Daily Tarot – Mercury & Pluto Direct Plus The Libra Sun Shines

Well Mercury and Pluto are direct as of this week and the Sun and then Jupiter moved into Libra.  Finally some sweet forward momentum.  But it’s baby steps my friend, baby steps.

This week promises some surprises along with the light dawning slowly but surely, turning back any shadows you’ve been battling so you can see your way more clearly.

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Now, here’s the video for you to watch along with the cards and their write up.  Wishing you  a wonderful week with TruthinHand!


Card of the Week

Blasted OakThe Blasted Oak – This card is a blend of two cards from traditional Tarot, the Hanged Man and the Tower.  Together they signify a life in transition with lightning strikes of awareness.  The Truth shall set you free and this week you will be free indeed!   Remember progress is made more in measured steps this week than in leaps and bounds.  Take your time, you have to integrate the growth you’ve been through this past year and trust where it is taking you.  Believe you are on track, it just may not look the way you thought it would look.  Stay focused, let yourself heal from the tremendous growth you’ve lived and stay open to signs from the Universe of coming changes.





Day One – Five of Stones

5 StonesThis Five is one that can signal you are discouraged, frustrated with delays and need some encouragement to keep on going.  I promise you, endurance will pay off in this case.  So be kind to your impatience, allow yourself the frustration then dust yourself off and get ready to take the next step.  It’s okay to be frustrated.  Just don’t let it decide anything important.  Instead, let it pass on through you so you are ready for what’s coming, today is a good day to pause, rest and reflect.

Take Action:  Today’s action is to give yourself a breather to deal with how hard delays and detours feel.  It’s okay to have an occasional outburst or good cry!




Day Two – The Sun

Sun BorderedCue the song, ‘Here comes the Sun’ because this card is just what you needed!  The light dawns, the darkness falls away gradually and then faster.  So trust the process and enjoy the coming good fortune!  Remember the Sun can burn if you don’t take good care of yourself, so enjoy yourself while being responsible for your own well being today.  That’s the recipe to guarantee that you get the most out of today’s bonus good luck!

Take Action:  Watch the sun rise or set today and notice the pace of how it happens.  Gradually, gradually, gradually, then WOW.





Day Three – Seven of Stones

7 StonesThis seven is tagged healing and I interpret it to mean you’ve integrated the changes into your body and they are becoming the new ‘normal’. Our bodies replace every cell in it over a seven year period so realize that you are a whole new you.  Birth is an energetic exercise that can take a lot out of you.  So be gentle if you don’t have all the zip you wish, or if you find yourself longing for a nap.  Your body needs healthy food, lots of water and rest.  Don’t worry, you will have energy to enjoy what’s coming with a little investment in your body today.

Take Action:  Watch out for sugar and caffeine excess today, cut down or skip it if you can and add lots of clean water instead.




Day Four – Seven of Vessels

7 VesselsThis is the second seven in a row which means an unexpected mental or spiritual ‘aha’ moment.  It goes with that Blasted Oak card of the week to give you some big insights into where you have let go of the old or are in that process now.  Whenever we lose something, no matter how appropriate it is for it to end, it’s good to give it a ritual and say goodbye.  It helps to give us a vehicle to let all our feelings come through us so the watery emotions don’t back up into festering pools of sadness in hidden corners of our minds.  Emotions travel in waves, so let yours flow today.  Chiron the wounded healer is at play in Astrology and helping you heal those old scars.  So be gentle with your moods today.

Take Action:  Give a mini funeral of sorts for whatever you are letting go of today. Even if it’s just mental, take time to eulogize and release what is passing away.



Day Five – Ace of Bows

Ace BowsThis Ace is the fiery and enthusiastic new start that is possible because you’ve been clearing the decks and making room for what’s ahead.  It’s a beginning and a small step but an important one and exciting too.  Let yourself be enthusiastic, filled with optimism.  Today is for letting the challenge of the new build a confidence in you and reassure you that the Universe has good things to offer you.  This single step forward is a powerful new start – so let your inspiration burn off fears and doubts and take the challenge!

Take Action:  See and recognize your courage in the new beginning you are making.  Fire requires fuel and that’s praise, applause, recognition and respect.  Start by giving it to yourself!




Day Six – Two of Vessels

2 of VesselsWhoa, this two is a fun emotional build on yesterday’s spark.  Vessels are the heart and our emotions so this says that what lights up in you catches fire in someone around you!  Creatively or personally, watch for a dynamic new pairing that is meant to help you on your path.  It’s a time to check out the possibilities, be open to the ‘other’ that expands us and adds to anything we are doing.  After all, one plus one equals three when it comes to biology.  So something even bigger can be born out of what today offers.

Take Action:  Stay curious and find out what that something extra in partnership is for you today.





Day Seven – Knight of Arrows

Knight of ArrowsWhat I love about this Knight in the Wildwood Tarot is one of their meanings is ‘ideological revolt’.  This week has been about seeing how far you’ve come from the old patterns, letting even more of inherited ‘shoulds’ go so you can live YOUR life.  This Knight, which can symbolize divorce is meant to help you separate from that which is not yours.  So let today be about using your mind to finish the process of leaving old ideas behind rather than attacking the new potential for not fitting into your former viewpoints.  It’s right and good to leave the past back there in the past.  You have much more on offer and today’s card helps you see that.

Take Action:  If you catch yourself second-guessing your new possibilities, watch for old mentality being the critic.  Gently let go of the old thoughts, trust the new ways.  Practice makes perfect…

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