Daily Tarot September 12-18th Lunar Eclipse & Adjustments

The cards and the Astrology this week are about adjusting your actions to fit the expansion that you’ve undergone this last ten months.  We have the Saturn Neptune Square from last Saturday that is spilling into the week ahead of this eclipse.  Lunar eclipses are internal adjustments along the receptive, feminine part of us that craves security.

Notice where your drive to be safe in your old patterns gets pushed in on this week in all kinds of ways, asking you to double check your new edges.  You are living in a bigger world than you used to and it’s time for you to notice what you can let go of now.
Please do keep in mind the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!

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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme like a container to hold the individual days together.  Use it to layer in meaning for you.


Card of the Week – 

Six of Swords

6 arrows


Ah, the worst is over and while there may be a few more ups and downs, you are out of the toughest part of the storm.  Your mind is always the last one to let you off the hook so your job is to park your inner critic long enough to see the rainbow that is shining ahead of you.  It may be tempting to get a little edgy or nervous around the astrological bumps in the week, anxiety is normal in unfamiliar territory.  But see the whole picture and remember you have sailed through high winds to arrive on the far side of bad weather.  Now talk back to those worried voices in your head or your ear this week and remember you have smooth sailing ahead with each card of the day!







Day One – Ten of Arrows

10 ArrowsWith this card and a Mercury – Mars square you absolutely have to let go of what you thought was going to happen so you can make the most of what is in front of you.   Tens are empowered ones and Arrows are your mind, so the question is how kind or how frightening a story are building around what things mean today?  Are you willing to swap out the old, harsh or punishing story and replace it with one that has a happy ending, no matter how hard it may be  to see that better outcome from where you stand today?  This is the real work, retraining your brain to trust the path you are on, what you can do with it and where it will take you.  Can you do that today?  I’m betting you are closer to this stretch goal than you think you are…

Take Action: 

  Pick one story you’ve got cooking about something that isn’t going the way you want and rewrite it using everything you see but putting the happiest possible reason and result on it.  Go ahead, write it!





Day Two – The Wheel

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016Nothing stays the same, that is the message when The Wheel Shows up.  Change is at hand and you are about to reap the rewards of your work, growth, courage and heart.  Get ready for things to shift.  The Astrology today points to nervous energy being present so be careful in your dealings with others.  Tempers can flare if the energy isn’t acknowledged as the force that shows up when you need both courage and forward momentum to head in a new direction or expand into uncharted territories.   You can spend that energy bickering with others who may also be feeling it or you can channel it into brave steps in a new direction.  Which one will you choose.  The Wheel says that what you put out there comes back to you today… What do you want to meet?

Take Action:  

 Notice where your temper pops up today and breathe.  Then take those feelings and see what better options are in front of you as to where they can serve you.  The gym, putting in a few extra hours on a project, making that call you’ve put off?  Where’s your brave today?



Day Three – 
Five of Bows

Five of BowsFives always pull in creative energy to help you start new projects or expansion.  The bows are our intuitive sense and exploratory impulses.  Building on what the cards so far this week have offered you, take this energy and face down your fears to take a risk, stretch out your efforts and let any resistance you experience be the friction that helps you break through to new ground.  The people around you can help even if they do bring with them challenges that force you to be inventive and manage your temper.   Bows are inspired vision that takes us outside our safe worlds, so this combination today says start by imagining different possibilities, pathways and resources before you act on anything today.  Feed the fire of your imagination rather than quarreling or pushing up against limitations.

Take Action: 

 What can you create today that wasn’t in the picture yesterday?  Picture it and then go back over it and make it bigger, clearer, more fun.  Take a bow- good imagining!





Day Four – Queen of Bows

Queen of Bows

Ah, this fiery Queen keeps us playing with potential before we act on it today.  Balance, balance, balance is your guide.  Home and work, play and work all benefit from your time and attention today.  This Queen is ambitious and wants it all, so you decide how you are going to use your attractive fire power to do this day.  Your shadow side wants to compete with others to be first, best, noticed for all that you are capable of and that’s okay as a starting point.  Keep going though… because with focus and generosity you can enroll others on your behalf and put that same competitive spirit to work to inspire a whole team around you.  Your choice, compete and get some traction or collaborate and get further – having more fun, too.

Take Action:  Where can a little concentration on igniting someone’s imagination with fire today serve you?  Pick one place and let there be light!






Day Five – The Ancestor

Ancestor, Wildwood TarotThis card in the Wildwood Tarot signifies the New Moon which was the Solar Eclipse of two weeks ago.  Today’s lunar eclipse is bringing full circle the changes within and without, underlined by the Saturn Neptune square of last Saturday.   As tempting as it may be to act on all the emotions rolling inside you today you are better served focusing on what’s on the plate in front of you, one task at a time and anchor your new found expansion in chewing what you’ve already bitten off.   Balance what has gone before and what is still unfolding.  Be selective in choosing what is right for you to take with you moving forward.  Pull from your instincts, your heart as well as your mind to feel your way forward.  There is a rhythm to what is unfolding, find yours and dance!

Take Action:  Put on a song that makes you want to really shake your tail feathers and move today!  Listen to the beat that pulls at you and put your dancing shoes on – life is waiting for you!





Day Six – Six of Vessels

6 of Vessels

Ah, sixes represent the healing power within us, so any bumps or bruises inflicted on you this week will be kissed better today.   Tender attention to those soft spots earlier in the day help you feel grounded as the day moves on and new life stirs up connections and conversations.  You feel like you are on solid ground, solid enough to take a peek over the edge of the big leap of faith still ahead of you.  Today is not for leaping but instead for taking stock of how well you’ve done, how far you’ve come and giving yourself some well deserved credit for all you’ve grown this year.  You’ve come home to yourself in many ways.  Take stock of that to give you rest and refreshment of heart and soul before you go any further.

Take Action:  Make a list (mental will do, too) of all the ways you’ve been good to yourself this year when you needed it.  That is important to keep in mind as you go forward!





Day Seven – The Journey


This card is represents the slow inevitable growth that crowds out the old life as the new life takes over.  There is an ending here – it’s been happening all along but now you’ve come far enough to see the size of it.  Give it a ritual, a funeral or something to help you move through the loss and make room for the happier days ahead.  If you try to suppress one emotion it winds up dampening all of them.  So let yourself feel today and pour that emotion into some action that feels right to you.  Move slowly, some good down time this afternoon will serve you well.

Take Action:  Take a nap, meditate or journal this afternoon.  It will serve you very, very well!




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