Daily Tarot May 1st-7th Mercury Direct, Authority and Anger

We have Mercury direct by Wednesday of this week.  This last trip retrograde had so much company (four planets turned backwards) it’s been great to unpack old dirty laundry and get it cleaned or replaced.  Take a moment and realize how much lighter you are than you were three and half weeks ago.  No not the scales, but that’s progress too.  Limiting beliefs that had you scared, defensive, angry or hiding are being peeled away.

The more you resist it, the more struggle you find yourself in, so take note of the drama in your life as your measuring stick.  It will be bumpy, there are challenges right through the third week of May. See where you are the ultimate authority on what is best for you and how you can bring that out without imploding or exploding.  With the Moon and our hidden (young) security needs and Dark Lord of Transformation opposite each other tension will be kicked up.

People are going to challenge you and your authority so you can stretch into a different way of handling it.  Change it up.  If you are the hothead, you’re going to be squeezed into space where that won’t work.  If you are the peacemaking push over, there are places you will have to stand your ground.  You have lots of help – it will be easier then you think once you step in that direction.  Plus the tension of sticking to old patterns increases your discomfort, so change it up already if you find yourself stuck.

You may even be closer to big step forward than you thought you were.  You get plenty of ‘aha’ moments to help you along this week – let those in please.  It really helps to remember that other people are just walking around navigating this expanded space too.  They aren’t out to annoy you, although they will.  They aren’t out to ‘get you’ for the most part – gangsters turf wars not withstanding.

Most of us are taking a spin with newfound personal power and may not have it finely tuned yet.   My motto – be as generous with other people’s stuff as you’d like them to be with yours.  You’ve got a lot to support you over the bumps in the road, so let it be a good week.



Card of the Week:  The Stag 

You are strong enough to take on new challenges my friend, expansion.  This week you can face down whoever was the ‘boss’ from your childhood and take back your power.  Your inner guidance system is going to help you a step at a time.  See where you’ve been upping your risk tolerance a bit at a time these last couple months.  Really see it.  You’ve been brave in places you may not have paused long enough to notice.  You just did it and kept going almost too nervous to take a close look.  This week you need to remember that as you are served up situations that require you speak up for yourself in a different way then you have been.  If you normally explode to back whatever feels like a threat off, you are going to be put in situations where that won’t work for you.  If you normally keep the peace at any price, not going to happen this time.  You will be pushed so far you have to speak up.  Your goal and success are in stretching into new emotional patterns and knowing you can do it.  You are going to like where you get to this week more than you know.  Ready… Go!









Monday:  Knight of Arrows

Ah this swiftest of Knights also flies the farthest and can take you out of the sea of emotions into a clear view of what it all means.  Moon opposes Pluto today first stirring up the beginning of any blocks you carry with you now.  Then Moon squares off with Mercury insisting that you see it with fresh eyes – it’s not the same old story so don’t drag those in to view.  Next the Moon squares off with Uranus to help you let go of those old wounds, peel the bandaid off and see how much healthier you are now.  Finally the Moon trines Chiron and says, go on and risk your heart again.  You are more resilient than you realized.  Be brave, see and acknowledge the effort you make to do that and take one little step at a time.

Take Action:  Don’t rush to a decision today as it’s a long road and a lot more is revealed as the day goes on.  Patience…









Tuesday:  The Blasted Oak

Well hello much needed change!  The more you resist seeing yourself as strong as you are, as well-equipped to deal with life and even enjoy it, the more of a shake up this day will be.  Hint, relax into whatever comes – good or bad.  Change can set off our nervous system either way and your heart rate may reflect it.  Breathe into it and soothe your nervous system kindly.  You may want to do it a couple of times (an hour even).  Because this card signals necessary change that can be a shock but one that ultimately sets you free.  Your brain stem prefers the status quo but the rest of you wants the abundance that tempts you right outside your comfort zone.  Be comfortably uncomfortable today and know it’s to give you a chance to practice Strength and courage in expansion.  Since Saturn’s in the picture it isn’t a quick fix, it’s foundational and can carry you a long long way.   So pace yourself and relax.  Remember to breathe

Take Action:  Seriously, try the Breath of Love shown in this video again.  It’s a wonderfully handy tool these days, especially as change is lighting up your nervous system.








Wednesday:  The Ace of Bows

Sweet relief, Mercury is direct again today!  We still feel it for another couple weeks so don’t rush too quickly into what’s next. (Have you heard that somewhere else this week, hmm?)  Let inspiration dance like flames that warm and brighten your day.  Jupiter and Saturn offer you long term gains out of this fresh perspective and that means that dreaded word, patience, is part of today’s winning hand again.  With Sun sextile Neptune you have company being impatiently patient though, so that’s some relief.  Talk to friends and it may be a good way to fan the flames of inspired hope.  By nightfall you have major celestial support for inspired new options that come out of this week’s big shifts and changes.  It’s both exciting and a little unnerving when you see better pathways forward that are wholly strange or unfamiliar.  That’s okay, one step at a time and you got this.

Take Action:  Have some fun with the Universe today and watch for signs that may be as subtle as a feather in a strange place or as obvious as a billboard message 50 feet high.








Thursday:  Five of Stones

Don’t throw in the towel today if you get some pullback or resistance in your newfound expansion.  With creative five and physical stones know the delays and detours ultimately help you out, but first annoy you.  Moon is squared off to Ceres so it’s a chance to test your resolve.  Do you feed yourself the old story about what the obstacle means or do you trust yourself and what you create with your shiny, new, fresh perspective.  Your actions need adjusting too, and it may be as simple as timing.  The image I get is a safe-cracker with his ear to the tumblers waiting for the right ‘click’.  Try it that way.  Instead of  a push or shove ahead or a full stop, instead inch forward carefully listening to your body to give you new information.  There, it goes and the door swings open even as soon as later this evening.  So don’t quit now!  The reward of patience is rich.

Take Action:  When you catch yourself leaning forward literally or figuratively, pause.  That’s it.  Just breathe a moment here.  Now next step and listen for another click in the cosmic tumblers.








Friday:  Five of Arrows

Well hello second five in a row.  That means you have a choice to make.  Since Arrows are the mind’s region, this choice is mental.  Are you going torture yourself with fear and doubt today or are you going to try that new story that feels so much better.  With the Moon trine the Sun, I say you land on the NEW story today as your feel good option.  It’s okay if you slip up and hip-check progress with some dark thoughts, don’t sweat it.  The negativity will stand out like flies on a white wall and you will see those fears for what they are.  Pests.  Your creative mind (that five) wants a better story and Moon in easy aspect shows you how to get it today.  You’ve got the power of mind over matter and by golly, it feels good to use it.

Take Action:  Whenever you fear brains serves up the negative, thank it for sharing and move on to picture the best case scenario to book end it.  Lather, rinse, repeat!








Saturday:  Four of Wands

Cue the music, Celebration!  Come on it’s time to party after what you’ve accomplished this week.  Here’s the bottom line on your brain.  Once you’ve done something and survived it your brain knows how.  Then it just keeps running the memory over and over again in your head, even in your dreams to perfect it.  Did you know your dreams do that for you?  Just one more little perk to being human.  So after you navigate this new territory (and did just fine, thank you very much) your brain starts to relax in that space and work on improving your performance without you even having to try.  Now that is a reason to celebrate!  With a T-square between the Moon, Saturn and Chiron it helps you get a sustainable path in place that you can head for when you meet new challenges.  With a little time and practice it is now muscle memory.  See what you started.  Good news indeed.

Take Action:  Make up a mental gratitude list today that begins with how amazing your body is at thriving rather than just surviving.







Sunday:  The Wheel (Reversed)

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016One of the key things the Wheel Reversed signals is anger.  Because Strength is the Card of the Week, when combined with this card it’s time to address where rage shows up.  Since Pluto and Saturn retrograde are in the picture this week and the Moon is on show today, this is about your deepest survival strategies and how you do your own anger or handle someone else’s anger.  This emotion gets misused more often then well used.  It’s a manipulator to many and a dirty word to quite a few as well.  Yet is has an important role to play.  Anger helps us draw a boundary and consolidate our energy.  It says, beyond this point don’t push me.  But when it’s over or under used you are out of balance.  You either get more blow back from people than is constructive when you push too hard or you feel threatened and intimidated and fear the rage in others.  Today you get to experience what healthy boundaries guarded with a little anger can look like.  With Moon trine Mars it’s a soft lesson.  You may witness rather than participate in it.  Once our brain sees something done we know it’s possible and we start building our own little network of ‘can do’ neurons to do the same.  It’s like the four minute mile Roger Bannister did way back when.  No one thought it was possible to run that fast until he broke the four minute mile barrier.  Then all these other people went on to do it. You are ready for a different reality and a new tool in your life tool kit.  Go find your Roger Bannister moment.

Take Action:  Watch for that today with anger as a healthy boundary.  Now let your brain do the rest.

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