Daily Tarot May 8-14th Full Moon Necessary Changes

Well the march to true inner freedom continues and this Full Moon highlights any place you are caught in old stories, old lies.  When you take responsibility for everything in your life and let go of thinking anyone or anything has power over you, including governments, you’ve put yourself in prison and only you can open that door.  This week wants to give you shove in the direction of true freedom.

For those of you willing to take a step towards more creation and less reaction you will get some sweet empowerment moments in the days ahead.  It feels good to see where you influence outcomes, even in small ways.  Stand firm for what is right for you and work with any situation to bring more of you to it, even if it means disagreeing.  How you disagree is key.  (Sing that to the music from Do Re Mi in Sound of Music)  Hiding out from hard conversations or blowing up won’t go well, be warned.  Finding a more balanced way of sharing you is your straightest path forward.  Picture threading your way through a Goldilocks landscape to find ‘just right’ for you.

Personal power is the theme of this Full Moon and any place you don’t see yours will be highlighted, rest assured.  If you find yourself using excuses, blame, or ducking the issue you face an even steeper climb to clarity.  Discomfort is there to point out where your stuck, so use those feelings like a warning to choose a better option, quickly.  Speak up for yourself, listen to others without an agenda and you discover how much you have to play with in your life.  In fact play is important.

Be sure to add a little humor to whatever unfolds this week. Life is hilarious when you let it make you laugh.  The merriment makes change something more than just a chore – it can turn it into an adventure.  Why not, right?  Laugh at life and definitely at yourself… we really are quite entertaining.  Why else would there be Reality TV?

Here you go – the week of Necessary Changes.



Card of the Week:  Six of Stones

Sixes are the health and wellness indicator and in the Wildwood Tarot it’s points out where we need to heal what’s out of balance.  We do have quite a bit of that around us today with some countries consuming an unsustainable amount of resources.  But let’s keep it on the micro level rather than the macro.  Because what you change individually goes into to shifting it on a larger scale.  As the card of the week this one helps us see where our scarcity mentality has us chasing more reassurance from the outside world.  No sooner do we have proof we are lovable and secure then we start looking around for more evidence, and more evidence.  Where in your life can look and see the abundance in what you have right now and be grateful for it?  Gratitude offers respect both for what you have and acknowledgement that you helped bring that into your world.  That’s power.  You helped create those good moments, good people, good memories.  Yes, you.  The best way to bring balance is to honor what is there in front of you and not waste or dismiss the richness there while you go off looking for more.  Use that in combination with each day’s card and see what happens.







Monday:  Ace of Stones

Today the Moon starts off opposite Mercury and Uranus early morning.  Uranus is lightning bolts of insight coupled with how we see and say things with that Messenger planet Mercury.  So this solid Ace of Pentacles urges you to take a step at a time to acting on your realizations when those two communication planets light up your Moon, which represents what we love and fear losing.  Time to notice where the lurking fear of loss keeps you hiding out, staying safe, stockpiling things or repeating familiar patterns no matter how uncomfortable you were in them.  By late afternoon the Moon moves into a sweet position to Saturn to give you long-lasting success with those small changes.  This is your focus today: see your shadows and fear; remember you have the power to interpret things with fresh eyes and a new story; make a different choice and act on it.  There, now that you did that, do it again.  Ahhhhhh

Take Action:  Speak your newly discovered bigger truth out loud to yourself in the mirror.  Then watch to see if another option to say it out in the world shows up this week…







Tuesday:  Three of Bows

Sweet joy in the morning the Sun is trine Pluto which helps you feel your power.  This three of bows is inspired communication that helps you trust that what you see is real.  I also call this the ‘ship in the harbor’ card.  It means your ship has come in and you can see it even though it isn’t at the dock just yet.  Trust the good that comes with you taking a fresh approach and being responsible for believing a better story about anything that happens.  Yes challenges do come with responsibility along with enormous power to create more of the good things you really really want.  Later tonight we really feel the Mercury/Uranus conjunction that will give you even more moments of unexpected truth about how ‘big’ you really are.  The goal is to find a thoughtful way to apply it so you don’t go weaving about drunk with newly discovered power only to create more drama than you need to spend time on, right?  With three’s being a communication number, pay attention to what information you receive and what you speak out loud.  Your words have power.

Take Action:  For those who remember a stick shift, use your power today like a gear shift, one level at a time for best use.







Wednesday:  Six of Vessels

Ah, the second six in a row which signals union.  This heartfelt six is actually named reunion in the Wildwood tarot and this is where the heart comes home for this Full Moon.  We’ve got a planetary stack up that I won’t bore you with except to share the meaning, this is the Moon of Necessary Changes with a Cardinal T-Square that brings in the Pluto in Capricorn deep transformation energy.  You can let go of a lot of fear and struggle connected with being vulnerable this full moon.  Our over estimation of threat to our security and underestimation of our ability to effect powerful and long lasting change has kept us battling the wrong people, places and things.  Where can you see that you’ve been your own worst enemy and lay down the weapons.  Rest, relax into the Truth that you are loved, you have the ability to do a lot to change what’s uncomfortable in your life when you are willing to stop fighting the discomfort and instead put the energy into doing it a different way.  Remember the definition of insanity, right?  Time to do it differently so you get a different outcome.  That starts by seeing yourself correctly.  See the power, the love and the support you have in so many ways.  They may be smaller than you wished or more hidden, but they are there. Trust you can take care of yourself and handle disappointments and difficulties.  They are just part of life and not a sign the Universe doesn’t love you.   Your job is to pause long enough to see you have everything you require right now for a happy change and then create with the ingredients in front of you rather than wishing for something different.  You are ready for this…

Take Action:  Make a gratitude list of people that have shown up for your throughout you life in unexpected ways.  Please do share some stories…





Thursday:  Queen of Stones

Okay stretching out into new territory and seeing yourself as powerful as you are may bring up small conflicts today.  It’s as if the Universe wants to be sure you commit to those necessary changes.  Watch for where it’s tempting to slip back into old thought patterns and gently pull yourself out.  Mars square Neptune almost guarantees that your actions may trigger fear in someone who prefers you handle things in a familiar way rather than the ‘new you’.  You can Ace this test and the Queen of Stones is the one to help.  This card means having the right attitude.  There’s nothing pushy or fierce about her.  Instead she just does what needs to be done and lets other spin out or do what they need to without judgement or criticism.  It’s the calm the quells the crisis and makes it a little blip in the day instead of storm.  Mercury and Saturn team up to help you soothe out the ripples by early afternoon.  So roll on through the day with the happy reminder that a good attitude changes everything.

Take Action:  If you can get barefoot on the Earth today, do it. If you can’t actually do it, visualize it.  See yourself rooted on the planet Earth and know the whole world works together without you having to do anything.






Friday:  Seven of Arrows

Okay today we have Moon square Neptune and Moon opposing Mars as the day progresses.  Jupiter gives the moon and Mars a little extra push so fear of loss may get dialed up as you act in new ways that upset the ‘status quo’.  My challenge to you is to see each and every place you get pushback, resistance or reaction as the mental and emotional gym.  You are building muscle.  If the new empowered you pushes others buttons, their reaction is only going to help you bulk up on the strength of your choice.  It’s up to you to see yourself as getting a good work out or whether you prefer to see yourself as being treated unfairly in any way.  This seven is the ‘change your mind’ card.  You always have the control on how you interpret anything.  Today asks, what will you choose?  When others interpret us in a threatening or unpleasant way it lands as a lie which makes us feel awful.  It’s an actual physical reaction to their interpretation of the Truth of us.  They may convince themselves it’s true, but you know differently.  The key to them changing their viewpoint is you believing the bigger Truth first.  That’s your job today.  Commit to the Truth of you and this changes everything.

Take Action:  Anyplace you feel that contraction today, put your hand on your belly and breathe into while you hold your vision of the True You.






Saturday:  Nine of Stones

Success!!!  The Moon trine Uranus this morning brings light to anyplace left over from yesterday where doubt lingers.  With Saturn’s kind help for the Moon we see where what we were afraid of was a long shadow while the reality is a short sticking point.  The healing power of this Nine with serious support from both Uranus and Saturn adds some much needed self-confidence to the mixture.  Take stock of all that you’ve accomplished this week – really pause and look at what you’ve navigated.  There are some hidden jewels that you would do well to reflect on as part of your progress.  I’ll just bet your example perhaps inspired someone else to take a positive step as well.  Nines are the teacher number and often represent that you’ve come far enough to be able to share some of your wisdom with others.  Which in turn only reinforces your own education.  Watch for the gremlin of perfectionism that can hide in this nine and is underscored by the Moon moving into Capricorn.  Pursuit of perfection is a waste of energy.  Perfecting your pursuit is a more worthwhile goal and a kinder application.  It simply means always be willing to grow.

Take Action:  Make a mental or written list of challenges you stepped up to this week.  Don’t worry about whether you aced them all, just notice how much you created!






Sunday:  Six of Arrows

Sail into smoother waters with this third six.  These three together mean play, pleasure and merriment.  With Mercury trine the North Node, you will long for that which most makes you happy and today is a good day to do it.  Find a way to indulge in something that makes you laugh or dance with joy.  If you can’t remember what that is, today is a good day to revisit it.  Who said growth and being responsible is all heavy lifting.  The good fun you get to choose is also part of the deal when you are the one in charge.  So indulge yourself today and don’t worry about making anyone else happy with it.  Today is a day to ensure that you get to enjoy yourself and if those close to you want to do something else, let them.  It matters that for today you take care of your own needs and trust them to take care of theirs.  You have it in writing if you need it.

Take Action:  Pick one thing today that is your bliss and do it!


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