Daily Tarot 10/31-11/6 Intuition Leads Through Shadows

Things are finally easing up a bit after the struggles and intensity following the eclipses in September.  While you may still be feeling a bit at a loss, know that Astrology has us strongly linked into the collective unconscious right now, and some of what we feel is the global anxiety of a world in transition.

This too shall pass….  Patience and tenderness with yourself (and others) are really smart ways to move through this week and get the most out of each day.  We have steady progress in the cards this week, even if we aren’t quite at the finish line yet.  At least it’s coming into view!

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Card of the Week – Three of Arrows 

3 Arrows Bordered

In the Wildwood Tarot it has the title of jealousy but in traditional Tarot the meaning of tears and delay are another interpretation.  This week encourages you to notice where your mind creates unnecessary suffering when things aren’t happening yet.  Especially where you see it happening for someone else.  You won’t miss out of what’s yours.  Can you trust the delays are going to serve you  well somehow?  Or will you cause yourself mental pain with fears and doubts in the gap between now and what’s arriving for you? It’s your choice and great practice to choose to believe the best is coming, releasing yourself from punishing thoughts that fear it won’t happen for you.






Day One – The Wanderer

The WandererThis Monday dawns offering the promise of a new adventure.  This beginning requires a leap of faith in trusting what you are drawn to and going on gut instinct.  Ground your intuition step by step and head off in a new direction.  The whole of the journey has something to offer, including the missteps, dead ends and rocky parts.  Today you are invited to take pleasure in whatever is in front of you, feel your way and let it open up fresh views.  Even if you have the same routine being offered, see it and yourself with fresh eyes.  You may be surprised with what you find…Adventure!

Take Action:  Do one thing differently today.  Don’t overthink it, just drive home a different way, listen to a different talk show, eat something you haven’t tried before.




Day Two – Queen of Bows

Queen of BowsThis Queen means your receptive powers of intuition are on full alert today.  Be curious about what pops up and practice feeling your body lean into the expansion that comes your way.  Don’t worry to much about not having it all yet, know you are on your way and enjoy the pleasure of your intuition getting stronger and stronger.  When the Fire Queen is in charge your confidence rises up to meet you.  If you don’t have the recognition from others yet, give it to yourself and the crowd will join you!

Take Action:  Give yourself a few attaboys or attagirls today.  Be your own cheering section.  After all, you deserve it!





Day Three – The World Tree

WorldAh, you’ve got the whole world in your hands today.  So take a good look at yourself, top to bottom and see how magnificent you really are.  Today you get tangible proof of your progress towards attainment of something you’ve labored long for.  Let it remind you that seeds to grow and bear fruit in their own time.  The time is at hand, you can let things unfold in their natural order.  You can’t pull the bloom open without damaging the rose.  So let things slowly come to full flower and enjoy your part in it all.  Harvest time is almost here.

Take Action:  Take time to smell the flowers today.  If nothing’s blooming, then smell the wood from the fire, the smell of rain in the air.  Soak in nature through as many senses as you can.




Day Four – The Queen of Vessels 

Queen of VesselsThis is the second Queen this week and signals a meeting between friends.  Because this Queen is also about bringing about emotional balance, it’s a good day to have a heart to heart with someone dear to you.  Sharing confidences helps you sort through the well of feelings to get clearer on what’s your heart’s truth, deep down.  When or where you feel like you are swimming in emotions, a friend can be a lifeline today.  And you for them.  Clarity comes as you talk it out and it brings you closer together.

Take Action:  Connect with a good friend or adviser today and let the feelings flow.





Day Five – Ten of Bows

10 of bowsWhew, it’s a day of big goals, stretch goals that have you finding yet another place your intuition can offer you priceless insight.  Don’t fear, the ego is here helping you get your backbone strong and standing up to be counted.  Fire requires fuel so this fiery ten means you have to be the one to lead the applause for how brave you are.  Because there are things that you mean to do that benefit you and all you inspire along the way.  Stand up, be counted and lead the way today.  The Universe is on your side and you can achieve what you set out to with a little patience and perseverance.

Take Action:  It’s another day for giving yourself praise, applause, recognition and respect.





Day Six – Six of Vessels

6 of VesselsThis six is titled reunion and with Chiron in the mix today, it’s a sure bet old wounds will make their appearance so you can heal them.  You have everything you require for the healing, This being the sixth day and the card being a six means you have a double dose of what it takes to let the sore places scab over with a little fresh air and tender loving care.  This card often refers to being healed by the love from another.  So let your own love for those in your life flow outward and be receptive for the different ways that love can flow back to you – nourishing those bruised and battered places.

Take Action:  Visualize yourself planting a big kiss on your heart and putting a bandaid on it.  Have fun with the image, what kind of bandaid do you choose?  Mine would have Snoopy on it for sure.



Day Seven – Nine of Stones

Nine of StonesTradition is the tag line in the Wildwood Tarot for this card.  After the week we just lived, this card points to making new Traditions of trusting your intuition.  It’s not a straight line you’ve been traveling this past year, and there is good reason for this wandering about.  You now feel much more like the master of your life rather than being at the mercy of an outside source.  You know how to set the traditions consciously, rather than following blindly what’s been ‘done before’.  You have come far enough to be an example to others.  Well done you…

Take Action:  Make a list of new traditions you’ve started this year.  If you have trouble with that, start with which old ones you’ve let go of…

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