Daily Tarot 4/25-5/1 – Justice Will Be Served

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It’s my way of giving you some of my favorite creation tools, to make the best stories of each day.  Share them with someone you love.  Where can you uncover your hidden power in the story you tell yourself?   These visual symbols help make your world a bigger, better creation!


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With the Super Full Moon last Friday and four planets in retrograde as of last week, you can feel the seismic shifts even if you aren’t living in earthquake country.  Hold firm on what’s at the center of you, the bigger Truth is unshakable even while things go tumbling all around you.  Balance is being restored so the scales are tipping…



The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.


Card of the Week – Nine of Stones

This week we have to look carefully at what we know and believe because what is coming requires you to trust that inner guidance to achieve all that’s within your reach.  The strength of your own established rhythm’s and patterns will safely bring you home.  Nine is a master number and stones are about actions so this week is about syncing up what you believe and how you act upon those beliefs.  Where you are in harmony, life will prosper.  Where you are out of balance, the scales will tip.  Each day notice the Card of the Day and how what happens reflects to you where you can bring yourself into closer alignment with head and heart, action and intention for maximum impact on your world!


Day One – King of Stones

King Stones Bordered

This King speaks to slow, measured success that has been a long time coming.  It can herald the signing of important papers, big deals and progress along a secure path.  This King always signals efforts crowned with tangible rewards, usually pretty impressive ones.   This is not an exuberant King, more of a quiet, self-assured, confident one.  So today is more about personal satisfaction of a long journey crowned with safe arrival and sweet achievements savored for later celebration.  Today, you can see, touch and taste the reality of what you’ve earned.  Well done you!
Take Action:  Exhale slowly and give yourself credit for how hard you’ve worked, how long a road you’ve been on and just relax.  You are there…






Day Two – The Stag

StagBalance is necessary for life to thrive.  Each in breath has a matching out breath.  Our lives, all of nature reflects a rhythm that emerges over time.  This card is telling you that where you have struggled, it can now be easy.  It also shows up on the flip side.  Where you have taken more than your share, the scales will also tip.  Notice what is being adjusted today.  Where are you being blessed and where is there a struggle.  Humans have long been living out of balance with the cycles of nature and nature may have something to say about that today.  Watch for signs of what requires another way of doing or being.  Don’t worry about the corrections, even this day has balance.  You have both the pluses and minuses included in today.
Take Action:  Notice your  your breath today.  Adjustment can be as easy as that breathing.




Day Three – Nine of Bows

9 of BowsThis is the second Nine when you include the Card of the Week.  Two nines brings co-operation and contented endings.  With the Nine of Bows, this is brought about with mental discipline that shows your vision, your dreams are worth your time and efforts.  What that really means is don’t let the doubters or the haters bring you down today, even if they’re in your own mind.  Believe, Trust, Forge Ahead… I capitalized them for a reason.  Today calls for courage and vision.  After all the expansion, ups and downs, you need to trust your path and the end is in sight.  Remember it’s the second nine, so there is contented endings in sight…
Take Action:   Doubt your doubts today my friend.  It’s that simple and that hard.  Just don’t believe them whether your mind offers them up or naysayers lob them out there.  Believe!




Day Four – Queen of Bows

Queen of Bows

This Queen is the fiery one that continues the theme this week of inner trust and balance.  The Queen of Bows is the one who has both work and personal life dialed in.  Don’t worry if you aren’t feminine… we all have the ‘receptive’ side to us.  This card shows you that when you are open to receive the Universe wants to shower you with success in every area of your life.  Home and business are humming today.  Ahhhhhh

Take Action:  Light a candle today in honor of the fire within you.  See your dreams coming true in the light of the candle.






Day Five – 
Ace of Cups

Ace VesselsAces are always the start of something new.  With Vessels, it is heartfelt and creative a cherished new beginning.  This fresh start promises that what is unfolding is deeply nourishing and accesses memories of what you wanted before you were conditioned to want something else.   Remember that?  Yummy stuff and so fun.  Let the tender beginnings be enough today without loading it down with expectation.  Ones are fresh and newly hatched… so go easy on yourself today.  Beginnings are almost always a bit chaotic.

Take Action:   Mark the new beginning today with some sort of ritual that appeals to you.  Drop a penny for someone else to find, wish on a star, light a candle.  What feels right for you.
Day Six – The Green Woman

Green Woman

The Green Woman is a symbol of fertility, abundance, pleasure in life unfolding.  Today is succulent and full of possibilities that only requires you to say yes to what feels right to you.  Receive, enjoy and let the whole of what’s there for you to really impress upon you how very rich this world is with people who can delight and get you, places worth visiting, stories worth hearing and feasts worth tasting.  How much will you say yes to today?  There is more than you can possible get through in a single life time waiting for you to enjoy.  Choose the ones that are worth the effort that goes into them and fall in, even a little bit today!
Take Action:   Say yes to something new today, something tempting…  What’s waiting for you?




Day Seven – Seven of Bows

7 Bows

This seven asks you to know what’s worth fighting for but don’t turn everything into a battle.  Choose your moments, be willing to see that some things don’t require a fight, you may have already won!  Before you suit up and nock that arrow, check in calmly on the facts and be open to seeing where you may have allies and converts you didn’t even realize.  Seven is a partnership number and bows are far-sighted vision, so this says that your intuition is valued by others, give them a chance to show you.

Take Action:   Give your battles a rest today.  Let the world show you where you are on higher ground then you realize.


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