Daily Tarot 12/5-11 Mars and Uranus Stir The Pot

Welcome to December, a month that promises to be a little more revolutionary than you may be comfortable with at first.  But you’ll get there.

We start with the good news that Chiron is direct as of 12/1, which means that old wound has a fresh coat of healing on it.  Still, it’s best to treat yourself and others with a dollop of extra kindness.  People are walking around more sensitive than usual.

This week the news is about actions and the ability to put new beliefs and perspective into our everyday activities.  Practice will make perfect the new routine, one based in the bigger and more comprehensive view of the real you.

The cards this week go right along with the transits and both serve up a nice progression from one day to the next building on that learning curve.  Don’t worry if you find yourself lurching about now and then.  It’s appropriate.  You are learning to navigate the bigger you like a baby learning to walk.  You’ll find your stride and this week definitely helps!

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Card of the Week:  The World



Well isn’t this a perfect symbol for a Brave New World this week now that Chiron is direct.  With Mars and Uranus playing nice all week the reality is that actions are going to reveal more to you than almost anything else this week.  You’ll be able to see where your old ideas pinch and squeeze you uncomfortably if you try to do things the same old way.  The new approach is begging for you to take a spin and get it out of first gear.  So trust yourself, slow is better than rushed for sure, but take those steps and watch the ‘aha’ moments light you up.  There is so much waiting for you!






Day One:  Three of Stones

Threes are al3 Stonesways a communication card and this one is the most tangible.  Watch where your words and actions line up today and where they diverge.  Do you catch yourself saying one thing and doing another?  It’s the best report card possible to see these two side by side.  So take advantage of it and see which one feels the most comfortable.  Is your security need making you lean backwards towards the old actions while your words have lept into new ground?  Or are your actions surprising you while you words feel like favorite slippers.  Then again, maybe you find you’ve arrived at that intersection where words and actions are lining up around the bigger view of you.  It’s that kind of a day…

Take Action:  Be an observer of you today, pay attention and see yourself as if you were on a highway.   What mile marker are you rolling past today?



Day Two:  The Shaman

shamanWith the Moon and Neptune conjunct your intuitive self has plenty to offer you today if you tune in to that station on the dial.  With Mars and Uranus still holding hands, your actions can pull back a curtain and show you where you’ve gone further than you even realized.  You can make magic happen today, turn lead into gold, so to speak.  So whatever the situation is, you are going to help make it better.  You’ve got the power.  So have some fun today no matter what’s on offer – it’s just a chance to show the world what you can do!

Take Action:  No matter what crosses your path today, good or bad, take a deep breath and ask yourself ‘how can I add my own brand of magic to make this better’?





Day Three:  Three of Vessels

Three of VesselsAh, the second three this week and it signifies you have a choice!  With this happy three you get to decide how to make the best of the Moon square Saturn aspect that can feel frustrating as your need for security goes up against new demands for freedom from old routines.  There is special emphasis around partnership today so pay attention to how you handle the power struggle within you as structure squares off with innovation, status quo meets resistance with expansion.  Your new to some of this negotiation, so patience goes a long way to helping you and those around you navigate this new space.  You’ll get the hang of it sooner than you think.

Take Action:  If you find yourself reacting to anything, remember you have a choice.  See it from fresh eyes, a beginners mind and watch what happens then.





Day Four:  Six of Bows

6 of bowsThis happy six stands for abundance in the Wildwood Tarot and is the card for victory.  The caution I want to offer today is to win with grace so you don’t pay too high a price for that first prize.  The Moon is square Mercury today so things may come out stronger than you intend them and may also cause more ripples than you anticipate.  So while you have plenty of reason to be happy today, keep this caution in mind to make the most of it.

Take Action:  Do your Victory Dance in private, it may be the wisest choice!






Day Five:  The Green Man

Green ManThis fertile card of masculine power is served up on a day stacked with astrological transits like LAX Airport runways at Thanksgiving.  The Moon moves through the day lighting up most of the heavy hitting planets in easy and hard aspects alike.  So your security needs and fears will light you up unconsciously if you aren’t paying attention.  However, a little tuning in from your wise self will have you commanding the day like the bravest General.  You can handle difficulties with strength and more easily than you knew was possible and then receive credit from those around you by day’s end.  Keep going, you will get to the end of the day and quite possibly feel pretty darn good about it too!

Take Action:  Take a bow, you’ve earned it just for getting to the end of today!





Day Six:  Ace of Bows

Ace BowsYour focused efforts this week pay off today!  Congratulations, you’ve got a fresh start with enthusiasm and possibility packed into it tucked somewhere in today.  Aces always signal a new beginning and Bows are the Fire element of Intuition so notice what inspired thoughts flicker today.  It could be a random conversation or part of an ongoing thread – doesn’t matter.  The difference is this spark can set a really big blaze going in a fresh direction for you.  One that has you setting off on previously unexplored paths.  Don’t get too bogged down in how it will turn out, you can’t predict it from here.  Do your homework on what you need to take with you and then set sail, at least in your mind for now.

Take Action:  Do an inventory of all the talents, resources, connections and skills you have to take with you when you try anything new.  You’ve got quite an asset list there…



Day Seven:  Nine of Stones

Nine of StonesYou did it!  Well done you… this nine reflects standing on firm foundation after an expansive week behind you.  In fact you’ve done well enough to help others who are still moving along their path.  Nothing like sharing the journey to help you see how far you’ve come and have more fun doing it.  That shape shifting moon has made it all the way through the difficult transits this week to land in an easy aspect to Pluto, who always pays off when you face your fears.  You are stronger and wiser now than you were even two days ago, and what’s more you know it.  Knowing your shadow side means you aren’t wasting energy trying to hide it or deny it.  You move a lot faster and farther this way.  I say again, well done you!

Take Action:  Notice how much less energy is sucked up by false judgement of your own or others shadow side.   Still struggling with it?  Ask a friend, you’ll have help today…



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