Daily Tarot 12/12 – 18th Full Moon Shakes Up Status Quo

Wow, what a full moon my friend!  Expect the unexpected around this Super Moon.  Nothing quiet or simple.  Your fear will show it’s face – integrating your shadow is definitely going be a rich opportunity.

You have lots of help, so don’t be too frightened.  If you are, talk to those you trust and watch the light of friendship or love shrink any dark corners.  This week has some sweet surprises along with tests of mental strength.  Remember, picture the visual of a baby learning to walk.  A whole new world opens up for you, but it can be tiring so do take time to rest and integrate all that happens this week.  Don’t worry about a stumble or two, you’ll be running in no time.

This week with all the heavy planets in the mix look for some big changes.  But you’ve got this now.  The worst is over so bring your sense of adventure along and see how that changes whatever happens this week.

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Okay, on to the week ahead – one day at a time!  Bon voyage…


Here’s your video.  Hate to burst your bubble but I cover some things in the video and some in the write up.  To get the full picture check out both!


Card of the Week:  Six of Arrows

6 arrows

This six is a long sigh of relief.  You aren’t safely at the dock yet but the storm is behind you and it’s been a gale since this September’s eclipses.  We have some work to do yet, with Mercury retrograde and the solstice next week but meanwhile, you’ve got a good mental grip on what lies in front of you and a sense of yourself from what you’ve just been through.  So sail on into the wind, take your exploring mind with you and see it all for the grand adventure life really is.  After all the bumps, twists and turns in life add flavor.  It’s the story we tell ourselves about those twists that make us so miserable – more than what’s happening does!  So let go of the old limiting beliefs.  This week is all about new beginnings based on you trusting yourself.  You’ve got this…







Day One:  Two of Stones

2 of bows

Okay with Neptune squaring off with the Moon later today we are going to see where our own individual needs come up agains the collectives wants and needs.  This is not to have you sacrifice yourself or demand the world accommodate you.  Instead it’s to work out the rhythm of how to plug in both for a fuller picture of what’s out there.  We’ve got help from the Sun (our ego) which requires proper acknowledgement so that it doesn’t try to take over the show.  We all need to know we belong and then we need to know we stand out from the crowd.  Those two competing needs are hard wired into our brain for survival and evolution.  Today is a new layer of how to make those two work together.  Now just throwing dirt on top of fire puts it out, but baking dirt in fire can give you bricks that last centuries.  See the picture?  Put together a good combination today and you build lasting foundations for a life with much more of the good stuff in it!

Take Action:  Notice where your needs are at odds with the world today.  Just observe before you act.  Picture those places like the visual above.  Where can you make bricks that last with any potential conflict today?





Day Two:  The Seer


Hello full moon!  We not only have Sun and moon opposing each other and lighting up the battle between security needs and ego, but we have the Moon opposing Saturn on on top of it all.  Now we do have Mars with some help so today it’s about seeing how our actions reveal some deeper truths.  Whenever Saturn is in the mix timing is key.  No hurried results with Father time in here, instead it can be something that’s been a long time coming you’ve prepared for that you can finally see is coming to be.  You are your own highest authority on you.  Period.   Your actions today will help show you the new structure you are creating that will take you a long way into the future as well.  No accident The Seer is the card for this Super Moon.  Observe, observe, observe.  Be curious about you, about those around you.  Today you can really ‘see’ and understand in a much more powerful way.  One that has you in the driver’s seat and NOT as a passenger in someone else’s car.

Take Action:  Take a five minute break today no matter what and review your day like a movie in slow motion.  Set the intention to ‘see what you normally don’t see’.  Then watch and be amazed at what reveals itself.





Day Three:  Five of Arrows

5 of Arrows

Well this pesky five comes on a day when there is a lot of astrological support.  So what it says to me is that as you gain forward traction there is a part of you that still won’t be satisfied with the pace of it all.  Or perhaps it’s some friction with the people you are spending time with causing you frustration.  Every body is feeling the effects of the big outer planet shifts so realize that there are a lot of long emotional toes, including your own, out there in vulnerable positions.  So a little kindness for your own frustration and sympathy for others can go a long way today.  With Mars in the picture you have to be the change, not just speak it or believe it.  Your actions are required and that may be the source of frustration.  After all, the body moves so much slower than a thought… right?

Take Action:  Put one new belief into action today.  Don’t worry about which one, just do it.  Something that says you own your own power and act from that place.







Day Four:  Queen of Stones

Queen Stones

This grounded monarch promises you the right attitude will take you all the way home today.  With Moon Pluto opposition, you are going to be challenged, so how you deal with it is up to you.  With Moon Jupiter square it could get really blown out of proportion quickly if you don’t bring the ‘right attitude’ to whatever happens.  Stay centered.  Feel your own strength.  Nothing is happening to you, it’s happening for you.  This card promises rich rewards for keeping your cool under pressure or remembering you are your own authority.  No one or nothing can take that away from you.  So keep that in mind as you roll through the day and you will quietly plow through any opposition or adjustments that need to happen without misusing your power.

Take Action:  Today your mantra is creation rather than reaction.  Whatever happens, even if you start out reacting to a person or situation, you will simple shift into knowing that you can take all those ingredients in the day and whip up something masterful with it.  Just watch…






Day Five:  The Guardian
The GuardianThe moon is finally quiet today after a week of being lit up on almost all sides.  So it’s the perfect day to take time and integrate your light into the shadow.  One of my favorite teachers explained that the light can’t integrate the darkness.  Instead it is darkness that must integrate light!  So today you have to be willing to see and not shrink from those dark places in you or the world around you.  When you are strong enough to look on it, then you can see where the light must be brought in order to dispel those murky corners.  Nothing less than surrender of the old to transformation is required here.  All things end.  What is ending can ultimately help nourish that which is coming to be.  Like autumn leaves falling to the earth provide nutrients for the coming spring, today is the same story.  Let this cycle, the one where you didn’t know the extent of your influence and reach, come to an end.  It will help to fuel what comes next.

Take Action:  Rest today.  Whether it’s ten minutes in the car at lunch or a siesta extraordinaire, give yourself a break today and breath.  This card requires some stillness to complete the release.





Day Six:  Nine of Bows



Completion of a cycle is always at hand when a nine shows up.  In perfect keeping with the rest of the week – today you have some strong support to see how far you’ve come and how much you are capable of accomplishing.  With the Moon Uranus opposition, don’t be surprised if you have some ‘aha’ moments today.  Both Saturn and Jupiter are sitting in friendly positions to give you longstanding results – which you can see when you reflect on your progress this week.  Continue to marry actions with intentions, words with deeds and let the harmony of that become a rhythm that others can’t help but catch.  Just be authentically, powerfully you – that’s what today is.  Can I get and amen on that!

Take Action:  Look for an invitation today to help someone, answer a question or simply demonstrate what authenticity looks like.  You’ve got this…






Day Seven:  The Pole Star

Pole Star Daily Tarot
Pole Star Daily Tarot

You are made of the same stuff that makes up stars and today you SHINE.  With Sun sextile Pallas Athene, you begin to see where you can go beyond limited beliefs that had you staying small.  You are magical and life is what you make of it.  So take the raw ingredients at your disposal and be magical with them!  Today is not for ordinary outlooks or mundane tasks unless you team them up with a brilliant new take on how they help you live the life you are meant to live.  The life that exceeds your dreams.  It can happen, you make it happen when you understand that what you do with the ‘now’ is how you get to ‘there’.  Don’t worry if it looks like chaos outside.  That’s where the possibilities are – in the swirling mix of crumbling structures from the outdated and the emerging glimpses of what’s coming to be.  Get your hands in it, observing is for another day.  Today it’s about playing hands on with the possibilities and seeing what happens.

Take Action:  So go out and surpass your own expectations today!  Then do share it… we want to marvel at your magnificence too!


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