Daily Tarot Sept. 19-25th Mercury Goes Direct

Well congratulations!  This Mercury Retrograde included an eclipse and some pretty sweet pairings with Jupiter and Venus.  Did you get your communication back on a more heartfelt track?  If you take a closer look I’m betting you did.

The cards and Astrology this week having us moving slowly forward in new territory and consolidating the gains you’ve made this past month.  Ready for things to move ahead?  Don’t worry, the cards have some help for you.

As Mercury gets ready to go direct this week, conversations will be moving forward.  Don’t try to rush or wrap up too quickly.  Baby steps are a better way to go.

Please remember the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on universal symbols to –help give you more insight for your decisions.  Use them for extra information to help you create a better story about what’s happening for you each day.

Feeling like a little Tarot isn’t enough – have specific questions you would like help with, then grab an introductory ‘get acquainted’ Tarot special with Lisa here.

Okay, ready for the week then… Here we go!

Along with each day’s cards you get the Card of the week.  This card is like an umbrella over the collection of days to help unify the theme for you.  Use it to help connect up the days.

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The Card of the Week Sept. 19-25th


The Green Woman

Green WomanAh the Goddess of Abundance makes her appearance.  Now it’s easy to go directly to thinking about our material comforts and they are delightful.  However this week let the Green Woman show you the riches of heart, mind and spirit that go with those tangible rewards.   There is a banquet in your world if you have the eyes to see it.  This card invites you to look with fresh eyes, let more be revealed.









Day One – Seven of Arrows

Seven of ArrowsThis Seven is the perfect card for the astrology today.  You are meant to doubt your doubts, push back on fear having the last word.  By all means run through your questions as you move out into untested areas and use those second guesses to help put you on more solid ground.  You’ve done some expanding this last month so it’s natural to question what you can trust and what you can’t.  The most important thing to believe today is that you’ve got this!  Trust yourself. You can stand up for yourself without trampling someone else.  It gets easier with practice.

Take Action:  Revisit your boundaries today and know that you can say yes or no to what’s right for you.






Day Two – Four of Arrows

4 of ArrowsFirm foundation mentally, that’s the theme today.  You’ve got your mind anchored and you are giving the negative chatter a rest.  Fear lies, you know how to spot that lie and push back, so take a mental break and enjoy the good things unfolding for you.  When you remind yourself of this it is easier to say yes to the fun invitations and opportunities this day holds for you.

Take Action:  If you catch yourself thinking of what you don’t want, thank yourself then follow it up with the simple question ‘what do I want instead’.







Day Three – Queen of Arrows

Queen ArrowsWell Mercury is going direct today and this Communication Queen says you are in command.  The caution with this card is always to guard speaking to quickly or too harshly even when you’re right.  Wherever possible today, think things through is the better option rather than discussing anything.  Give it a few days to let Mercury get revved up and rolling forward rather than racing to try to clear up any lingering misunderstandings.  Patience really is a virtue today.

Take Action:  Put the hold button on long conversations today – you can kick it back into action later but for today, take a rest!







Day Four – Three of Stones

3 StonesThis three is not only the green light to those deeper conversations you put on the back burner yesterday, but also heralds a sweet movement forward that helps you start to resolve any lingering disagreements or confusion.  I can hear the sighs of relief, sweet!  Save the big conversations for evening because a Moon Mars opposition can bring up some tension in seeing the shadow side to what is changing.  So take a look at things from all sides, beginners eyes if you will.  Don’t worry, you get help early tomorrow mornings so pushing back serves you well.

Take Action:  I want you to play Freaky Friday (the movie) and apply it to any argument you’ve had, try for today to see their side of things.  Just for a little bit… try it!




Day Five – Four of Bows

Four BowsOh happy day!  This four is the celebration of Mercury direct and the sweet Mercury Pluto trine that helps you get to the bottom of the friction or disagreements in your life with a gentle penetration.  Pull from a much more informed point of view that helps you move past fights and arguments.  You may be tempted to stay tucked up home with the astrology at work today but a little effort can pay big dividends when you manage your sensitivity and channel it into rebuilding lost threads of connection from this last few months. Don’t worry, you have cosmic help.  It may not look perfect but it will give you an outcome worth celebrating!

Take Action:  Reach out to someone you’ve had a fight with and see if it’s time to get back to connecting.  If that doesn’t appeal, try forgiving them – it will set you free.  Start there!





Day Six – Ace of Arrows

Ace of ArrowsAces are always a new beginning and the Arrows are our mind.  This Ace promises you a new way of thinking about things.  Which of course means facing one or several situations where you may be tempted to see it the old way, but you’ll catch yourself and switch over to one that suits you better with all the growth you’ve done.   We learn through contrast so don’t worry if you catch yourself switching back and forth between views like trying on shoes you’ve outgrown and the new pair you have yet to break in comfortably.  The old pair have outlived their usefulness, but they are oh so familiar.  The new pair isn’t comfortable just yet, but they have miles and miles of good days ahead of you in them.  Notice the difference and let what you see help you make the shift.

Take Action:  Be patient with you today.  Beginnings are rarely clean and clear… so cut through the resistance of your mind and learn to trust those new thoughts.





Day Seven – Knight of Bows

Knight of BowsThe Knight always signal movement and this Knight is the bravest of them all.  With the moon in Leo today squaring off with Venus in Scorpio watch for ego needs and desires for security to get into a pushing match.  This line up with the Knight of Bows means watch for a territorial pushing match that not only wants to win but also wants it all included in that win.  There is no shortage of abundance, remember the Card of the Week, so you don’t have to fight for what you want.  Recognize the fear underneath those drives and have a little compassion for you.  Patience, patience, patience will win the day along with your biggest ‘brave’ face.  You’re closer than you think, keep on keeping on my friend!

Take Action:  Notice where your adrenaline has you leaning forward today and breathe.  Slow deep breaths before you act on anything.  You are worth your time…

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