Daily Tarot 5/22-28 New Moon & Heart Balance

This New Moon brings up feelings that require somewhere to go.  The trick is to make sure you are tuned in to what YOU are feeling so you can direct what gets all that emotion.  It’s easy to misplace focus and be annoyed, aggravated, hurt and even vengeful with others but really you require your own attention this week.  It’s important reinforcement to expand on what you’ve been going through these past few months and make conscious choices rather than simply react out of habit or old patterns that no longer fit.

This is a great time to set the intention to make your own inner feeling the first place you check when something happens.  Practice connecting with the a forces behind your reactions that come to the surface the next few weeks.  Challenges build your confidence in how you can affect whatever doesn’t suit you right now.   Obstacles are merely an invitation to collaborate more to bring about a sweeter, richer version of your original goal.

Magic is possible with Mars moving close to the Sun.  You can harness that pent up energy to bust through resistance inside of you or you can waste it arguing with someone who can’t hear you because your anger has them defensive rather than working with you.  You decide.

Balance.  It is the middle path that lets you feel triggered and then do something much more productive with it.  I’ve been collecting some great success stories already.  Be one of those this week with a little effort at applying any strong emotion to a healthy change you desire.  Now that’s a good week…



Card of the Week:  Knight of Vessels

This heartfelt Knight often brings an invitation or proposal with strong feelings involved.  Because it’s Vessels, the emotions, your job is to receive and feel your way to an answer.  It may be yes or no, it all depends on what happens in your heart when you receive it.   Don’t be afraid to take a pause before you decide to clarify what is offered and what you think is offered because water can be harder to understand when it happens.  Let the waves wash over you, notice whether they lift the tide higher or move you away from the invitation.  A few things are possible when you take a few breaths to decide.  First, if it’s a yes you connect to it from a deeper more engaged place to enjoy the offer.  You can be present for it.  Or you decide it’s not for you in its present from, you include a few details that could make it a real yes for you.  Then finally you say no, but you say it from an authentic place where anyone inviting you to play can understand and feel that it’s just not the best choice for you.  Less likely to have hard feelings this way.  Do expect something to shift this week in the world around you, only to kick up a way to answer good fortune from a powerful, creative space.  Yes!







Monday:  Three of Vessels

Oh JOY, this three is more heartfelt communication on your front doorstep.  Three’s signal heartfelt conversations that make you want to dance, dance dance.  Which is why you may find it odd to then talk about loss.  One of the hardest things for humans to do is to soften in to joy.  When we do let ourselves experience deep emotional satisfaction, relax our guard and bond with a person, place or thing one of the first things that happens is  fear of losing what we love.  To be in the moment and let yourself have the happiness means that you then are vulnerable to risks befalling that love.  So part of letting yourself have this knowing you must allow for the full range of feelings.  If you squash the fear you also squash the joy.  So watch for ways to hold both those polar opposites and know it’s part of your richer, fuller life.  Know, too, that all feelings ebb and flow.  The joy and the fear of loss will peak and recede.   Expansion requires you stretch into this to ‘enjoy’. With the Moon fully activated today by Pluto’s insistence, when you face your fear you benefit tremendously in the strength you add for tolerating joy.  Now that’s a sweet trade off.

Take Action:  Since emotions take roughly ten minutes to travel the length of your nervous system, time your joy and your fear today.  It helps you stay connected from an authoritative place.






Tuesday:  King of Vessels

We are on an emotional roll heading into the New Moon this week symbolized by the King of Vessels.  What’s at play is the feminine place of what looks like chaos turning into magic with an intuitive, emotionally-based yes from you.  The King represents the Masculine and the Vessels are Feminine, so this week is where one plus one can wind up with three – much like man plus woman can yield a child.  Get ready for a  start that has unexpected surprise in how it comes to be.  Mercury gives your fear a wiser way to see how to ask for what is important to you.  Your empowered by how you help make the magic happen every day.  Believing is seeing and now that you know you can do it, how can you do it some more?  Right.  Play with the creative spark, innovation, or just coloring outside the lines a little with your response to opportunities.  Feel how fun it is to not know exactly what’s happening but contributing some of your own twist to it and take a chance.  You can always turn lead into gold when you’ve got a little alchemy on your side, so you won’t lose out.  Take that risk.

Take Action:  Look at whatever pops up today with Fresh Eyes, ones that believe you have Magic in hand today.







Wednesday:  Three of Stones

Ah, the second three this week.  Two threes together mean ‘choice’.  So you have a choice to make this week.  The Moon is trine Pluto so you have to dig deep.  Which means it may not be the first choice you think it will be.  Spend a little time on the layers underneath this choice.   If you notice, this card has a person with roots that anchor them and stones to support them.  So you could find that all that support is an invitation to be brave today.  Your old fears may want to squeeze you back into safe space but you can choose to remember that you don’t have to repeat the past because you’re different.  You make better choices, trust yourself more and have built up that support so you can do more because of it.  Take a risk or two, let yourself be seen, and better known.  You can handle whatever happens when you do.   In fact with this solid three in the picture, you are likely to receive some pretty concrete appreciation for you.

Take Action:  Listen for the compliments on how you communicate today.






Thursday:  Balance

Normally New Moon’s are when you want to set an intention for what you wish to create the next two plus weeks.  This New Moon links back to the Full Moon of May 10th and triggers two big Astrological aspects around what has come full circle from a couple weeks ago?  What is here with more room for you to expand beyond old patterns?  Balance is about the harmony between the Receptive Feminine side that can look a bit chaotic and the Masculine, Active side that wants to drive a straight path through quickly to get results.  When you have them working together it’s like an in breath and out breath you don’t have to think about that keeps you alive.  This New Moon is a place of moving beyond limits to see where you have gone beyond what you’ve accomplished in the past.  Where have you stretched and what are the options in your life now that call out more of you than ever before?  I’ll be very surprised if there isn’t at least one of those places in your life and possibly several.  Now take another step forward, outside that comfortable, or at least familiar, space.  Good job – your replacing inherited beliefs about your capabilities with ones that are much more accurate now.   Create Harmony today with Balance as your guide.

Take Action:  Receive information today, pause then choose to act from a place that includes Heart, Body, Spirit and your Mind.




Friday:  Seven of Stones

Part of the challenge with all the emotion this week is forgiving ourselves for the mistakes that have hurt us in the past.  Whether we did it to ourselves or whether someone else gets the credit and we question our judgement or strength for letting them ‘get to us’, you are at a place where you can see that you are different now.  You’ve learned from the past, you make better choices now – you are different and so the outcome can be different.  First you get some help from Venus and Pallas Athene to design a more strategic way to get what you want, before the Moon hits Mars, Saturn and Uranus in that order.  This means your actions give you important clues as to what kind of foundation you need so you make recent changes a permanent part of your tool kit for life.  It takes you all the way into late night to get there but Stones are the body, the slowest moving of the four suits.  Be patient with your progress, the light dawns by 11:18pm tonight and you understand yourself in ways that promote real healing.

Take Action:  Let the layers of information today come together like a cake and you’ll have a sweet treat by the time you get to the frosting.







Saturday:  The Green Woman

This card ushers in abundance when you feed yourself new stories.  There is a lot of intuitive support for you to find the places and spaces where you’ve held yourself back out from having more good things in your life.  Because additional options can also bring up old stories of love and loss, scarcity and competition where you didn’t feel as powerful as you are now.   You can now see where you underestimated yourself when you recall those memories.  Or see where you overestimated someone else’s authority over you.  You’ve had the Ruby Slippers all along Dorothy – and there’s no place like home.  Today you really can feel at home in your own skin.  The World offers so much you have trouble choosing what comes next.  Like a gourmet all you can eat banquet, you have to decide what you really are hungry for rather than scrambling to feed yourself at all.  The brain may feel a little out of focused and that’s just fine.  You aren’t meant to think your way through today.  You are meant to have all of you get in on selection process.  What feels good, what tastes good, what inspires you all factor into how you take part in the abundance.  Then your mind is meant to figure out how to make sure you get what you want.  Every part of you gets to indulge in more equal proportions.  Enjoy!

Take Action:  Let yourself enjoy the samples then pick the one that most appeals and chow down.





Sunday:  Ten of Bows

Okay, good thing you indulged yourself yesterday because today you need the fuel to go for the big goals.  The Moon is opposite Pluto, square Venus and Mars is opposite Saturn.  You’ve got a learning curve to navigate.  What’s a more appropriate way to express all your feelings, including anger and frustration?  Keep in mind that anger has a job to do.  It draws a line and says respect my boundary here.  Where does your anger need to be let into the conversation in a healthy way to stand firm against challenges?   Ten’s are an empowered one and this fiery ten asks you where can you take responsibility how you protect yourself and also understand where others may be doing the same.  Healthy strength doesn’t look for a fight or run from one.  It simply states the truth even if it is difficult to say or hear.  Show up for that today and you’ll impress yourself with the results you gain.  With responsibility comes power, the power to fashion life more to your taste no matter what obstacles are thrown in your path.

Take Action:  Spend 10 minutes at the end of the day to review your anger(or lack of it) and where it works for you and where it works against you.

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