Daily Tarot October 3-9th, Mars and Pluto Transform Relationships

Hello, it’s time for your Daily Tarot for the first full week of October.  I have to share that the month ahead is a good one, powerful and you will not end it the way you begin it.  How much fun that will be is up to you.

This week starts the process with the Astrology and cards combining to give us a good step in the right direction to shifting the difficulties in relationships.  All relationships, including the one you have with yourself are up for renewal.

Most of this week’s cards point to your mind once again being the arena where the biggest changes take place.  From there it moves into actions with a sweet surprise for you by week’s end.

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Now, here’s this week’s video for you to expand on the cards and their write up.  Wishing you  a wonderful week with TruthinHand!


Card of the Week 

2 arrowsThe Two of Arrows is a reminder this week to watch out for the inner mental tug of war.  With Mars squaring the Sun and Jupiter expansion is inevitable, how you do it is up to you.  Time alone this week will be the winning ticket to really practice giving yourself the benefit of the doubt when the inner critic shows up.  The good news is that when you do it practice trusting your choices instead of beating yourself up, then it gets easier to give others the benefit of the doubt as well.  Practice makes perfect so you may get more than a little conflicting information this week.  Go with believing the better story why don’t you.  It’s just as likely to be true…







Day One – Four of Arrows

4 of ArrowsWith Arrows and the four it is time to start putting things on a firm foundation.  No matter what information you get served today, trust you can make something good of it and you will.  Doubt your doubts, give yourself a break and take a mental rest.  Things are unfolding in your favor.  You can count on that, no matter how hard your fears may point you in the opposite direction.  Notice where the good information comes in as well.  It deserves just as much time as the other.  Get out of your head and into your body or your heart as the best antidote to worry.

Take Action:  For every negative thought, give yourself three positive ones on the opposite side.  Go ahead, look for them and I bet you see more than three!




Day Two – Nine of Arrows

9 of ArrowsThe nines are numbers of completion and endings.  This nine signals that you have really turned a corner on letting the worst case scenario be the stopping place in your mind.  Instead, it’s merely the starting point and you are getting better at moving through those doubts to a much happier conclusion.  It’s been hard, give yourself credit for how challenging it’s been.  After all our minds love a good story and it’s had plenty of practice telling a negative one to protect you from possible risks.  Now you’ve come far enough to choose which things are worth risking for.

Take Action:  Since nines are a teaching number, help a friend or colleague tell a better story today.  It will reinforce your own practice and make them feel a lot better, too!





Day Three – The Hooded Man

Hooded ManThis Major Arcana card when added to Monday’s Four of Arrows signals it’s time to spend some alone time.  Inner reflection can go a long way towards giving you some big insights and the Astrology backs it up.  Get some big ‘aha moments’ when you step back, take a good look at what’s unfolding and choose to feel your way through to what’s next using all of you.  Get your intuition, heart, mind and body pulling together towards what you really want.  With the Mars action you will be met with exactly the people you need to help you get there – with or without help, whatever is in your best interests.

Take Action:  Notice how even the things that don’t work out have something to offer you, where delays serve you and how even opposition has a benefit for you.  In short, the world is on your side more than you’ve given it credit for!



Day Four – Eight of Stones

8 Stones copyAh, the Eight’s always signal that what you put out there comes back to you and this one is tangible rewards.  So be prepared to have some good feedback on how well you are managing your impulsive mind.  It’s a learning curve but one that you are on the good side of now.  So keep on doing more of what feels good and working with what doesn’t to shape it into something better.  Be careful of judging others too harshly, they are learning too.  So take stock of what you are responsible for, let others be responsible for their part and working together you can accomplish so much more.  And have more fun doing it, too.

Take Action:  Pay attention to the good feedback today that shows you how much you’ve expanded into telling a better story about whatever is happening.



Day Five – Page of Stones

Page of StonesThis Page is continuing yesterday’s theme of seeing is believing.  But since Pages are the internal state that comes before the action of the Knights, turning your attention inward is going to be the most useful.  Where do you believe you are on track to what you want and what proof is already there in your life.  Since this page rules mass communication, signs from all around you may have good information for you today.  Watch for billboards, bumper stickers, TV’s shows, the songs on the radio or emails that confirm you are on track.

Take Action:  Have some fun with it and think of today like a scavenger hunt.  How many clues can you pile up for the win?





Day Six – Page of Vessels

Page of VesselsAh sweet surprise with this Page!  The Vessels are heart and creativity, so look to how good it feels today, in spite of whatever hiccups the day may offer.  Notice how you can look at reroutes or differences of opinion as just what they are, help that may come dressed in unlikely clothes. Instead of letting them sidetrack you or discourage you, instead they inspire you to look for their opposite, the good news and help they offer.  Two pages in a row can mean that you hear others chatting from a less than positive place.  Help turn it around, first in your own head, then in theirs.  Be sincere in wanting to communicate from a more heartfelt place and watch what happens for you all.

Take Action:  If you hear or experience something that is negative today, help turn it around with love.  Everyone benefits and you most of all.



Day Seven – Three of Arrows

3 Arrows BorderedOkay yesterday’s theme is carrying over… today it’s all about managing the negative communication.  Now that you’ve mastered the four corners yourself, your next step is to take it out into the world around you.  It’s normal for us to talk about ourselves and others in less than glowing terms, so today it’s about acknowledging that it’s a part of us and then making a better choice.  It can be easy to slip back into old patterns and there’s something familiar that almost comforts us.  But the negative talk is like a worm in the apple, spoiling the sweetness that feeds us.  So be on the look out today and shift from one side to the other when and where you see it.

Take Action:  Be gentle with yourself if you catch yourself slipping to the ‘dark side’ of thinking.  Know you can turn it around and then do so.  Practice makes perfect!



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