Daily Tarot 12/26-1/1 Mars And A Healing New Moon

We have a New Moon at 7 degrees Capricorn with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all huddled up together to give us some backbone to stick to changes made and help us branch out even more.

Saturn squares Chiron, and Uranus goes direct, bringing this quote from Word Virus to mind. ‘We are Stars wrapped in skin – the light you are looking for has always been within.’    We can see our wound and it is healing, bit by bit.

We make our world safer every day (a very Capricorn concern) when we decide what is in our best interest and do it.  More than doers, first you are the decider.  So this week, See how far you’ve come in the last five months that Uranus has been retrograde.  Where are you so much more in command of your world now?  I know you’ve made progress…

Create your own story, one that makes you feel good about yourself and the world you live in.  It feels better and it’s just as likely to be true as any other.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and the best of the Magic Season to you and yours.

Card of the Week:  The Ancestor

With a pile up in Capricorn this new Moon, I was intrigued by the Ancestor in the Wildwood Tarot.  In traditional Tarot there is a sense of church and state that goes with the authority of the card.  But Wildwood harks back to the law of nature that existed long before courts and governments came on the scene.  It reminds us there is primal rhythm within us that governs survival and evolution.  For this week, be willing to question anything outside of you that clashes with the inner authority in you.  Rather than anarchy, simply be open to a path that includes a mix of tradition and the evolving you.  Nothing stays the same.  So as you change, check in to be sure you are putting more of your gut instincts in the mix for the final decisions.






Day One:   Queen of Vessels

This Queen symbolizes good fortune and success.  That’s the promise of this card, but the caution is to work on managing emotions, which can get out of hand.  Given the astrology today has Uranus opposite Jupiter, be prepared for good fortune that comes through emotionally charged situations.  Keep your wits about you and you could get some extraordinary insights served up in unusual ways.  Feelings are better when they flow, so don’t bottle them up like a sneeze that blows your eardrums.  But at the same time be mindful not to spray them all over others.

Take Action:  Remember the Breath of Love today.  Use it as needed…






Day Two:  Seven of Bows (Reversed)

With the Moon and Venus in unsettling aspects today, the Seven of Bows reversed is perfect.  You are likely to be in unfamiliar territory, one that requires courage in relationships.  So before you charge in to clear a path through any obstruction, get the real 411 on what’s going on.  It may save you some time, trouble and possibly some embarrassment as well.  Stand up for yourself, just do it by investigating first and firing off a round only if needed.  Sometimes the best demonstration of strength is reserve in using it prematurely.

Take Action:  Today’s action is to check your facts and beliefs before acting on anything.  You may thank me later for that warning…







Day Three Three of Arrows

Bummer, my friend.  This card typically heralds some tears and delays.  But factor in the Saturn Chiron aspects today to get the full picture.  Old wounds may be near the surface or outright triggered. This approaching New Moon is clustered in Capricorn which brings up the mother/father dynamic in all of us.  (Moon = Mother, Capricorn = Father).  It’s a day of seeing where you didn’t feel safe, you didn’t feel loved and grieving for the pain of that. You’ve got support astrologically to move through this with some ease.  It’s time to heal…

Take Action:  Grief needs a ritual so why not give yourself one to feel better.






Day Four:  The Green Woman

Sweet relief after yesterday, The Green Woman brings abundance, options, support, richness and bounty with her.  Enjoy all the luxury that comes your way – not just of material goods.  There is a surplus of loving friends, creative options, insights, fun memories and so much more swept in as Uranus goes direct in Aries.   Since last July 29th it’s been retrograde giving us personal insights and awareness.  Now as it goes forward again, you bring all of that with you on the journey.  Bonanza! With the Capricorn Moon square Pluto, this expansion can cause shock waves.  Be aware – you can’t put the genie back in the bottle, but then why would you?

Take Action:  Spend a few minutes tracking back over the last five months checking your progress with milestones.  I’ll bet you have more than one.






Day Five:  Five of Vessels

This is the card of contradictions again.  In traditional Tarot this card is sadness and grief over a possible break up.  In this deck it’s called ecstasy.  In case you don’t recall, the way I make sense of it is to say when you put a lid on one emotion, you numb out all emotions to the same level.  So if you wish to experience the highest emotional peaks you must be able to let grief flow as well.  Particularly with Chiron Saturn contact we’ve seen this week, the old wound may need another day of grieving to wash it clean to heal.  So don’t fear the tears today.  There’s joy on the other side waiting for you.

Take Action:  Do whatever lets your emotions flow today.  If you need help, watch a sad movie (or commercial if your pressed for time) and let it rip.






Day Six:  Knight of Vessels

New Year’s Eve and this heart felt Knight – what a great combination.  Look for love to show up, coming to you, knocking on your door tonight.  In some way, you will receive an encouraging message from the Universe to help you act in service of your heart’s desire.  Be open to the loving invitation, it may surprise you with Uranus in the mix, and then act on it.  Be brave, be bold and you will feel loved.  What better way to wrap up the old year and begin a New One.

Take Action:  Take one step, one action step not to ‘get’ love but to share it tonight.  No expectations, just feel it and pass it on – then watch your energy shift!




Day Seven:  Page of Vessels

Sweet, sweet, sweet this page following yesterday’s Knight.  So today the process is more internal but be on the look out for a happy surprise as well.  With Moon Sextile Uranus first, then trine Jupiter, then finally sextile Saturn as the day wears on, you have a chance get a kinder, gentler conversation going with yourself that then shows up out in the world.  What a wonderful tone to set for 2017.  Happy New Year!!

Take Action:  Whatever makes you feel good today, do some of that!  Here’s to your best year yet!

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