Daily Tarot May 15-21 Solid New Beginnings With A Twist

There’s going to be a pushing match between the old and the new this coming week – are you ready for it?  I’ll give you a hint on what will make all the difference – pace yourself.  It’s tempting to go for broke and break free from the restrictions and heavy weight of responsibilities and just run for the first open space that beckons.  I’m not saying you can’t go or that you shouldn’t go… I invite you to plan to get there and you will enjoy it a whole lot more with just a wee bit more preparation.

Because you are creating a new normal with each and every step you take as you expand and stretch into new territory.  Begin as you mean to go on – not all hell bent for leather but at a seriously steady forward push.  Channel that creative energy into designing the best possible route to get you from here to the new ‘there’.  Pack it with fun, discovery, delight and a few more intriguing possibilities so the journey is as rich as the ultimate destination.

This way as the twists and turns come up, as they invariably do, you’re having such a delicious time that those moments provide contrast and texture rather than disappointment or concern.  Now that’s a good plan, right?  One for the long haul.  Now that we’ve covered that, I won’t hold you back any further.  Go sink your teeth into the changes you’ve got ahead.  You’ve been waiting for most of them…




Card of the Week:  Two of Stones

Ah, this two is perfect for the Saturn Uranus dance we have going this week.  Old and new, beginnings and endings all wrapped up together so it may not even be clear which is which at first.  The week will be sorting through what belongs to the past and what is worth bringing with you into your future.  Some things are past their ‘sell by’ date and need to go.  Give it the sniff test and see if it stinks.  Some may be a more subtle overripe then others and some are pushing up against let go time but aren’t quite there yet.  Old ‘shoulds’ and attachments may rear up trying to talk you into staying with something longer then feels good.  So be gentle with yourself.  The urgency of the new can feel a bit pushy but it does help to get things moving.  So trust yourself, pace yourself and watch the week unfold just right.








Monday:  Moon on the Water

Wow, we have triple Moon action today friend.  It’s Monday which was named for the Moon, the card for the day is Moon on the Water and we have a major Moon conjunction as well.  First the Moon hooks up with Juno to highlight where outdated ideas about relationships failed to honor the core value of the changeable Moon.  Then it moves on to Moon with Pluto to help transform any lingering doubts you had about allowing yourself to feel the full range of emotions.  You have all those feelings to give you steering information – much like a dashboard.  You can drive without looking at the dash but it sure helps a lot more to have that information.  Take a look at what you feel through the lens of respect and gratitude for whatever it is that you feel. and know it’s appropriate to have changing moods.  Much like the Moon that waxes and wanes, our feelings have high points and low points too.  See it that way and give your feelings some respect – they help you navigate far more than you realize.

Take Action:  Have some fun with the Dashboard idea and assign feelings roles.  Fear is the brake, creative passion is the gas tank… you get the picture.  Now do your own version of them and play.







Tuesday:  Nine of Vessels

Interesting aspects today with the Moon square Mercury and this heartfelt nine.  Nine’s are always the teacher number so your heart has good insight to offer you today about what really matters.  Because this lovely card represents a wish come true pulling into sight.  You may not have it in hand yet but you receive news that you will have it – the Universe is a generous place.  With Moon square Mercury it’s fair to say it’s going to knock you off balance to have the good news land.  It may take a little time for the tidal wave of joy to catch up to the words that were delivered.  The Sun and Saturn are in an odd dance where their steps don’t quite match.  Sometimes you catch yourself filtering things through the old lens and then suddenly you click in to a new point of view.  There’s a rhythm there but not one that is easy or that you are used to yet.  So pace yourself and you’ll find that you can show others lurching around in their good news stupor how to navigate when you get thrown off balance by joy you weren’t quite prepared for today.

Take Action:  Seriously pause at least twice today – once in the morning and once in the afternoon or evening and breathe in joy.  Good.  Now exhale any lingering disbelief.






Wednesday:  The Hooded Man

With the Hooded Man in the picture and some sweet, easy aspects today my take away for you is that even the best events and connections benefit from quality step back time for you.  Just push your chair back from the table and step far enough away to see the veritable banquet that life is offering up.  Negotiations are easy today, so let them be.  Know any resistance you come across is probably remnants of old battles hoping you’ll take them with you as you move forward.  Resist them… leave them behind.  There is smooth progress forward, a better than average chance of getting close to all you want and the other person feeling good about it too.  How’s that for a good day.  So pay attention to how hard it can be to relax into a lack of struggle.  Believe it or not, it can actually produce anxiety to have nothing to worry about.  Pay attention and practice feeling good.  There, now you know you can do it.

Take Action:  Seriously, practice letting yourself relax into a good feeling without strain.  Exhale.  Good, now do the whole process again.






Thursday:  Nine of Bows

This is the second Nine in the week and so it signals contentment and cooperative endings.  See, you have to practice letting things be easier!  The Sun is in a supportive position to Chiron which is like the bandaid coming off to see that you are almost completely healed.  You have new skin over the old wound.  Be gentle with yourself as you move forward but it feels good to feel good.  Saturn and Uranus work together here to help you lay down some good muscle memories of how to trust yourself, your new foundation if you will.  Solid actions feel much more like the actual you rather than any version of what you were supposed to be. Have respect if a few old behaviors making an appearance.  They don’t all fit and you can tell which ones do.  So feel your way, trust your instincts and observe yourself.  Today is a weeding out day and with a little mental discipline you clear a path forward that feels much better.

Take Action:  Notice the expansion or contraction in your body to help guide you as you see what feels like a keeper and what has to go.  Expansion is a yes, contraction is a no…






Friday:  The Sun

Woof, it’s a good thing we have the Sun today because the Astrology serves up some internal and external changes that may be a bit shocking.  It’s a good thing you had some time to practice this week because today you may need to borrow a lesson from every single day that preceded it to help you navigate a big step forward.  Like a leap across the chasm, you are about to fling yourself into the ‘new you’ space and courage is required.  Don’t worry – you don’t have to get all the way across today – that’s another card.  But you are going to take a big step forward and see where the future opens up in front of you.  Gear up for it – expansion and good luck are a different kind of stress but they still tax the nervous system.  This is the most positive card in Tarot so you can be sure that good things are coming from whatever happens today.

Take Action:  Put your hand on your belly and breathe when you need a pause.  Watch it rise and fall and know your body will get you where you need to go.







Saturday:  Ten of Arrows

In the Wildwood Tarot this ten is about instruction.  In most other decks it means destruction.  The wrenching disappointment of things not working out the way you wished them to, the end of hopes and the dashing of dreams.  Falling where this does today with the Moon and Pluto holding hands it offers you an chance to let go of the old fears that you can’t manage disappointment.  In this unfamiliar path you take there will be things that don’t turn out as you hoped.  With Moon and Chiron you can release any fears around defeats.  The difference is you know now that you are resilient.  Things that crashed and burned offer you almost as much as those that succeed when you let them.  They’re often an invitation to ‘do it over’ that calls up the dare to be great moments in you.  Who doesn’t love a movie where a surprise turn of events takes tragedy and turns it into triumph.  See where you can use this reminder to help you leap into the chasm on your journey into the unknown.  Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat is a whole new beginning with power and magic in it.  Find yours…

Take Action:  List the places where you’ve triumphed against downright difficult odds.  Remember those moments.







Sunday:  Page of Vessels

Sweet sigh of relief to end the week with this kind Page and only one little astrological aspect.  Not much to worry about today, life has a happy surprise tucked into unexpected corners for you.  Like a treasure hunt, be on the look out for good news.  The Pages are the inner children and this one is the emotional state of believing life wants you to have good things.  Your job is to be open to them especially because they may not look the way your expect them to look.  Are you willing to be surprised?  When was the last time you were happily surprised?  It’s good to pay attention to the delights offered up today.

Take Action:  Today list three things that were surprises that really made you happy.


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