Daily Tarot – The Stuff of Stars 4/18-24th

Here’s your Daily Tarot a Week at a time – thank you for your investment with me and I look forward to all this year has to offer!  If you’ve stumbled onto this page thanks to someone sharing it with you and want to be sure you get your own copy emailed each week to have it right in your inbox HERE.  Or you can check back Sundays as my gift to you.

It’s my way of giving you some of my favorite creation tools, to make the best stories of each day.  Share them with someone you love.  Where can you uncover your hidden power in the story you tell yourself?   These visual symbols help make your world a bigger, better creation!
Have questions specific to your life?  Feeling like a little Tarot just isn’t enough?  Book your session with Lisa Here for personalized insight.  The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.


Mars is now officially Retrograde and traveling with Saturn.  Through the 29th of the month tempers are closest to the surface in a touchy spot in Astrology.  You decide – use the surging emotions to harness new beginnings and powerful shifts or just blow up at the jerk of a driver in front of you, your irritating partner or family.  It’s easy enough right now to feel the boost of energy to act, what you do with it is up to you – create or destroy.
Card of the Week – Nine of Arrows

9 of ArrowsNines are achievement cards, they always point to arriving at the place where you can see how much you’ve learned and now it’s about giving some of that wisdom back.  It’s like the teacher card.  With Arrows it’s the mind we are dealing with.  So I’ve always called this card the needless worry or ‘shirt in the closet’ card.  You think there is a monster in the closet at night but once you turn the light on you see it is just a shirt.  So much of what we fear never comes to pass.  It’s using our creative power to imagine the worst.  The good news, and the secret of this card, is to turn it around.  Once you’ve imagined the worst, now imagine the BEST that can happen.  One is just as possible as the other and the same fear that has you paralyzed can be turned into excitement at all you can create.  Go forth and create brilliantly this week.  When the fears come up, don’t worry just balance them with the other half of the equation and share this recipe for success with those around you!



Day One – The World Tree

WorldOh I do love this card… It always signifies a WORLD of possibilities for you to play with today.  Hello abundance!  Keep in mind as new worlds open up the fear brain often has a field day trying to squeeze you back into smaller space.  So use the card of the week formula today to help keep you excited about what is opening up in front of you, blooming if you will, so you can bask in the shade of rich potential spreading in all kinds of interesting ways in your life.

Take Action:  Today’s action is mental to help manage that fear brain.  I want you to picture the Earth, how big it is and you standing in one spot on the planet.  You can get to allllll the other spots on Earth, it just takes time and no how.  This is how you want to view all the options opening up to you today.  Don’t decide what anything means just yet.  Go exploring, let the World reveal itself to you one wonderful experience at a time.

Day Two – Eight of Stones

8 Stones copy

This powerful card has to do with learning to be a master craftsman at something that you can devote yourself to doing.  It’s the ‘student’ card which implies you are learning but the punch at the heart of this eight is that you are motivated, inspired, guided to be the best at what you do.  With eights you always have a give and receive action.  So watch for feedback, comments and questions that help you better understand what you already know and shine at along with what you can do to improve and perfect your craft.  You have the possibility of both these kinds of feedback today so don’t worry about what you still have to learn, guidance is good.  You’ve always got the balancing flow of what you have achieved already presented to you.
Take Action:  Help manage your critical mind by making a list (mental if you hate writing) of all the positive feedback you got today.  Let it sink in for you.  Take a bow.  Then make a list of what input you got where you can improve or finesse your craft only after you’ve basked in the positive feedback.  The order makes a difference!

Day Three – The Pole Star

Pole StarThis Major Arcana card is following hot on the heels of the World Tree.  So the message with yesterday’s card of learning is that you are a student of a brave new world that includes reaching for the stars.  Your dreams have a reason to be as big our Universe.  After all, we are made of the same type atoms that make up the Stars.  So the message for today is believe, believe, believe your dreams can come true.  Then be willing to put actions behind them to call them into form here on Earth.  This card always signals that your dreams need you to believe in yourself and what you want and put actions behind them!  Nurture, nourish and invest in what you feel and dream.  It will not only bring it about, it will make your life exponentially richer in the accomplishing.

Take Action:  Different dreams require different actions be paired with them.  For some it’s a physical effort, others require a shift in your mindset.  Then there is always the open heart approach to what you do versus the defended and defensive manner.  Decide which arena needs your attention today and practice putting the best you into whatever your efforts are today.  If you are fearful, balance it with it’s opposite, if you are defensive, practice seeing things from another person’s point of view, if you are visionary, practice slowing down long enough to give individual steps your attention.



Day Four – Six of Vessels

6 of VesselsSixes always represent healing and wholeness.  The vessels are our emotions, our hearts.  This card promises a sweet healing sense to the day.  It can be as simple as realizing how far you’ve come and enjoying a sense of accomplishment, or it can be an actual heartfelt reunion that’s been wished for.  However it shows up for you today, know that this card brings happy memories of being loved and knowing you are safe.  It also means making happy memories out of the moments in today that are worth remembering long after the sun sets.  Let this day bring you sweetness, kindness and comfort.

Take Action:  Pick your favorite comfort food or activity and indulge yourself.  As for me, it’s my favorite tea and snack and the guilty pleasure of mindless TV after my evening meal and the dishes are done.



Day Five – 
The Ancestor

AncestorThis is the third Major Arcana card this week, closely spaced together.  Can you feel how powerful the shift is right now?  The end of the beginning was last week.  We are now moving out of the raw stages of birth and into a whole new world opening up.  The Ancestor speaks to the gifts of the past being something we can selectively choose to adapt into our new world.  The difference is you are not required to travel lock step with the old ways of doing things.  Your life as you know it is completely within your command to create the best life you can have with a combination of the old and the new.  Be warned, it isn’t going to look like you think it is.  Only because you don’t know enough about all that you can achieve to ask for what will give you the biggest life possible.  It isn’t just more money, more ease or more things.  It is a bigger impact and connection to the whole world.  This card says that where tradition can be borrowed from and incorporated it will bless you.  Where it defines and limits you unnecessarily – it will be stripped away.  For your benefit, always…

Take Action:  Notice where you’ve inherited a belief or tradition that cramps your style.  Visualize it dissolving away and turning into the sands of time you can easily blow off your hands.


Day Six – The Wheel

WheelThe Wheel is the fourth Major Arcana card and represents the shifting cycles, a test in life and trusting the ebb and flow.  Not all things in your life can stay in your life.  Let the old go, some of it is a relief to see moving away, some of it is harder to let go of, either way your job is to TRUST what is happening is only to make way for NEW LIFE.  Today brings some karmic balance to your life.  What is yours will always come to you, what is not passes away.  So be on the look out for the wheel to bring you full circle to a bigger, richer expression of who you are.  This card can bring enormous good fortune when you let go and let it TURN.

Take Action:  If there is something leaving, give it a goodbye send off, whether you are happy or sad to see it go.  Endings require rituals to mark them and free you up to embrace the new.  Pick your goodbye and do it!


Day Seven – Page of Bows

Page of BowsAh, the Pages are our inner child preparing to take action.  It’s still internal and won’t be visible to the world until the Knights show up.  So this Page is the fiery visionary that holds fast to believing!  Believing IS seeing.  This card says guard the flame of your dreams and share them only with like-minded others who can help you feed the flames.  You’ve done a lot of expanding this week and when you move into new territory the ground under you can feel less familiar and solid.  So spend time with those people and in the places that anchor the magic of this week with shared applause and enthusiasm for what’s unfolding for you.  Then you can also celebrate with them what they have going on as well.  Today is a day for like minds, my friend.  Find yours and enjoy. 

Take Action:  Choose at least one supportive friend and tell them the story of your week.  It’s a biggie and it requires an audience.  Make sure you have one!

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