Daily Tarot 1/2-8 Mercury Retrograde and Pluto Shake It Up

Happy 2017!  Many are glad to leave the challenging 2016 behind and it’s good to look forward to a happy New Year.  We have a relationship year in the offing.  So no matter what, your relationships will be very different at the end of this next year – better than you knew to ask for even.

However that promise comes with work and you may wind up be very glad it does.  It’s the things you put your heart and soul into, work at and invest in that feel so incredibly gratifying when you they come to be.  It’s harder to take them for granted or forget what you have when there has been effort in the achieving of it.

Be prepared for some inner work that begins this week!  We have a couple different days that are full to overflowing with aspects and potential for drama.  Remember that drama is a coping mechanism when you don’t feel prepared to own the feelings and deal with them yet.  So instead we get a big story going that puts things out away from us or out of our control.

You have a chance to shift that this week ahead.  Tuesday and Thursday both have a potential for emotionally charged days.  Feel your way through, act in accordance with all of you rather than the impulse of a moment.  You may want to be sure you have’t caught the drama fever first.  The cards will help.

Of course there is also the 12 Month New Year Reading with Lisa and you get the bonus of having this Daily Tarot sent to you a week at a time along with it.  See what’s in store for you this coming year.  We have already had a few of the most promising year ahead readings I’ve had in quite a while.  Could yours be one of them?  Book yours here to see what’s in store for you this coming year.  Where will your relationships feel the effects?

Okay, now on to the week ahead!



Card of the Week – The Sun

Well from here until June 21st each day brings more and more light to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.  It’s always a reminder that no matter how difficult things may seem, tomorrow holds the possibility for a brighter day.  Gradually things change and this card reminds you to find the gentle, relentless strength within you to bring light to anything you may encounter.  We have a lot going on this week and this card promises optimism, warmth, and eventual success to crown your efforts.  How’s that for a great way to start the New Year!  Your personal power is what is going to expand this year and in doing that it will positively affect all your relationships.  Trust the path, take it step by step when you aren’t sure and leap when you feel called to be brave.  It will all be okay…







Day One:  Four of Stones

This is the perfect card for the aspects today.   With Moon, Mars and Neptune you could feel a lot more vulnerable today.  Thanks to a Mercury Pallas connection you have greater insight into how to handle the emotional exposure and instead of being prickly defensive, you can self soothe and then be strong for yourself in a combination that opens up rich conversations to heal.  Recognize that your vulnerability is your strength not your weakness when you share those soft spots with people you trust.  Don’t expect perfection in their response.  That’s the young place in us that wanted perfect parenting and didn’t get it.  Instead know the two of you can create something better, stronger, safer together.

Take Action:  Tell at least one trusted person how you are really feeling today.  It’s good practice!







Day Two:  The Seer

Well, this couldn’t be more on point with six planets (and asteroids) in Pisces, the most mystical sign of the zodiac. You have an easier time picking up on what’s going on around you because with Neptune and the Moon in the mix – you’re swimming in unconscious waves.  You can thank Saturn for making it uncomfortable, but only so you experience what it feels like to rescue yourself from drowning.  You’ve got everything you require to feel and then to handle it yourself.  So when the emotional tidal waves, your own or another’s crash in on you be prepared with the life preserver and use it to get back to higher ground.  You are only at the mercy of your feelings if you let yourself be.  By plugging into the flow and managing it you start to see where good insight from ‘tuning in’ is worth the waves.

Take Action:  Don’t waste effort flailing around for long in watery feelings today.  Instead know whatever simple action you take is your life preserver.  Do one thing… then do another…then one more.  You’ll be high and dry in no time.






Day Three:  Two of Arrows

Well, today you are going to have your mind in the mix trying to get you to step back from all those feelings you’ve been deluged by recently.  With Mercury Retrograde square the moon you have to change how you interpret how you interpret information.  Receive input with your heart first, then use your mind to help bring balance (notice her scales) to all the emotion you are swimming in after yesterday.  It’s your job to sort out what’s true for YOU.  Just because someone else interprets things one way does not mean it’s the whole truth or the only truth.  What’s true will always make you feel lighter, shoulders back, happier.  A lie almost always causes you to contract, feel bad, have your stomach tense even if the other person believes what they see and say.  Know it’s not true for you.

Take Action:  Let your body decide what the Truth is versus what’s false today.  Tune in and feel your way through it.








Day Four:  The Woodward

Whew, with Moon square Pluto you are going to have something from the underbelly come up to the light to heal.  Remember the Sun as our Card of the week.  With Sun and Strength you can see what you have been afraid to look at up until now and deal with it in a much more effective manor.  It’s going to reveal your part in what’s happening.  After all, you are the adult, nothing is happening to you more than it’s happening for you.  Shift how you deal with it, interpret it, understand it and it will stop being the nasty rotting stink of hidden fear and instead be strength to bless anything you do.  Jupiter is going to dial up the emotion so you can’t miss what you feel, then it’s your job to put in on firm foundation rather than letting it rock you.  With Moon trine Saturn by day’s end, you’ll get there and be proud of yourself for tackling it.

Take Action:  When the moment hits, recognize it as emotional housecleaning that one closet you shove thing in an never look at.  The longer you’ve been stuffing, the bigger the cleanup.  So get to it… it will feel so good when you are done!





Day Five:  The World

See I told you you’d feel better!  The whole world opens up for you after this weeks efforts.  Well done you.  You can celebrate having a world of choice, that still keeps you connected to the past while reaching high in the sky for unknown limits.  Stretch out, enjoy the view and know you’ve earned it.  In the Wildwood Tarot it talks about a ‘long process or learning, responsibility and rebirth it is now time to bathe in the light of renewal, attainment and personal triumph.’  Can’t say it much better than that, especially with the Sun as our card of the week, right?  The Sun is Conjunct Pluto today so it’s a chance to feel your power.  Be careful with all that oomph though.  You don’t want to bowl others over when you don’t know your own strength.

Take Action:  Take a bow, you deserve it!  Well done you…








Day Six:  Queen of Stones

This Queen is about abundance you can see, touch, taste and managing those resources wisely.  This is not a jump in and go card.  Instead today is about slow steady progress towards a big goal with wonderful support along the way for you.  Remember attitude impacts so very much indeed!  There’s a call to share the good fortune when this Queen shows up. Be generous with others, in heart mind and spirit as much as in body.  There is more than enough to go around.  Enjoy your good fortune and share it with those you love.  Venus is conjunct the South Node so it can be easy to attract in what you most desire.  But be prepared to also see where your desires have shifted and changed.  Nothing is wrong, now your ideas about harmony and pleasure include more than you expected.  Adjust to the changes slowly and let them please you more than unnerve you.

Take Action:  Pick at least one person today to share your bounty with – in whatever way they most require.  Perhaps uninterrupted listening is the best possible gift.  Or a judgement free zone for the day.  Go ahead, you’ll feel so good when you do.






Day Seven:  Seven of Stones

This card speaks to me of the Saturn Chiron square we have going on with a sense of timing being important.  Saturn in hard aspect asks you to check in to where you have spent too little or too much time focusing on the wound.  Today is your Goldilocks space, what’s ‘just right’ for you.  Spend too much time on that pesky raw place where you’ve been hurt or damaged and all you feel is powerless and miserable.  Spend too little time there and you rob yourself of precious energy and resources born of learning from those pain points rather than keeping them stuffed in the proverbial closet.   So with a little help from Uranus and Venus you can see today where you need to adjust focus on your wound and move forward with better balance for healing.  Feel your way.  Healing comes through feeling and then choosing how to express what you feel.

Take Action:  Count up the number of conversations, books, shows, videos you’ve taken in about self improvement.  Too many and you can add in a bit more experience rather than knowledge.  Too little?  Then it’s time to rip that bandaid off and let some light in for healing.  Then blow yourself a kiss for that ouwie.


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