expectations collide with fresh approaches.  Change brings anxiety first that you need to breathe into so it doesn’t spin you out.  When you breathe into fear it becomes excitement and helps you navigate whatever triggered the emotional mash up.  Since Jupiter is in that mix it can get bigger in the best or worst ways.  Don’t sweat it if you head south first.  Breathe and switch directions.  You can go from despair to delight in short order.  You may even enjoy the power of the change up – you are the master of your internal weather, always.  Good to know, right?

Take Action:  Practice the Breath of Love when your anxiety hits the body.  Lather, rinse and repeat as often as needed.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq_z080ew2U







Saturday:  Knight of Bows

Ah, courage is required to expand out into unfamiliar territory and this bravest of Knights helps you muster the bravery you require.  The Moon, Mercury and Uranus are holding hands to give you some big insights into what comes next now that you have a bigger tool kit to handle heartbreak and disappointments in life.  The afternoon is bumpy so it’s wise to slow down.  The caution with this card is always ‘don’t rush’.  There could well be unexpected travel plans that show up.  Be open and willing to play with the possibilities without locking yourself in too fast.  Courage, patience, consideration for your impact on others then action is the combination that works today.  Taking others into account won’t derail your plans, it helps you adjust them for greater success.  Aha, the light dawns…

Take Action:  Whatever action is required today, factor in a strategic pause somewhere in there to allow unexpected input.








Sunday:  Ace of Bows

Ah with Saturn trine Chiron and this inspired Ace you can transcend old judgements about helpless or hopeless places and see the real truth.  You’ve had the Ruby Slippers all along Dorothy.  Start learning how they work for you.  Visualization is a powerful weapon today rather than action.  In fact actions can be premature. In fact it’s a sneaky strategy our brain uses to have us taking a small bite out of life sooner so we don’t take a big bite out of life later.  Expansion takes you out into unfamiliar territory and your brain stem prefers familiar patterns, no matter how uncomfortable they may be.  So let your inspiration flame be lit, share it with those around you and see where is it welcome and where is it not.  Your energy is not best spent trying to talk others into anything today.  Find like minds and shine away!

Take Action:  Adjust your day to spend more time with the yeses and leave the no’s alone.




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my heart is so broken right now my daughter father doing the most im so broken and tring to raise my baby girl its hard i though he love me guess i was wrong


It is so hard right Donette, please take time to be kind to yourself. Don’t believe that you are unloved or unlovable because of one person – hard as that may be. Take care – asking Angels to be with you and your daughter.

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