Daily Tarot Oct. 17th-23rd Abundance and Insecurity

With the action planet and the deep transformation planet in close contact the shift to doing things differently continues.  Old patterns continue to show up mostly to reveal where you need to choose another path. Doing the same thing the same way is not likely to turn out the way you want which is part of the tension that propels you in a fresh direction.

This week we have abundance flowing which kicks up a wealth of possibilities and the fears that go with expansion so you can work out a new way to master with those pesky buggers and get to enjoying the riches.

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Card of the Week:  The Green Woman

Green Woman


This card is the herald of abundance, fertility, rich resources and a flow of good things coming to you.  The caution with it is to tune in to what is there around you.  So often with this card the blind spot is failure to see the bounty because you are searching for something that looks different than what you pictured.  So be on alert this week for the multitude of sweet surprises spread throughout your days.  Chance meetings, connections, things that make it easier to go about your day along with new starts pregnant with promise are often in the mix when this card shows up.







Day One – Balance


This card says you are mending on a soul deep level and while part of you is feeling the drive to get going, another part requires you pace yourself and not floor it just yet.  Patience, patience, patience while you work out when to speed ahead and when to pause.  Not every opportunity must be seized when it presents itself.  Some are for later and waiting will only increase the goodness coming your way.  Train yourself to have fun with choosing which ones are a yes now and which ones are for later.  You can even learn to feel good about the no’s!

Take Action:  Make a game out of choosing what to say yes to and what you say no or not now too today.





Day Two – Eight of Bows

Eight of Bows


Eights are your report card of the energy you are putting out there by what comes back to you.  Today see what inspires you, where you are connected and who’s in your community.  Celebrate and have some fun, you’re likely to have some sweet feedback on where you have done well.  This eight is usually the equivalent of a small standing ovation.  So take your bow, give back where and when you can and enjoy the day!

Take Action: After your brushing your teeth this morning and night, look yourself in the mirror and pay yourself a compliment.  See it say it and hear it!





Day Three – The Forest Lovers

Forest Lovers


This card indicates a choice is at hand, one that requires care and consideration in the making of it.  With the astrology today it is about stretching your perspective on relationships.  Be willing to see the other person’s point of view.  It doesn’t mean you must agree with them or change your mind, just try to see it from their point of view.  Once you have, it may help you to share yourself with them in a fresh way.  Allow that growing vulnerability to deepen your understanding of each other. It is just one of the happy results with this card.


Take Action:  See yourself through another’s eyes today.  Open up to how you might be coming across to another.






Day Four – Ten of Vessels

10 of Vessels


Ten’s are always an empowered one and this one is the sweet reward for the changes you’ve been undergoing.  This card signals happily ever after in the traditional Tarot and even in Wildwood Tarot the word is Happiness.  Enjoy yourself and those you love – no holding back.  This card says the love you have given generously will be flowing back to you from all kinds of sources  Let love overflow and do your best to receive the heartfelt feelings flowing your way, too.


Take Action:  When you climb in to bed tonight do a little gratitude list of all you have to be thankful for today.





Day Five – Five of Stones (Reversed)

5 Stones


Ah now, this card upside down encourages you to stay the course and don’t quit when you are so close to the finish line!  Fives always signal creative or alchemical beginnings, brimming with fertility and potency.  The day is rich with insights that will help you stay the course rather than quit when old wounds get activated. With Chiron in the mix astrologically today, it’s possible to see where you’re afraid you will pay too high a price if don’t ‘quit now’.  Trust the effort you’ve put in will pay off.  You are almost there…

Take Action:  Don’t decide anything today, just give yourself credit for all you’ve already accomplished and don’t focus on what’s still ahead.  You will get there!





Day Six – Two of Bows

Two of Bows

This two is perfectly placed this week to help you move into new conversations and inspired connection with all the additional territory your life has picked up the last 10 months.  You are not the same person you were and neither are the people in your life.  Today is about using conversation to find out what else has changed, shifted, grown and putting that new information into the mix so that your relationships can expand, deepen and inspire both you and others.


Take Action:  Today practice seeing the people in your life with fresh eyes and noticing what’s new with them.




Day Seven – Seven of Arrows (Reversed)

Seven of Arrows


Sweet happiness in this card being reversed because this Seven is all about insecurity and those pesky fears that have us doubting ourselves.  Today that is NOT a problem because all you have to do is look to see where you have made good choices, where things are going well and where doors are opening with tempting new vistas for you.  In fact the astrology cautions us against overconfidence.  Be careful that you don’t bite off more than you can chew, right?  And enjoy…


Take Action:  Just notice how your body feels when you are confident and remember that this available whenever you need it.

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