Daily Tarot With Mercury Retrograde Aug. 29-Sept. 5th 2016

The cards and the Astrology this week take us right to Mercury’s stronghold, the mind!  We have Mercury Retrograde kicking in Tuesday and it will be in force through September 23rd.  Most likely you’ve already felt it and will throughout the month.

But this retrograde has some real gifts to offer because it is squeezed in between Jupiter and Venus, both good luck planets!  Of course you are required to contribute something but the return on investment promises to be BIG, BIG, BIG.  Ready?
Please do keep in mind the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!

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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme like a container to hold the individual days together.  Use it like frosting on the cake to add the final layer that adds sweet unity to all the rest of it.


Card of the Week – The Wanderer

The Wanderer

With this card holding the week together we are reminded to trust our intuition first!  The mind is your servant NOT your master, so wherever your linear traffic cop thoughts try to shuttle you down a familiar path, ignore them and take that right turn if you feel the call of the unknown.  Leaps of faith will be rewarded when they are inspired by your heart this week!  Then it’s okay to call on your mind to help you navigate the unknown, but it doesn’t get to decide the direction.  Keep the intuition first, heart second and mind third and you will be sitting pretty for all kinds of wonderful surprises.  Trust what you really want, stay flexible on how and when it shows up and watch what happens.







Day One – Seven of Bows

7 Bows

With this seven it pays to remember you are on higher ground then you think you are.  Don’t swat flies with cannonballs.  As Pluto shifts into the gate of estrangement (also known as conflict) let the differences of opinion with others help you round out your point of view.  You don’t have to agree with them, but listening, really being open to a bigger perspective is going to serve you verrrrrry well today.  You may not  realize how much more you have in common when you focus on where you differ.   So take it in, help get out of your past limits on what you ‘thought’ something meant and find out what’s really going on with whatever you touch today.  You’ll be glad you did as the week unfolds.

Take Action:  Pick one person you’ve had a conflict or differing opinion with this last month and even if you don’t talk to them, review your opposing views.  Visualize a new bridge appearing between you and then see what it is made out of.  Look up the symbols for that material and have some fun…



Day Two – Five of Arrows

5 of ArrowsThe fives are always a creative number and this one flags you that where you are expanding, your mind is going to jump in to kick up conflict, criticism and frustration to help slow you down.  Mercury goes retrograde today and the important theme for this one is what do you love enough to weather the obstacles and challenges that go with obtaining your goal.   Let your criticisms help whittle your actions into a streamlined persistent effort that aligns with your goal.  Will you adjust your beliefs around set backs to see them as a chance to renew your commitment to what is important to you?

Take Action:  Let the critic in your mind show you where you are expanding.  Whether it is other people or yourself that feels the sharp edge of dissatisfaction, let it lead you to it’s opposite which is a better understanding of what you DO want to create.  Knowing that is the first step to making it happen…




Day Three – Two of Stones

2 of bowsThis two keeps showing up and here it is again as the month winds up.  With two balance is always required.  The stones represent actions.  So the question for you today is what is competing for your attention so you can act on it?  There is nothing like a choice to help you define what is important to you.  When you only have one thing to choose, the choice is to have nothing or to have something.  Most people prefer the latter.  But when you have two options in front of you suddenly you have to dig a little deeper.  Which one makes you feel more you?  With the Saturn Neptune square still being felt, recognize where you’ve had too much or too little structure and discipline and use this card to help you bring balance to your choices today.  All work and no play is just as harmful as all dreams and no action.

Take Action:  Choose which one is right for you today and dial up the balance in your life.  More play or more effort – which one serves you best?  Do that one…




Day Four –King of Arrows

King of ArrowsHello high flying King of Arrows!  This King is the one that is like the Air Traffic Control Tower.  It helps you see in all directions, with a better understanding of what needs to be done to get all the planes landed or lifting off in the right order.  Be prepared to use some executive decision making today.  You have perspective and all the information you need – trust yourself, be aware of the critic in your mind that wants to get it ‘perfect’ when what may serve you so much better is getting the best decision possible now, adjust as needed going forward.  After all an object in motion takes less effort to redirect than getting going and changing direction.  Don’t worry as much about lining up every detail. Trust yourself and know that you will get it right – not perfect, but just what is needed today!

Take Action:  Notice where your mind wants to keep gathering information today.  The more pull you feel to research, the more likely it is that you need to make a decision there.  Pull the rip cord and JUMP.




Day Five – Two of Arrows

2 arrowsAh the second two of the week and we are still in arrows territory!  Two twos in a week means separating paths and this card in the traditional tarot signals separating paths.  So you get the message twice today – your mind is NOT the best decision maker!  Your heart is the authority and then your mind serves you figuring out how to connect with what the heart wants.  What this Mercury Retrograde can help you leave behind is the belief that you have to break off from your emotions in order to make the best choice.  It’s exactly the opposite that is true.  But if your fear brain pushes away what you long for, then it has safely kept you in familiar territory.  The old adage, ‘A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are made for’ comes to mind.  You have to set sail and risk if you want to live.  Notice where your mind wants to limit risk more than live!  This is what you can leave behind today!

Take Action:  So today let your mind figure out how to remove obstacles and bring what you wish for closer!



Day Six –King of Bows

King of BowsThe Master of Instincts is making his appearance!  This King is fearless and bravely goes into uncharted territory.  What a way to wrap up the week, with courage and inspiration.  This is the second King this week and that combination means that upright conduct (another way of saying integrity) is met with success.  When we allow ourselves the truth of what we want while still considering how those desires impact the world around us, then we open all kinds of collaborations that aren’t possible when we deny what we want or insist on them at all costs.  Find your way through the balancing act between where you feel powerful enough so it halts fears of being dominated and it’s shadow side, where you can be the one over playing your power cards and forcing an issue.  The win today is discovering where everyone wins.  You can do it…

Take Action:  Take whatever conflict you have present in your life now and do a short five minute meditation where you ask to see all the influence you already have that you haven’t noticed.  Let your power show you where it shows up for you when you aren’t paying attention.



Day Seven – Nine of Arrows

9 of ArrowsYou know what I love about this card in the traditional Tarot?  It is the card that signals needless worry!  Today you get to see where your mind has you convinced there is a monster in the closet in the dark of night, only to turn on the light on and see that what you were afraid of is merely a shirt that cast a funny shadow.  We can make up extraordinary stories to torture ourselves with fear.  This Nine says, take command back, see the fear for what it is and say no to needless worry!  You’ve got this… it has been challenging and you rose to meet every challenge.  You are still standing.  Instead of trying to think your way through any and all potential hurdles ahead, reset your brain by reminding yourself all that you’ve already been through and how well you did in most cases.  The Nine’s are also the teacher number so it says you’ve come far enough along to pass some of your hard earned wisdom to someone else.  Well done you…

Take Action:  Make a list of recent tough moments you got through in relatively one piece.  Don’t worry about how well you did, just list out as many as you can that you handled and survived.  After all you are reading this post so you are still here, right?  End the week with celebrating how strong you are!








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