Daily Tarot 5/2-5/8 – Mercury Retrograde and becoming whole

Here’s your Daily Tarot a Week at a time – are you ready to see what the week has shaping up for you with this Mercury Retrograde? Remember the cards don’t decide anything for you, they give you insight to make a better decision!

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Where can you uncover your hidden power, expand on the story you tell yourself?   Enjoy these ancient symbols that help make your world a bigger, better creation with added flavor to each day!

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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.

Card of the Week – Five of Stones

5 StonesThis card in traditional Tarot is the sign of two people who can’t quite connect, those near misses, and has an “almost but not quite” feeling to it.  With Mercury and four other planets in retrograde, this speaks to taking a pause to look at those places in our life where we haven’t landed on what what we want yet?  The best advice for each day is to look at the different areas in our lives where we are selling ourselves and our wishes short when they haven’t materialized just yet.  After all, we are always wired to want more…  Even in our creation stories, Adam and Eve are in Paradise and it still isn’t enough!  Can we add to the picture what we do have, what has happened, how far we have come before piling on more of what hasn’t shown up yet?  That’s the goal with this week’s Card of the Week!





Day One – 
King of Arrows

King of ArrowsThis high flying King has the big picture view and a razor sharp take on whatever is happening.  Like the Air Traffic Controller, all information is funneled through these watching eyes.  So today it is the chance to see where you are always on guard for the worst of what can happen.  It is good information to know, yet it starts to color your take on life.  Being constantly on the lookout for disaster can mean you spend a lot of time and energy on avoiding the pain of life rather than seeking the joy.  There is enough information in each day, plenty to work with, on BOTH sides of that coin.  Is one getting more attention that the other?  For some it’s about adding in some wise cautionary approaches to what comes next.  For others, it’s adding in a bit more on the light side.  Up to you my friend.  See the whole picture!

Take Action:  Notice which way your mind leads – on guard against disaster or lasering in on the bright side.  Whichever side it is, give yourself ten minutes at least to look at the other side!



Day Two –Six of Stones

6 of stonesThis six is all about what is out of balance.  Sixes are always about restoring balance, finding or maintaining the integrity of the whole.  This six being in stones says the physical world we live in needs balance.  Where have we been greedy and taken more than our share?  (The 12 percent of the world’s population that lives in North America and Western Europe accounts for 60 percent of the world’s consumption of resources)   When sixes come up we are asked to pay attention to what will restore wholeness to the area represented by the card.  So physically, where are you out of balance and what needs to be restored, shifted or brought into better alignment so you can thrive rather than survive?

Take Action:  Pick one place you know you can balance yourself today and ante up.  I’m going to relax some of my disciplined eating habits – less rigid today.  Chocolate here I come.  What about you?



Day Three – 
Ace of Vessels

Ace VesselsAces always signal a fresh start of some kind and this one is heartfelt!  Whatever you did for yourself yesterday is paying dividends today.  Don’t worry if it’s just a little step in the right direction, feel how good that shift feels.  This card is like a nice long breath out that drops your shoulders and feels good, wherever you are in life, work, the moment.  Notice where something sweet waiting for your attention, right there in the midst of whatever else is going on today.  MMMMHHHH, doesn’t that feel good?  Enjoy!

Take Action:  This one is going to get an eyeroll or two, and it doesn’t matter.  Give yourself a hug, pat on the back, put your hand on your heart – any one of those things, or all of them.  It’s about feeling the love right now!




Day Four –Ten of Bows

Ten StonesTens are empowered ones, ones to the 10th degree so this Fiery ten says you’ve got big goals and you are meant to go for them.  Those supersized ambitions require stepping up with extra effort and can take longer to see materialize.  When you know that going in, then mark out some milestones to celebrate to help you feel good about your progress.  Because we know from the Card of the Week, the discouragement of ‘not there yet’ can breed despair or build endurance for the long haul, give yourself some help along the way.  The good news about this one is the tens kick ass, and this intuitive and visionary ten requires patience for the day to day while you get where you are going.  You are closer than you think!

Take Action:  Really, I want you to make a note of several milestones you will celebrate on your journey to greatness.  Go ahead, write them down! 



Day Five – 
Knight of Arrows

Knight of ArrowsWe had the King of Arrows Monday, and now we have the Knight. This card signifies action, action, action!  The question is, are you being cautioned against rushing in or urged to get a move on today?  You and only you know which way you are meant to go with this one.  If you are used to rushing into action, be mindful that a small pause can serve you very well today.  Resources you didn’t count on may be there when you slow down long enough to take a look around and see them.  Or perhaps you are meant to get a move on, leave an outdated situation, choose a new pathway?  You may have been doing a lot of thinking, this card says if you’ve been all thought and no action, the time may be right!  You decide…

Take Action:   Action or slow down, which one will it be.  Pick the right one for you, and do tell us what happened for you!




Day Six – 
Nine of Vessels

9 of VesselsHello Nine of Vessels!  Nines are all about an end destination of one cycle, the mastery or completion, where you then graduate to the next playing field up!  Congratulations.  You’ve come far enough on whatever heartfelt wish you’ve been holding to get to see the beginnings of your dream come true.  This card doesn’t mean you have it all in hand just yet, but you can see the long-for destination in sight.  Feel good?  With Vessels this is creative or emotional milestone that holds a great deal of promise about to be fulfilled.  Don’t worry about what isn’t there yet, keep your eyes on the finish line and know you are almost home!

Take Action:  Nines call for a celebration!  Is it a sweet treat, an afternoon off, a phone call to share the good news with a friend?  You decide, just give yourself the moment, you’ve earned it!




Day Seven –Three of Bows

3 Bows BorderedThrees always signal communication, communication, communication.  With the bows signifying vision and intuitive inspiration, who fires you up today?  This is Mother’s Day so no matter what your relationship with your own mother, honor the place in you that nurtures your heartfelt wishes and dreams.  For those who’s Mom is still here, reach out and share something that felt good from childhood in a way that feels right for you.  It’s good to remember that the one place where one plus one equals more than the sum of the parts is in creating us!  Mom plus Dad equals you.  That’s one threesome that helps define the core of life – that place where it doesn’t always make sense, but it can make magic.

Take Action:  Celebrate the place in you that gives birth to new life, whatever form that may take.  You deserve recognition, too!

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