Daily Tarot 11/7-13 Super Tuesday

We are gearing up for a SuperMoon on Nov. 14th, the closest to the Earth for another 18 years and we have Super Tuesday in site here in the United States.  Emotions and tensions are running high.

The Astrology has the old masculine/feminine divide in a metaphorical blender mixing it all up in most interesting ways.  What comes out of it has yet to be seen.  But I can promise you this, nothing will be decided in a clear cut or straightforward manner immediately.

I’ll bet you find that feelings don’t listen to logic this week, but they do require balancing; as too much of either the practical or the idealistic will be brought up short.

All in all, it’s a week to check yourself before things get out of hand.  Watch those worries.  You’ll find life has a funny way of working out, even in what looks like chaos.

Here’s your Video Recap along with the write up.  Enjoy…



Card of the Week:  Nine of Arrows

9 of ArrowsWhat a perfect card of the week for this week – Dedication is the Wildwood Tarot’s definition and I always call this the needless worry.  Make no mistake about it, the fear can feel all too real.  But when you are afraid there is a monster in the closet, all you require is to shine a little light too see that it’s just a shirt.  Nothing deadly lurks there, but boy can your mind whip up the worst case scenarios.  Manage your mind, know that everything, and I do mean everything is working out.  Just not the way you might have pictured it to look.  Surprises can be delightful if you stop scaring yourself first!






Day One:  King of Stones

King Stones BorderedFear squares off against confidence today and this solid earthy King will help you take it step by step.  With Jupiter in the picture the fears can get dialed up to help you see them for what they are, long shadows.  You are more than a match for whatever comes up, but first you could feel that young place in you jumping at what you imagine to be the worst.  Be kind with those fears – remember you are not helpless anymore.  Certainly not as vulnerable as you were when you were young.  Slowly and surely you’ve learned to take care of yourself when the triggers pop up and you are so much stronger than you know.  Today you can see the proof!

Take Action:  Today is a perfect day to practice your Breath of Love




Day Two:  The Journey

JourneyThis card is the Death card in traditional Tarot and it’s fascinating that it falls on Super Tuesday.  There is both the promise and the caution in almost any card and this one comes with more than most.  The promise is that while all things do come to an end, within that ending is a new beginning.  Always.  So today something ends. And we aren’t going to understand this ending until the new life begins to reveal it’s shape.  So be patient with the process, manage your fears which are always present in powerful shifts in life and wait for signs of the spring.

Take Action:   Don’t think to try to much… Feel your way through whatever is happening today.





Day Three:  Seven of Bows (Reversed)

7 BowsOh the morning after Super Tuesday reveals the reversed card Seven that encourages you not to give up.  Given the astrology for the day, my take is that the results will not be well received no matter who wins.  No one is going to be happy with the results and the bottom line is you have to choose how you are going to handle the chaos swirling.  Your beliefs are what matter more than any one party or platform.  It’s what those things create.  Your job is to trust that there is more than one way to make what you want come into being.  So be kind in the death throes of an old system dying and know that it’s uncomfortable during transitions.

Take Action:  Get to a clear picture of what’s at the core of what you believe about life or anything else today.  It’s less a day of action than it is refining beliefs.  Take a fine tooth comb to yours!




Day Four:  Eight of Bows

Eight of BowsAh, some news at last.  Eights are going to give you the report card on how beliefs translate into action.  This one is what your work yesterday helped you get clearer on – your path forward.  Whether the world around you reflects it yet the way you wish it to be, your job is to know it, sow it and reap the rewards.  Expect to get some good feedback on how you show up for others and who is of like mind with you today.

Take Action:  Watch for signs of your tribe and gather with them to share the victory or the re-dedication to bring about a world you want to live in.  If you’re not so high minded, go have a celebration drink with friends.  It’s a good day to toast!






Day Five:  Three of Stones

3 StonesCommunication gets a solid platform today my friend.  This three speaks to facts you can count on or someone who’s great at getting a message across.  When you are in transition, this is one card that carries some relief with it.  It signals that the flow of information is giving you direction, confirmation and perhaps even inspiring the courage to dare.  Go ahead, put ideas into action today and connect with those around you to help bring something new into form.  Mercury is the influence of threes and he goes anywhere -from heaven to hell.  Test the boundaries of your thinking and speaking today and you will be rewarded for the travel.

Take Action:  Talk to at least one person today about what really matters to you.



Day Six:  Four of Bows

Four BowsAgain we have the bows, fire and intuition.  These are the forerunners of change, Fire senses what’s beyond the known and is the explorer part of us that pulls us out into the uncharted territories.  With the changes of the week, where better to find support for expansion then among your tribe.  Solid relationships help you navigate the unknown and you inspire each other.  Watch out for idealism taken to the extreme.  Change can be sensed in an instant but takes a slower path to showing up.  Use your time to share ideas, celebrate changes and leave the action to another day.

Take Action:  Help keep those you are close to from skidding off into extremism today.





Day Seven:  Eight of Arrows

8 of ArrowsThe second eight this week signals a development not expected.  Prepare for a surprise today and one that will be challenge peace of mind.  With this card I always remind you that you are only as stuck as you think you are.  There are always options you may not have considered or thought of for you to make use of.  If you are seeing the worst possibilities, then finish it up with the best case scenario.  Each have the same probability after all.  The worst is just easier to believe.    Necessity is the mother of invention, right?  So let the need to get unstuck inspire you to try a new tack, think of things a different way.  When your thoughts put you in jail, they are also the key that lets you out.

Take Action:  Flip those worst case scenes in your head 180 degrees.  From worst to best, picture it happening.  It’s good mental exercise.  Then go rest with mindless activities.



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