Daily Tarot 11/14-20 Super Moon Endings, Beginnings

We have an epic Super Moon Monday at 5:52am with a theme of what we consider valuable, the power it has over us and what nurtures us and feeds us.  While this Taurus Moon rules the material things we have to comfort us, shelter us, nurture us – the Scorpio Sun reminds us all things shift and change.  Nothing remains exactly the same.

How are you doing the big or small endings and beginnings in your world is the question this week.  And the Astrology and cards say slowly, slowly learn to release some things to make space for the new.

Our minds may seem to change in a flash but our bodies, our physical world moves at a slower pace.  Get to know your own particular rhythm for change this week.  It helps maintain balance in a world shifting in all kinds of interesting ways.

Where do you require more compassion?  Where do you require more courage?  Whatever is your weak spot will most likely show its face for you to help balance and gain strength.

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Card of the Week:  The Woodward

WoodwardThis card is perfect for this coming week.  I’m going to quote straight from the Wildwood Tarot book on this one, you’ll see why:  Through adversity or the process of rebalancing in life, we find courage within ourselves that flows from an unknown source.  Sometimes that courage has to do with facing unavoidable truth or dealing with a person or problem that no amount of physical confrontation or emotional bravery will resolve.”  You simply learn to move through it with an inner strength that develops like a muscle.  The image in traditional Tarot is a woman gentling a lion.  Confrontation breeds confrontation.  This card speaks to gentle persuasion, inner fortitude and some grace that tames the wild beast.  Whether that raging beast is within or without, you have the ‘strength’ to tame it.  See where persuasion works instead of confrontation this week.





Day One – Page of Stones:

Page of StonesThe Astrology and the cards today point to an inner state of reflection before you act.  For this Super Moon, be deliberate today rather than reactionary.  Get curious and spend some time getting to know why you believe what you do, what your habits and patterns reveal to you.  It’s time to let go, and it’s only in quality time focused on you that you can shape the ending.  Make it harder or easier – it’s up to you.  But a pause before you act has a good chance of making it easier.  Don’t worry, the new always follows the old.  Put your inner state on a firm foundation and let the full moon help you transition gracefully if not easily.

Take Action:  Plant a seed today, literally or metaphorically.  Decide on what it is you want to grow in your life and let the promise of that help balance what you let go of.




Day Two – Nine of Bows:

Today requires you take command of your internal weather.  The astrology has strong emotions stirred up and wallowing in too much drama or demanding too harsh of discipline will have you in the stormy sea instead of on dry land.  Nine’s are teacher numbers and this one promises that you can see a better way ahead with a good mix of belief and action in good combination.  So apply your mental discipline to emotions but allow for optimism within that structured approach to get it just right.  That’s the ticket.  Now you can make good progress today!

Take Action:  If you feel it yourself or encounter it in another, give emotions a container today.  Picture all those feelings in a house or on a train sight seeing as you take in more information.




Day Three – King of Vessels:

King of VesselsThis King is taking mental charge of his watery world.  I see this King as the smaller application of the Magician’s power.  Using the logical, active force of the King in the intuitive, receptive world of vessels can blend the best of both to turn situations to your advantage.  Something in your world can be turned around for you today.  Receive good inspiration or information and then act on it and you can see the results. Shadow side means you use reason to justify a bigger than needed emotional response.  Results there, not so pleasant.  Up to you which way you go.

Take Action:  Pick on situation today to demonstrate your particular magic on and watch it shift.  Go ahead, waive that magic wand of intuitive action and see what happens!




Day Four – Knight of Vessels:

Knight of Vessels

The Knights always represent movement and this one is heartfelt, creative and in some decks is the marriage proposal card.  It is continuing the theme of masculine action combined with feminine feelings.  So notice where you can expand your efforts from yesterday to make choices and act in a way that pulls in both your feelings and your logic.  Water takes the shape of its container so choose what shape you want your emotions to have by the actions that they inspire and fill up.

Take Action:  Do something that absolutely delights you today.  One heartfelt, joy inspiring, wonderful thing for you or someone you love.




Day Five – Ten of Stones:

Ten StonesThis ten is coming home to the place inside of you that knows you can handle life, knows you have people who love you, knows you are safe even in difficult circumstances. It is the protection of an inner and outer community that you know you are connected to in good and bad times.  Today’s astrology speaks to a deep nurturing energy that is important when times are turbulent.  In order to be strong in the world you must have somewhere you are fed and sustained at heart.  Today is the day for that.  Don’t get too caught up in logic or making sense of things.  This is more a senses kind of day.  Comfort food, clothes, activities all help to give you that firm foundation to face the world.

Take Action:  Give yourself a total indulgence today.  What makes you feel cozy and pampered.  Time off?  Binge watching Netflix?  Chocolate fix?  Just do it…



Day Six –  Five of Vessels:

5 vesselsOkay in traditional Tarot this is the sorrow and loss card.  It reveals a choice between what is lost and what is still left to you.  Often it can signify a break up of some kind.  In this deck it symbolizes ecstasy.  I’ve explained in the past that how I blend the two interpretations is that you cannot put a damper on what you don’t want to feel (sorrow, loss, heartbreak) without also numbing your capacity for joy.  Today is a good day to grieve for what is lost.  Emotions take ten minutes roughly to travel our nervous system.  Once you let them flow you can release them to allow happiness a place as well.  Today it’s about clearing out the emotional pipeline so the good can flow as well as the bad.

Take Action: Schedule ten minutes and let yourself feel it, whatever it is.  Rage, grief, pain, sorrow, loss.  Ten minutes gives you a beginning a middle and an end.  Release.



Day Seven – The Sun (Reversed)

Sun BorderedWow, the astrology and the cards line up today!  With Uranus in the picture it’s a lightning bolt of clarity that you can look for.  The Sun speaks to gradual change.  With it upended there will be the shadow to contend with, what we don’t like to see.  But along with that shadow side of us or our world there will also be shockingly sudden change that flips a big spotlight on something important.  Make space and time for quality alone time today if you can.  When it’s an opportunity for this big an ‘aha’ you may want to be grounded for it.  Or if it feels right to have a friend, they may help usher in that conversation that flips that switch.

Take Action:  Plant your bare feet on the ground today and take three deep breaths.  Feel your connection to this planet, millions of years old.  Know you are supported in change.





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