Daily Tarot 12/19-25 Mercury Retrograde, Solstice And Holidays

The winds of change are sweeping through Los Angeles right now and the visibility is spectacular.  Which is at odds with the astrology for the coming week. We just aren’t going to get a clear view of how things are going to turn out – because we have our own part to play in it all.

Mercury goes retrograde on Monday and meets up with Pluto during this phase to shake up how we see and say things.  Mercury is the messenger of the Gods and connects all the dots.  Not just the ones we like, but all of them.  In Capricorn we are being asked to revisit old stories about the good father versus bad father personally and globally.

Pluto and Mercury are here to show us where the need for security in our lives drove a bad bargain.  Our founding father Ben Franklin stated:  “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

This next three weeks particularly is going to show you where you gave up your freedom to choose, believe, create a world you really can enjoy to feel safe in the moment for a little temporary security that isn’t really secure.  The more committed to short term safety you’ve opted for, the more uncomfortable you are going to be.

But at the end of it, you will be free of some of your fears around the risks in life and your ability to handle them.  Trust this passage… there is a great deal of light on the other end of the tunnel.

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P.S.  The card write up and the video contain some different information. There’s too much to either write or put in video without making it an epic.  Enjoy!



Card of the Week:  The Wheel

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016It’s a fateful week with the Wheel as are Card of the Week.  Nothing remains the same and the twist of fate that brings good fortune can turn and see it slip away.  It also says that no struggle lasts forever and all things do shift and change.  So the wisdom is in being present and powerful in any given moment.  No matter what the list of ingredients are, you have the ability to cook up something nourishing.  Some will be more to your liking than others but it all feeds you.  So this week let the turns of fate show you how to weather the twists of fortune – up or down, good or bad.  It’s all for you to shape into a life you’ve had a hand in creating.  Nothing is happening to you – this card says ‘no victims here’ because all are subject to the same unstoppable force that is life.  Let the sharp moments or the cool moments add flavor instead of suffering.  Life truly is a banquet and you are both preparing it and indulging in it.  Bon Appetit!






Day One:  The Sun Reversed

Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn today, conjunct Pluto the Sun reversed signals rapid changes served up in terms of who you consider your authority today.  Mars in peace loving Pisces hooks us into the collective so changes take place both globally as well as personally to shake things up.  The Sun card is gradual change so the reversal means rapid change that calls out the shadow to be revealed.  Prepare for news that rattles the Patriarchy with echoes that take a while to reach their full circle.  It may be hard to make sense out of what is happening today because we only see the beginning of it.  Time reveals the full extent of where you are required to take back your own authority from any ‘bad father’ stereotype today and how you personally decide to be your own best authority.

Take Action:  Realize You are the Patriarch in your own life and notice where you may have put others in that place of the good (or bad) Father figure.






Day Two:  Queen of Arrows

This Queen stands alone today without major astrological aspects.  Know that while you are shaking up the internal understanding of the ‘bad father’ stereotype that goes with this Mercury Retrograde it then falls on the internal mother to help you feel you are up to the task.  The warning with this card is not to retreat to the cool mental and detached place, a masculine version of the feminine in order to balance the patriarchal shake up. After all, without mother or father we die as infant humans.  We are dependent in the extreme.  Don’t turn your inner authorities into bullies in a mistaken belief that this is strength.  Wisdom and discernment are excellent qualities of this Queen. Just be sure to add heart in the mix for the best results.

Take Action:  Harness the 10,000 foot view of this card today and then step back in to the feeling of how odd this may be to rework the inner mother and father while the world is in apparent chaos.





Day Three:  Knight of Bows

I love the language of the Wildwood Tarot on this card, especially today.  It calls for ‘leaving old ways behind’.  The Knights are the action part of us and this one is the bravest of them all.  So today you are being given extra courage to confront your fears, the challenges in the world and meet them.  You are more than ready and capable of handling what comes.  You have help, and with the Mars Pluto semi-square you cannot repeat the old without suffering.  So choose a new path when you find yourself uncomfortable.  Uncertainty is likely more appealing than staying stuck in the old discomfort.  You may be happily surprised at what the fresh vista offers you as a bonus.

Take Action:  Go ahead, take a risk today – do it differently.  Then inspire a loved one to do the same…






Day Four:  Two of Bows

Ah, now today you have very specific instructions with this two.  I want you to balance the ‘shoulds’ with the ‘I want to’s’.  You must have a little of both and this is the day to practice integrating the nurturing feminine side of you with the practical masculine side of you.  This Mercury retrograde is all about upending the imbalance of the 600 year old Patriarchy so when you are replacing the old patterns of outside authority it is imperative that you pay attention to what fills in that space.  This two is a reminder that out of little decisions big habits grow.  So today include both the sweet and the salt to your experience.  If you benefit from a little will power reinforcement, then ask a friend.  Or maybe they are the ones reminding you to mix a little play into the work realm today.  Decide you want both and make that a small step on a long road ahead that feels both good and strong.

Take Action:  Don’t bother measuring how much of each you have, just be sure to include some play with some responsibility today.  They are equally important!



Day Five:  Ten of Bows

Wow, today is a powerful day to get those stretch goals out, dust them off and take the first few steps towards making them happen.  You have astrological help to make it about as easy as a big job can be.  With ten being an empowered one and fire being intuitive vision – dream big and share it with some one today.  Fire requires fuel and that’s praise, applause, recognition and respect. Fire is also the gift of the Gods to mankind and it’s meant to be shared.  Wherever you are, whatever you do today, the best use of this energy is to expand on what you have in your life now with a vision that fuels you, makes you feel excited and just a little (or a lot) nervous at moving into uncharted territory.  What you see has something to offer the world.

Take Action:  Write your goals down, tell a friend, dream big and let it out today.  It’s not a day for keeping it to yourself, even if you start by writing it down.  It’s meant to have form wrapped around your big dreams so it can enter the world.






Day Six:  Six of Stones

In traditional Tarot this is one of the Karma cards, the repayment of past kindnesses coming back to you.  In the Wildwood Tarot it focuses on where things are out of balance and need adjusting.  Give and receive are vital to maintain the ecology of individuals and the whole.  After all, where would you be without both an in breath and out breath?  What’s brilliant about the astrology today is that we have Uranus and Saturn trine.  So it mixes new beginnings with the planet of long lasting change.  What a great combination for today especially.  Take a good look at your pattern of giving and receiving.  Not just gifts, although that is appropriate today.  But what about an exchange of feelings, thoughts, beliefs and actions.  It’s a good time to move some of the pieces around and try on another way of giving and receiving.  There’s a greater harmony to be found when you tune in to that today.

Take Action:  Be in gratitude today for all that you give and all that you receive.  It is an abundant world!  Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you too!





Day Seven:  Two of Vessels

What a lovely card for this wonderful day!  And it’s the second two this week.  Two two’s mean separate ways and how appropriate given this week’s astrology.  The old path of the masculine and feminine being at war is winding down.  Instead there is an opportunity to work together, harmonize and it is driven by the passion for creation at the heart of this two.  Don’t underestimate the fires of desire being a good tool to help move you in new directions.  It’s persuasion rather than force, seduction rather than direct orders – who wouldn’t be more interested in listening when that’s the way change is served up?  So with your big goals this week, your trying on new ways of seeing and being your own best authority, share these passionate new beginnings with another.


Take Action:  So, with your big goals this week, your trying on new ways of seeing and being your own best authority, share these passionate new beginnings with another.

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