Daily Tarot Oct. 24-30th, New Moon, The Shadow and Others

We have a New Moon in Scorpio along with Mercury there to open a view into the dark shadows of days past.  Don’t be surprised if being still this week gives you some aha peeks into your own murky workings.

The challenge is not to get too caught up in scaring ourselves (we do have Halloween approaching) with what can feel like the looming darkness of another’s shadow.  This week see where you over estimate the threat in others by underestimating yourself.

When you do that you actually open up much sweeter possibilities of connecting with those around you instead of defending yourself against a threat in that long shadow you fear.  Seeing the shadows for what they are brings the fear level down.

Spend a little quality time on your own wants and needs.  It is the best place to start and don’t spare the dark side.  A little compassionate honesty about your own impulses transforms them and turns the light on those frightening silhouettes so you can bring them back to real size.

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Card of the Week – The World


Well doesn’t this just promise a world of fresh options and beginnings this week!  The world is such a bountiful card, much like the Empress with the added layer of receiving and then acting on it in a way that is organic to you.  After all you have your own unique place in this world and wanting what you want, doing what’s right for you is part of the fabric that makes us whole.  So remember this week that all of you, the shadows as well as the light make up the total picture.  Don’t edit out the parts you think will be judged, instead work on releasing the judgment of yourself.  Bring all of you, every little bit to the world and watch the world become a beautiful mosaic where each shade you offer enriches us all.





Day One – Ace of Stones

Ace Stones BorderedToday you get the inspired help from astrology to turn on the lights in dark corners and then take concrete baby steps towards accepting and incorporating that information into a truer, kinder, more honest view of you.  Don’t worry, you are lovable even with those selfish bits, those impatient bits, those needy bits.  I’ll share a secret, everyone’s got their version of bits too.  You are not alone.  So work on giving yourself some non-judgmental acknowledgement and see how much energy it frees up to do what you want to do.  Go ahead, most people aren’t even looking at you, they’re too busy minding their own collection of parts.

Take Action:  See where judgment shows up today so you can pull its fangs out with loving compassion.  Go ahead, accept all of you, even the judgment and critic.  Ahhhhhhhhh



Day Two – Three of Bows 

3 Bows BorderedToday you may find yourself swept up in conversations, exciting ones at that.  Enjoy them and also know that today is about tempting you with possibilities that educate you more on what your heart wants.  It’s not about anything so concrete or actionable.  Let the energy sparkle, ideas flow, conversation leap without trying to rope anything or anyone down.  It’s a magic and light show to entertain and delight, inspire and warm us.  Watch and see all of you and how you respond to what’s offered up today.

Take Action:  Today’s action is don’t act on anything yet today.  Instead get to know you better in anything that happens.  Notice what your hopes are and how much or how little you let yourself dream and enjoy.




Day Three – Six of Arrows

6 arrowsRelief, this six signals that the worst is over!  There may still be a few waves ahead (something yesterday conveniently left out of the equation) but nothing like the rough seas you’ve been crossing lately.  Sixes are healing and being whole.  The Arrows are our minds so this heralds mental peace of mind that comes after some serious struggle.  Focus on the path ahead as smoothing out, picture the rainbow after the storm.  Give yourself credit for how scary parts of it were and that courage doesn’t mean the absence of fear.  Instead it’s the ability to act in spite of being scared, doing what needed to be done to move you forward.  You’ve done it!

Take Action:  Visualize yourself sailing out of the storm without blaming or shaming the different parts of it.  Just see the water calming down and the way ahead lit by a shimmering rainbow!




Day Four – The Blasted Oak

Blasted OakToday calls for honesty, the soul deep look at yourself honesty that ultimately prepares to reveal the whole of you to another.  The caution is to get a touch more comfortable with it before you unleash it on another – particularly as a weapon.  It’s easy to use naked vulnerability to cause backlash and push another away rather than draw them closer.  It takes practice to view our shortcomings and shadow with love.  Once you get a little more practice with it you come from a place of centered strength rather than reactive impulse that feels like ripping a band-aid off.  Gently, gently, gently take a good look then venture to share some of the edges as you begin to get more confidence in accepting all of you.

Take Action:  Spend a little time looking at those places you are afraid are unlovable.  Those stories need a fresh take and a better outcome!




Day Five – Six of Vessels

6 of VesselsThis six is the second in a row and stands for the reunion of all the disparate parts of you.  Today you really can get a handle on the big picture of you and learn to love the whole of you.  Sixes do require effort and vessels are heart so put your feelings into it today and see where you can show up for a more honestly loving view of who you are.  Your fears that have you defensively screening out people and opportunities can quietly be replaced with a newfound trust that you not only can do well, others may be rooting for you to succeed too.

Take Action: Take three deep breaths with your hand on your heart repeating the phrase, “I love all of me.”






Day Six – Knight of Arrows

Knight of ArrowsThis fast moving Knight is the one that separates us, moves you away from what no longer serves you.  Today it’s about letting it help you divorce any fears that you aren’t enough just as you are.  Wherever you’ve kept yourself limited by believing you were less than in any way, you can let that go.  You can improve yourself without making yourself wrong for needing improvement.  You can ask others for more without condemning them for not offering better first.  Be brave, be strong and that’s what helps you connect with a whole world of possibilities more than you knew you could.

Take Action:  Thank your inner critic today and then park them on the sidelines.  You’ve got this without beating yourself or anyone else up.





Day Seven – Knight of Bows 

Knight of BowsAh, this brave Knight shows up for the New Moon in Scorpio along with Mercury.  The promise today is to trust your intuitive communication.  Getting inspired thoughts of someone you love that’s far away.  Know they are quite likely thinking of you!  Have a hunch who that phone call may be, pick it up and have it confirmed.  The challenge that goes with this is that fear rides along with all that power to tune in and know.   Don’t let fear rush to a conclusion that underestimates you and overestimates the threat.  You’ve got this, even the part of you that is afraid.  Get to know all that goes with your expanding power and let your intuition ride!

Take Action:  Play a game today with testing your intuition – guess before you pick up the phone or whatever tickles your fancy.  Don’t worry about being right.  Notice instead how it feels and how it shows up for you.

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