Daily Tarot 8/15-21/2016 Full Moon & More

What a week we have lining up!  Here’s your forecast with Astrology and Hand Analysis thrown in to the mix.  Isn’t it fun to have more help to expand the rich story of you?  We have the full moon this week with plenty of high tension aspects making the inner ground shake, rattle and roll as change starts to become inevitable.

We are gearing up to a Mars/Saturn conjunction the following week which fuels tempers but also can have you moving forward on long cherished goal.  The cards reveal it’s a big week ahead!

Please do keep in mind these cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!

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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.

Card of the Week – The Pole Star

Pole Star Daily Tarot
Pole Star Daily Tarot

It’s no accident the Perseid Meteor Shower is still going on this week.  All you have to do is look up at the night sky (away from bright lights) to see a heaven raining down a reminder that we are made of the same stuff our stars are.  So go outside and wish upon a falling meteor, go ahead, make two or three wishes!  There are plenty to choose from this week.  It’s about opportunities and letting your mind go big and broad with what you want.  The Astrology points to a week where heartfelt healing can happen, the light dawns and shadows can fall behind you.  Your job is to trust the light ahead and not keep turning back to the shadows behind you.  People with opposite points of view can suddenly see how the two can help round out the picture rather than battling each other.  You recognize that the emotional wound is exactly the place that helped you build strength to compensate for that pain.  Surrender harsh edges in favor of firm boundaries.  Be clear about what you feel and want, then watch the Universe open doors!

Day One – Five of Arrows

5 of ArrowsThe challenge today, manage your negative self talk!  This Five munches away at you like the PacMan gobbling up your peace of mind.  Fives always come up as creativity so expansion is happening today.  With it creeps fear and doubt to to get your forward movement sidelined, at least temporarily.  Pay attention to where your mind takes you.  Your brain always goes to work on your greatest strength not your greatest weakness because your strength is what helps you expand.  The brain reads expansion as risk.  All risk, physical, mental, emotional will light up the same regions of reaction and dare I say, over reaction!  So watch where your mind takes you and once you’ve served up the worst case scenario, then on the opposite side add in a mental picture of the BEST that can happen.  You won’t be able to stop your fears, so manage them!  You are in charge, not your mind – no matter how much it denies that fact.

Take Action:  Go to town on the flip side.  Seriously, whatever your worst fear is, write down the exact opposite – the best outcome.  Now every time your brain tries to take you back there, finish with the mental picture of the win!

Day Two – The Hooded Man

Hooded ManThe answers are within you today!  The Hooded Man is inner guidance and wisdom.  Don’t look to outside sources today unless you finish with sitting down and letting it all reshape in your own particular assembly of input.  Some quality quiet time is the recipe for success and surely you can carve out 10 or 15 minutes at least just for you.  We take in an extraordinary amount of information every time we blink.  We have a lifetime of it stored in our minds.  With a little down time today it can offer up tidbits or even windfalls of understanding that gives you a much bigger picture of YOU and whatever it is your are dealing with today, this week, this year.  Be open to seeing things fit together in unexpected ways and let go of old Truths that served you well but no longer work in your world now.  Let the light of awareness show you new directions to take…  They are there for the exploring!

Take Action:   Some down time is a must today.   Carve out at least 10 minutes, more if you can to spend some quality time deep breathing and letting your mind float.  Count to 100 breaths and then let your mind go where it will…

Day Three – The Queen of Arrows

Queen Arrows

This Queen is known as the woman alone.  She has a bright, quick mind and is fiercely independent with ready wit that gets put to use on the ignorant around her.  The word with this card is always ‘caution’.  Too sharp a tongue can cut you off from relationships and options you may not want to lose.  On the other hand, this card is a nice one to have when you need to separate from some thing or someone and have had trouble finding the words.  Face the unpleasant facts armed with a good perspective and the ability to speak your mind, then using caution, proceed to cut the ties that bind.  Respecting your own and others boundaries is a great guideline.  People don’t set out to disappoint us, even if it feels that way.   Be willing to see the whole story, not just your half of it.  From that place you can accomplish what’s necessary.

Take Action:  So take in the big picture, check your temper and speak carefully the hard truth that needs to be shared. It will serve you in the long run!

Day Four – The King of Stones

King Stones BorderedThe full moon early Thursday morning…   can bring and understanding of your own strong emotions from 26 degrees Aquarius opposite the Sun.  The Sabian symbol is “After a heavy storm, a rainbow”.  Did I hear a sigh of relief?  This full moon is the wrap up of the re-parenting that’s been going on since last November 26th.  We finish it on September 10th.  Kings are always the masculine part of us, the activation part and this King is one of the most solid and reliable.  You’ve had to stand up for yourself in ways you didn’t know you could.  You’ve faced challenges and handled them without crumbling, and having melt downs is not the same as crumbling.  So give yourself credit for how strong you’ve had to be and how far you’ve come.  Well done you.  So trust yourself and your process, you are closer to a tangible payoff then you realize.  And you’ve earned it…

Take Action:  Today I want you to mentally draw a line from where you were last November 26th until today.  Take a good look at how far you’ve traveled.  Surprised, aren’t you?

Day Five – The Forest Lovers

Forest LoversThe Forest Lovers asks you to be considerate with yourself today.  Kindness and loving care is available and it’s necessary.  Start by giving it to yourself. Interestingly enough, in the Jewish Calendar this day is like their Valentine’s Day.  How appropriate that we have these two facing each other.  If you’ve been single too long or simply felt alone, this card says not so much today!  Start by being a sweetheart to yourself and the day will only improve from there.  This card speaks to the balance of masculine and feminine working together rather than against each each other.   I love the Wildwood Tarot definition for this card that says:  “To truly love, we must be truly whole.  We must accept every aspect of our individual personality as well as accepting this wholeness in another person”.   Where can you see and love all of you today?  Then you will be open to loving and being loved wholly by another.

Take Action:   Burn a candle today with a love wish.  If you don’t have a special someone, dedicate it to yourself, your whole self!

Day Six – The Green Woman

Green WomanAbundance is the word for the day.  The Green Woman is an overflow of richness and tangible luxuries in life.  Now these can be much more the luxury of a perfect flower, a sunny day, delicious fruits and vegetables that represent the gift of Mother Earth to feed and care for us.  In traditional Tarot the Empress means that you receive recognition and reward for your efforts and the gains could be larger than you expect.  Often this is an optimistic push to see that things are going better than you realize.  So revel in the promise of good things flowing your way today and enjoy the bounty the world is offering up.

Take Action:  This card invites you to indulge your senses.  Pick one and let yourself feast on sight, sound, taste, smell or touch.



Day Seven – Seven of Stones
7 StonesAh, this Seven of Stones has the Green Woman sitting over the man as a healing symbol.  Use the feminine to nurture and rest the masculine today.  Take a break from action, don’t rush, push or force anything today.  Your body requires some stillness and peace!  I love the Wildwood Tarot that mentions the key component of healing is always forgiveness.  Whether it’s forgiving yourself for what you’ve done or not done, or whether someone else requires this from you – your wholeness and recovery is so much the greater for serving it up.  Can you let go of the ‘shoulds’ and trust that whatever happened was perfect, no matter how flawed it looks in the rear view mirror.  It’s time to move on, so rest and recover with a heartfelt pardon for the past.

Take Action:  Give yourself a ritual of release for any emotions that keep you tied to disappointment, defensiveness, resentment or any other toxic build up that shields you from the good waiting for you.  Play a song, burn something or write an epitaph for what is finished.  Good…  Now rest.

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