Daily Tarot Sept. 5th-11th Neptune & Saturn’s Unexpected Surprise

Well you’ve made it!!  It’s been a long ten months while Saturn and Neptune have squared off three times and the final chapter is up this coming Saturday.  Where are you better at nurturing yourself and being strong on your own behalf, too.  It may look like chaos, or confrontation, but the goal was you re-parenting yourself.  Well done you!

The cards and the Astrology this week have plenty to offer…  So take a look and listen and see what the week has to offer.

Please do keep in mind the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!

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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme like a container to hold the individual days together.  Use it to layer in meaning for you.

Card of the Week – 

Seven of Bows

7 BowsThis seven is perfect for the second week of Mercury Retrograde.  This card is about hunkering down and seeing what’s broken, mending or repairing the damage where you can, discarding what no longer serves you or is broken beyond repair.  Your attention is required for maintenance and Bows are your intuition so yes, your spirit may need some refueling.  After all intuition is represented by fire and fire requires fuel in order to burn.  So this week be sure to plug in to the places where you are seen, applauded, recognized and respected so you can use that fuel to focus intuitively on the other places in your life for fixing or pitching out what needs your attention.   Some things are beyond repair, some just need a little polish with love.  You’ll know the difference by how it feels to think about getting rid of it.  Be gentle, be firm and get your tool kit in order.  We’ve got a lot ahead of us this month!





Day One –  The Wanderer

The WandererBang, we start off Labor Day with a major Arcana card that continues the theme from the card of the week.  Trust your intuition!  This card is our beginner’s mind that helps to wipe clean the slate of old wounds and grievances so we can begin what’s next for us from a fresh point of view.  Because we aren’t carrying old baggage it becomes easier to take the leap of faith that may be asked of us when this card appears.  You are ready for change!   It says don’t overthink it, trust yourself and trust the world enough to venture into the unknown and be brave in your risk taking vulnerability.   It’s less of a leap off an actual cliff than it is being willing to take the plunge into a bigger world waiting for you to explore it.  Trust yourself today… look at everything with fresh eyes and let the new information guide your next steps.

Take Action:  Where have you been attached to fears of something ‘not working out’ that keep you from trying something new?  Start by picturing all the things that could go right with it today.  Begin there, and see what images pop into mind.



Day Two – The Hooded Man

Hooded ManHmmm, any time this one shows up, it’s time for some introspection, my friend.  You are stepping in to big changes and with it comes opposition, risk, the unknown.  All these and more can challenge you on this new path.  Take time to check in with yourself and see what it is that you require so you can travel the road ahead with your own care and concern to keep you safe.  It takes time on unfamiliar paths to make acquaintances into friends and to map out the best directions.  You are being brave and this is no small task you are undertaking.  See yourself clearly as the risk taker you are.  After all, there are many different kinds of risks in a day.  The risk of being rejected or criticized, there are any number of of ways you are vulnerable in a day.  Be kind to you and take a few minutes to really see yourself.  The light you shine on yourself, makes it easier to see where your needs may have made you selfish or inconsiderate in your forward motion.  It happens.  Fix it and move on.  And fixing it is part of what occurs naturally when you take time to see yourself!

Take Action:  List five things you did that pleased you today.  Then add one (and only one) that you want to improve upon for tomorrow.  That’s the balance, at least five positive to one negative.  Then work on making it ten to one for tomorrow.


Day Three – Four of Stones

Four StonesIt’s firm foundation time my friend…This four says check the corners are on solid ground for whatever it is in life that makes you feel secure.  If your safety is a long term relationship, then do a spot check on what can help keep the foundation strong.  If it’s a job, then do a little review to ensure that you have expressed appreciation for what you have.  Do the grunt work today around those things that make you feel at ‘home’.   A little investment today will pay big dividends as you move ahead.  Don’t let fear box you in or cause you to wall yourself off.  Instead, do the maintenance work, let your gratitude be evident and abundant.  This too is one of the ways to make sure you are well protected is to always be grateful for what you have, even if you wish to tweak how it shows up!

Take Action:  Say thank you in person, in writing, in physical form of some kind today for whatever provides the most security for you.




Day Four – Five of Vessels

5 vesselsOkay this five is the cause of some controversy.  In the Wildwood Tarot it is named ecstasy.  In traditional Tarot it is the heartbreak card.  So I like to offer you both sides of this today.  Something that has been heartbreaking is going to be the doorway by which you find overwhelming joy.  Be willing to let things transform.  In order for that to happen you must let what didn’t turn out be mourned as a loss before you can move on.  Emotions could be bumpy today, it’s okay.  Once you let yourself grieve you have cleared space for the joy to come.  Be willing to let your greatest creative (fives are always around creativity and new beginnings) tragedy turn into your greatest creative triumph!  Know you have equal capacity for all emotions.  To try to squash one unpleasant one has the effect of putting a damper on all the others.  So letting the feelings flow unblocks all the other emotions.  That’s my take on the two sides of this five!

Take Action:  Pick something that has been heartbreaking.  Give yourself a ritual to help process the loss – a funeral even.  Write a eulogy if needed.  Then bury it or burn it.  The actions will help set you free!



Day Five –  Eight of Stones

8 Stones copyAh, this Eight is a favorite for so many reasons, not the least is the hand print on the wall!  Eights will always show you what you have put out to the world by what is coming back to you.  It’s not always an exact match but it’s a feeling.  This one is about learning to master something, perfecting your craft, being mentored by someone who knows more than you do.  I know, shocking to admit but there are subject matter experts out there with much to share.  Today the question is ‘are you willing to learn and improve’?  Where can you up your game, where can you take your work to the next level?  The promise with this card is that time invested always, always, always pays off when the stones are in evidence.  The last ten months leading up to the Astrological peak this week means you’ve come a long way baby as far as being your own best guide.  Mastery of something takes long hours so be sure it’s something you love and you will reap the rewards on every level.

Take Action:  Read a new paper, take a class, watch a video or buy a book on your craft.  Your education is worth investing your time in today for the rewards it will give back!



Day Six –  Eight of Vessels

8 of VesselsAh, this card is another favorite and it’s also the second Eight in a row.  Two Eights together mean a development not expected.  Be prepared to be surprised today.  This Eight means letting go of something that no longer serves you, an attitude or habit that you walk away from to begin something new.  Given that it’s Vessels it is a heartfelt release that clears the decks for something new to be ushered in, something lovely.  The caution is that you must empty your hand of the old in order to leave it open to receive what is coming in for you.  Can you let go?  There is a lovely rebirth waiting for you to receive it.   Like waves that pull back with the outgoing tide let the old pull away and let the new wave bring you a fresh start.   One where you see your part in it all and don’t expect it to be handed to you, but also know you have support for doing what needs to be done.  The moon is at play today so watch for moods to fluctuate and flow.  Take responsibility for your own emotions and you will master the waves.

Take Action:  Put your hand on your belly and breathe.  Ask for guidance and let the images in your mind show you what you need to release in order to receive today.  Trust it and let go…




Day Seven – King of Stones

King Stones BorderedThe Kings always signify the Masculine, linear energy and the stones are also linear and tangible.  What that means is there is concrete action required or offered today.  You and/or those around you will show up for some measurable progress.  This is the slowest moving element, so don’t expect speedy results.  Today’s Saturn Neptune square is intense and brings to a peak all the lessons learned during this last ten month’s time.  You’ve have reason to comfort yourself, you’ve had need to stand strong for yourself.  Don’t worry if you haven’t done it perfectly.  You did it.  Now it’s about realizing those victories are part of you, those failures taught you, those struggles prepared you and you are ready, ready, more than ready for what comes next.  See yourself as powerful as you are.  Acknowledge your strength and see what you’ve accomplished.

Take Action:  Today your action is to make a list (mental is fine but written or oral is better) of all the challenges you’ve handled since November 26th, 2015.  Go ahead, brag a little…











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