Daily Tarot Oct. 10th-16th Full Moon, Watch Your Words

We have sweet week of surprises ahead, but do know there is also a growing possibility for verbal blow ups towards this full moon.  We are still working through the full effects of shifting how we act in partnership so that we honor both ourselves and others.  You can turn a big corner this week in relationship and either renew, transform or release the relationships in your life.

Whichever one of those options is your process, know that there is a learning curve to all this.  You have outgrown old patterns overlapping with the new ones that haven’t quite stretched out their legs yet.  So go easy on yourself, because when you are kinder to you it makes it possible to go easier on others around you, even when they are getting on your last nerve.

This week has an interesting line up rolling into the Full Moon weekend, with reversed cards that came up.  Normally I don’t read reversed but they presented themselves and so I expand my reading for you.  I usually give you the promise and the caution of each card, what you do with that is up to you.  But turning things around this week feels right, just like the cards showed.  So enjoy!

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Now, here’s this week’s video for you to expand on the cards and their write up.  Wishing you  a wonderful week with TruthinHand!


Card of the Week – Ace of Vessels

Ace Vessels

Sweet self love is the theme this week.  No matter what is going on, your job is to be sure to FEEL your way through it first and bring the mind in after you know what your heart wants.  It offers you grace for the shadow side of you or others this week.  This card brings tenderness and compassion in with it like water in a desert.  Let that wash over you, soak it in and then let it flow to those around you.  Drink up how good it feels to be loving rather than embattled.  Ahhhhh, now doesn’t that feel better.








Day One – The Mirror

MirrorThis weekend we had astrological aspects kick in that have us looking at things not from a logical place but from an intuitive knowing.  The linear world of science and rules don’t apply here.  In fact to cling to those things will only cause us more pain.  To quote Antoine St. Exuprey, you must see with the heart and not with the mind today.  Your mind has had you suffering more than you need to, punishing you with logic that doesn’t apply.  So today, see with different eyes, know that whatever happens is taking you to a your heart’s desire, even if it does not appear so.  On the path to being whole, we acknowledge the wound and care for it by letting go of the thoughts and outworn beliefs that open it up again.

Take Action:  Change the story in your head today whenever it hurts.  See it from a new angle.




Day Two – Seven of Bows (Reversed)

7 BowsThis seven is all about upending the effort involved in clearing away the old and the struggle of clearing out the old to make room for the new.  When it is reversed, it speaks to the release of struggle, fighting that comes to an end.  It will be easier today for new thoughts, inspiration and play to assist you in taking an untried path.  You can feel the adventure of it all rather than the effort.  Look for laughter and fun be the line of least resistance today that guides your way forward.  Let go of seeing opposition or resistance as an enemy.  Play your way through it!

Take Action:  Any place that feels the least bit stuck or stodgy, bring laughter into it and see what happens!






Day Three – The Sun (Reversed)

Sun BorderedOkay the Sun is the most positive card in the entire deck and other than to watch for too much of a good thing, it has no negative.  When it’s reversed it speaks more to a quick shift in your life rather than the slow gradual change it normally signals when it is upright.  With this placement following yesterday’s reversed Seven of Bows, you can count on having an intuitive leap into a much bigger, better way of doing YOU.  Any opposition will be routed and you can see and enjoy success over any unfair opposition.  In fact, you can even stop seeing enemies, and start seeing just another human struggling.  From there, good things happen.

Take Action:  Be gracious in your victory today, it has been a long hard road and you’ve earned this!






Day Four – Ten of Stones

Ten StonesAh, home!  This ten is the symbol of having created a place inside of you and out that protects you from the worst this world can offer up.  Whatever your idea of home is, today is for realizing how has grown and expanded to include those who see the real you and reflect your best self back to you.  You don’t have to fear opposition or enemies, others are not doing what they do to hurt you.  Instead you see how it all fits together and understand your part in it, without blame or shame being involved.  Just awareness and a sense of knowing what needs to be done and what you want to do.

Take Action:  Know the truth, that you are safely home when you are both loving and strong for yourself in any situation.




Day Five – The Moon on Water

Moon on WaterThis is the third Major Arcana card this week, what a big week for you! With the Sun (Reversed) and now the Moon, it speaks to the recent Solar and Lunar eclipse that helps us see the duality in all things.  Are you willing to see the other person’s point of view.  Not agree with them, simply understand what they are looking at?  From there, it’s not the outside that matters but the inner light of knowing that has compassion first for yourself, then for another.  Can you release struggle or at least understand how conflict began? That is your opportunity or challenge today – watch for harsh words that happen to protect yourself when you fear opposition or challenge.  Trust yourself, take a different path.  You can do it!

Take Action:  Take the proverbial walk in another’s shoes today.  Try looking at things from their point of view – not to agree, merely to better understand and release conflict!




Day Six – Three of Vessels

Three of VesselsJoy, joy, joy, joy!!  Today you can celebrate the quantum leaps and shifts of the week and even the year.  You have people you love who clearly love you back and you get to see and know that today.  This full moon is in Aries opposite the Libra Sun and stands for a strong individual who can be in partnership.  I like the quote from Jonathan Ellerby here:  “Don’t look further for answers, be the solution.  You were born with everything you need to know…Take a deep breath, remember to have fun and begin.” It’s absolutely perfect for this full moon.  There is nothing you need in order to enjoy your life right now.  So do it, look around you and celebrate!

Take Action:  Make a gratitude list of all that you have to celebrate today, then burn it or bury it with the full moon along with something that feels like a token of thanks.




Day Seven – Queen of Arrows (Reversed)

Queen ArrowsThis is the sharpest eyed and sharpest tongued Queen and she’s reversed.  With the Mercury Pluto square, harsh words are the starting point but this Queen being upended shows us how to change that pattern.  When there is a disagreement, often people start by feeling they need to defend themselves.  Today and this week it’s about realizing that you under rate your power and so you can over correct with strong words or point of view.  When you see yourself AND include another’s point of view you can stop escalating the battle and bring conflict to an end.  While you may not agree, you find ways to agree to disagree.  Let the battles end today.  Simply drop your end of the tug of war and find another way.  You can do it…

Take Action:  Check yourself before you verbally respond or fire back today.  Or if there’s on ongoing disagreement, hold out the olive branch of peace.  You can find a way…

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