Daily Tarot 11/21-27th Happy Thanksgiving with Trickster in the Cards

What’s in the cards this week is the promise that even if things don’t feel fair, this very injustice helps motivate you to bring about a better solution because of it.  You discover more of the magic you are capable of wielding.  Grab your wands my friend…

You have power to change things, and change is definitely in the cards this week.  How much you benefit is up to you and how you’ve been using your gifts and abilities this last year.  Ready for your report card?

There are sweet moments hidden inside unlikely places this week and the best part is you seeing a bigger, better view of you – all of you – and how you can make your way ahead.  With Neptune going direct, Jupiter and Pluto squaring off and Venus in the picture this week is packed with small changes that have big ripples.

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Enjoy the cards, the week and here in the United States – Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S.  Stay tuned for a fun black Friday, Cyber Monday special around your Destiny revealed in your fingerprints.  Good things ahead there…


Card of the Week:  Two of Arrows – Injustice

2 arrowsThis two is is about noticing where the scales of justice are NOT balancing.  Where things have been off, unfair, or just plain heavy handed is about to be adjusted in some surprising ways.  This week what provokes your outrage or distaste is going to be stirred up in service of you doing it differently.  With the Thanksgiving Holiday and family time, this is not hard to picture happening.  But on a global scale, this week is about seeing what you know doesn’t work for you and having a beginning sense of what to do differently about it.  Baby steps, this is a little card, but still it’s one that gives you a sense of purpose and direction.  What doesn’t work for you can be addressed and that is your job to do.  It doesn’t promise success but it says that speaking up for yourself in a new way is part of what’s up for you this week.  Ready… don’t worry, you’ve got this!





Day One:  Three of Bows – Fulfillment

3 Bows Bordered

Threes are always about communication and shared ideas abound with this fiery three.  This is also the card that often means your ship is about to come in and you can see it sailing into the harbor. Whew, right?  Let the enjoyment take you on a fun flight of fancy but do remember to ground it with some practical steps.  Get ready for that abundance by doing what’s required to be prepared.

Take Action:  Make your to do list for what you need when something you’ve waited for, worked for comes to be.  It’s about to land, so get ready for it!






Day Two:  Two of Bows – Decision

Two of Bows

This is the second two and this means separating paths.  With Chiron in the mix today, in order to really heal you must leave something or someone behind.  It’s going to be easier than you fear, just not easy.  But you are ready for this.  It’s like outgrowing a pair of shoes.  You can’t keep going in that mindset or relationship without some important but small changes or you are going to be increasingly uncomfortable.  So find someone you trust and let them help you step forward in a new direction.  The sadness of the goodbye will be balanced with the excitement about what is coming in to your life.

Take Action:  Visualize sending whatever is coming to an end being a ship you send out from the dock where you stand waiting for the new ship to come in.  See both what is leaving and what is coming for you.




Day Three:  Four of Vessels – Boredom


Any time you get a four you are being invited or directed to get things on a firm foundation.  We have two cards that are twos now leading into a four, where are you disengaged from what you really want either out of defensiveness or fear of risk?  Sometimes having injustice is a way to trigger a knowing about what really is important to you. This card and the astrology today ask you where are you willing to show up for what you want?  When you are willing to risk your heart for what matters to you, boredom is impossible.

Take Action:  What are your top three priorities in life?  Can you list them?






Day Four:  Page of Vessels – Happy Thanksgiving


Page of VesselsThis sweet card signals an inner care system that is young but powerful at showing up for what you feel and want in a new way.  Perfect for today.  With Jupiter and Pluto squaring off, real change is possible in moving in new directions, doing things differently.  Like dropping the end of the rope in whatever emotional tug-of-war you’ve been doing, you can simply choose to do it differently.  It’s a little scary but oh so empowering to just choose to take care of your needs in a way that’s not embattled or confrontational but loving.  And when you do so you show others how to do the same.  Model the change you wish to see and watch the ripples travel out in the water.

Take Action:  Be a role model for healthy emotional self-care expressed through your actions today.  If you need a time out, take one.  If you need to disagree, do so lovingly.  Take care of you with compassion and show others how it’s done.




Day Five:  The Wheel – Change of Fortune

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016The Wheel always, always, always signals change is at hand.  Be prepared for a shift and with Jupiter, Pluto and Venus in the mix it can be big rewards for where you’ve showed up to do the scary changes this last year.  If you haven’t been willing to face those shadows, hello cosmic shift.  Be prepared to see what the energy is you’ve put out into the world come back to you.  If you are getting challenged, be willing to face your shadows with loving courage and adjust what you are doing.  If you are being rewarded, receive with an open heart, enjoy the abundance and letting the good fortune overflow to those around you.

Take Action:  Notice where you are rewarded today.  This is your excellence and worth your attention!



Day Six:  The Shaman – Magic 

shamanAh, one of my favorite cards for today.  This is the absolute certainty that you will be surprised today.  Something you thought was one way will be revealed another way.  If you are willing to play along and trust that whatever is offered up is going to benefit you in the long run, then surprising twists and turns will be fun.  Like a roller coaster that has steep climbs followed by dizzying drops life can be exciting and compelling with the right attitude or approach!  Watch the enemy become and ally, watch the missed opportunity be replaced with a better one.  All that is required today is that sense of adventure and eyes to see.  Go turn lead into gold today… You have the magic!

Take Action:  Take one situation you don’t like and picture it turning around and being the best thing that could have happened to you.  Go ahead, make it an Oscar worthy visualization.




Day Seven:  Page of Bows – Believe

Page of BowsWe follow up yesterday’s card of magic with the one that asks you do you believe in Magic?  Believing IS seeing in this case.  When you edge out the fears and criticisms with optimistic eyes, things feel better and resources you didn’t realize you had can come into view.  Today is about balancing any dismay or disappointment over things not being what you want with knowing that this is just an invitation to make it something more.  Where can you have a hand in creating something delicious with the ingredients you have in hand?  Don’t waste more time wishing you had a different list of options, play with the ones you have and watch how much you are capable of.

Take Action:  Believe you have the power to shift things today, have more fun with the process and see the results!










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