Daily Tarot August 22-28th Saturn And Mars Meet Up

The cards and the Astrology this week are about Power and how it’s used.  Is it ‘Might for Right’ or are we simply going to let ‘Might BE Right’?  In other words, are you going to let the Bullies win or are you going to make a different choice.  That includes the bullies in your mind… But with these two close together don’t expect results immediately.  Be prepared for the long haul and patience will come in handy this week!
Please do keep in mind the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!

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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme like a container to hold the individual days together.  Use it to layer in meaning for you.

Card of the Week – 

The Guardian

The GuardianThis card is one that is greatly misunderstood in Tarot, and in our world for that matter.  It is the Death card.  Now it rarely if ever means a physical death in the way most people think of it happening in the body.  Almost always this card signals slow change, one that requires rest and repair.  Think of it as Winter when the leaves fall off the tree and life goes dormant.  It isn’t the end of the whole world, it is the end of a season in preparation for a new season.  Things move in cycles and we are wrapping up a ten month cycle of deep internal shifts in how we nurture ourselves and how we stand up for ourselves.  Spend a little time seeing how the things that have happened over the months have given you a chance to re-parent yourself in a wiser, more generous place then you may have experienced as a child.  Use this week to see where after you’ve been loving with yourself when some of these hard choices have come up you’ve also stood up for yourself or made a stand for what matters to you.  You’ve made more progress than you think.  Let this week reveal just how far you’ve come.  And watch for signs of the proverbial and metaphorical ‘Spring’ to appear – it always follows Winter.




Day One – Queen of Bows

Queen of BowsThis Queen is one of my favorites because she promises both work and home are being wonderfully handled by you.  Notice I didn’t say perfectly, simply that you’ve got a full life and are doing it well. This Queen speaks to the balance between head and heart work and personal.  The Astrology today favors being organized in preparation for the week ahead.  So spend some time on mental, emotional or actual house cleaning to help you clear the clutter in advance of some fun new opportunities being served up.   Then as we roll into the evening you can use your intuition to help you see which of the new opportunities will serve you best and how you want to act on them.  Not a bad way to start the week… Even if it does involve cleaning.

Take Action: 

 Take one clutter drawer, cabinet, purse, filing cabinet and straighten it out.  Go ahead, you will feel better and you never know what you may find!





Day Two – Two of Stones

2 of bowsAny time you have a two you are balancing things and it builds on the theme we started yesterday with the Queen.  The stones always mean action so here you have competing priorities for your physical attention.  What to focus and act upon, that’s the question for today.  With competing priorities or even outright competition it gives you a choice that requires you tune in to see what is the most important for you.  Notice where ego wants to win, which can take your attention away from the bigger question.  What matters more to you and what are you going to do about it?   In sports it’s a proven fact that there is something that happens when there is someone else to compete against.  It gets best performances out of those who are inspired to outdo a rival.  So let the contrasting elements show you where you can bring a personal best to anything you do today.  Achieving your goals the right way is key for this, so keep your integrity high and let the challenges of the day take you to greater accomplishments!  Mars and Saturn give you greater results for persistent effort.

Take Action:  Wherever you feel challenged, either by a thought, person or situation today picture it as a race and one that has you digging deep to get your own Olympic Record results.




Day Three – The Woodward

WoodwardThis Major Arcana card is about coming from strength rather than force.  Control is a rigid response to change and can be brittle in it’s determined management of the process, trying to achieve a particular outcome in a particular way.  Strength on the other hand is fluid and commanding.  It says no matter what shows up you can respond from a core place of trust in your ability to handle it.  Say yes to what’s right for you, no to what isn’t and stand strong for what matters most to you.  This card ties in with Saturn and Mars asking you to use your strength wisely rather than forcing a fit when things don’t look as you’d like.  Work on rearranging things as they arrive rather than wrestling with the unwanted or surprising things.   In the Wildwood Tarot they include this phrase in the description I just love:  “I am not a victim”.  The message today is to change up your belief that anything happens to you.  Replace it instead with a sure fact that it is happening FOR you, then go make the most of it.  That is true Strength!

Take Action:  Take one thing that pops your temper or frustrates you today and turn it around.  Try looking at it for just a few minutes from the point of view, “how does this help me”?



Day Four – Nine of Bows


Ah, this nine is about mental discipline.  Time to take those inspired ideas and give them real form.  Start connecting up the possibilities you can imagine with the realities that exist and see where that takes you.   Your job today is to learn from past mistakes, incorporate those lessons into what you are doing now and don’t let blocks to your progress get you discouraged.  That’s where the mental discipline is key.  Every detour, obstacle or delay has offered you a chance to gather up more resources, confidence or connection.  Nine’s are the teacher number because it means you have come far enough along your path to start giving back to those around you.  No longer feeling as helpless, seeing where you have had more influence then you realize is important today.  Re-view recent history.  See how much you’ve grown in confidence these last few months.  From this place, you can make plans with those you trust and feel as solidly centered as you are!

Take Action:  Talk to one or two friends who know you well and have them share where you’ve grown this last year.  Have some fun with it!




Day Five –Seven of Vessels

7 VesselsThis seven wants you to tune in to your intuitive side today.  In traditional Tarot this card says there are many spiritual gifts for you when you are open to receive!  The challenge rests in the fact that when we are young and receptive we feel overwhelmed, swamped by the strong emotions of those around us, especially adults.  Mars and Saturn show you, now as the grown up, you have walls up against letting in what’s unwelcome and if it’s too strong a wall, not much good can get in either.  Today your job is to notice where those barriers and protection have kept you expecting the worst from others, or from the world.  When you are willing to look at it with fresh eyes the new perspectives are revealed.  But you can’t get there without letting go of some defenses that have served you long and well.  When we have a ritual for what you want to let go of around those prickly walls you can move the trapped old emotions out and make room for the new.  Be gentle with yourself today.  The astrology offers help for some ‘aha’ moments and shifts but softly, softly, softly as you go.

Take Action:  Make a ritual out of at least one pattern you can surrender today to help you shift out the old and open up for the new!



Day Six – Four of Bows

Four BowsSweet celebration today!!  The Astrology and the cards are in perfect agreement.  Enjoy yourself doing what you love, with the people you love today.  It is absolutely sweet space to revel in good food, good friends, good times!  Make yourself cozy at home or over at a friends and play, play, play!  This card can mean marriage in Traditional Tarot, or real estate so there could be an actual wedding or anniversary to go to or it can simply signal the perfect compliment of what you wish for and what happens.   Whatever it is for you, look forward to an easier day because there is so much love and laughter available for you.

Take Action:  If you don’t have an invite to a party, throw one of your own, even if it’s just for you.  Serve your favorite foods, entertainment and fall in for your own enjoyment.





Day Seven – Queen of Vessels

Queen of VesselsThis Queen is the most feminine of the feminine.  The promise with this is you attract good fortune and happiness almost effortlessly you are so magnetic today.  The caution with this is the emotions that well up are both the dark and the light so you may get some sadness due to this cards sensitivity.  Take responsibility for your feelings, sort through which ones are actually yours and which ones might be someone else’s flowing your way.   The harvest for today is around maturity where your emotions are concerned so that you can enjoy all the wonderful treasures that come with it!  Emotional clarity is a wonderful tool to help navigate your day.  After all the heart is 5,000 times more magnetic then our thoughts.   Put the pull of your heart to work for you once you’ve practiced some emotional clarity.   Then sit back and be receptive to invitations, opportunities and more.

Take Action:  If you find yourself feeling sad put your left hand on your belly and ask yourself ‘Who’s feelings are these’.  Notice if you get any images or hits on who may be contributing to the feeling or see if it is your face or actions that cross your mind.  It’s a nice check in point!









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