Daily Tarot 5/9-15 Mercury Eclipse

Here’s your Daily Tarot a Week at a time – are you ready to see what the week has shaping up for you? Remember the cards don’t decide anything for you, they give you insight to make a better decision!
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Where can you uncover your hidden power, expand on the story you tell yourself?   Enjoy these ancient symbols that help make your world a bigger, better creation with added flavor to each day!
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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.

Card of the Week – 

Page of Stones

Page of StonesThe Pages signify the point before we act (knights are action) and the stones are the physical world.  So this Page is about observing what’s actually going on in the world.  Notice the details this week.  Not just what you wish to be true but instead what’s visible, tangible, solid.  This week we have a Mercury eclipse which happens every 6-7 years so the promise with this card is you’ll be able to take the ‘soaring mind’ the eclipse brings and ground it into every day actions.  On the caution side, this can serve up more of a ‘prove to me you’re real’ attitude, when what we need to remember is things take time.  Observe the details, there will be plenty along the way.   Like bread crumbs leading you out of the forest, look for markers on your path way home.






Day One – 
Ten of Stones

Ten StonesThis one to the 10th degree says you’ve got cause to celebrate.  Your hard work is paying off, there are results you can measure.  There’s a feeling of safety, security and a sense of being whole with this day’s card.  Notice the relationships you have, the opportunities you’ve taken that yielded rich offerings.  Today is not just a feeling but the fact of being supported by the Universe.  While you take stock of what abundance is there for you, don’t be surprised if more rolls in – this card can signal this kind of effect.  Counting your blessings today could take a while.  Why not, right?

Take Action: 

  Enjoy, delight, breathe out and if it feels good, write out a list of all the good you have around you today.  Actually COUNT your blessings!




Day Two – 
Page of Arrows

Page of arrowsThis is the second Page this week when you count the Card of the week.  The Arrows are our minds and this bird gives you the reminder to do your homework.  Don’t believe everything you think – until you’ve done the detail work.  Pessimism can come up with this card because your mind wants to keep you from risking anything too dangerous before you move into action (the Knights).  So before you let your mind give you only the negative side of things, take a balanced look, due diligence is required before you can trust those fears running rampant across your mind.

Take Action:  

Due diligence involves questioning everything, look for proof and if you don’t find it, be realistic about when it is real to expect it.  Are you jumping to conclusions too soon?  Patience and homework today pays off!





Day Three – Five of Swords

5 of ArrowsThe mind is pushing back still more today my friend with this Five of Arrows.  This card is the Pacman in our minds, patiently nibbling away at the edges of any peace.  Doubt your doubts today.  When the mind is busy, balance it with facts AND feelings.  Take the big picture view, since that little old five doesn’t see the whole landscape.  This is what brings up the fears and doubts – looking at too small a picture and believing it to be the whole story.  Pull back, check details, look for those breadcrumbs my friend.  The mind always goes to work on you when expansion is at hand, so manage this greedy Pacman and take charge.

Take Action: 

Doubt your doubts. Seriously, before you let a thought land, roll it around and see it from all sides.  Then be willing to include more information as it comes in before accepting it as true!




Day Four – 

Six of Swords

6 arrowsAhhhhh, this is the success after yesterday’s push back on those pesky fears.  Six always represents wholeness and this one says you’ve earned a rest.  The mental storm has passed, well done you!  In some decks there is a rainbow you can see.  The calm after the storm.  You’ve earned it.  You did your homework, you doubted your doubts and now you get the payoff.  Breathe easier, you are on your way.  The crumbs always lead you back home.

Take Action:  

Relax today.  The action of the day is to take no other action but to congratulate yourself on having come through the mental storm kicked up with Mercury’s flight in front of the Sun.  Yippee!






Day Five – 
Knight of Stones

Knight StonesThis Knight fulfills the promise of the Page in our card of the week.  We’ve seen enough, trusted enough to make a shift slowly in a new direction.  One that promises rich tangible proof that we are on the best path for us.  There is no haste required, no rushing about with this Knight.  It is slow, steady progress into a solidly grounded future that holds much to reward us for our efforts.  The journey is every bit as precious as the arrival so take notice of what’s going on around you today.  You may get an offer, you may receive an invitation or book something you’ve waited for.  This day is about sure action and emerging results.  Not the whole picture, but one you can confidently trust to keep unfolding well.

Take Action: 

 Touch nature today.  Notice and if you can put your hands on a tree do so.  The same slow growth that is represented in that tree is what you have in your life today.




Day Six – Seven of Vessels

7 VesselsThis Seven speaks to time alone to release the past.  When you say yes to new paths as you have this week, old ones are no longer an option.  No matter how excited you are for the future, take a moment to honor that which is going away.  The old no longer serves yet it had a place in our lives and deserves a goodbye.  To take time for this will only enrich anything you create moving forward.  The past is gone, the future is waiting for us.  It is time today to let the whole story of what went before this new chapter to unfold.  See it all, it has much to tell you, much to reveal to you about yourself.  It is good to be alone for a bit today.

Take Action:  

Give your past a funeral.  It can be as simple as writing ‘my past’ on a piece of paper and burning it, or burying it.  Say goodbye and let yourself feel it’s passing.




Day Seven –The Guardian

GuardianThis intense card has something special to offer us.  A question…  This card wants to know, are you trusting just what you see?  If you are, is it possible you might be missing part of the picture.  Appearances can be deceiving and this week has lots of of opportunities to check out the deeper Truth of what you see and believe.  The good news is those things you believe have more power than they do can be upended in a shift of power.  What you fear can have power over you, until you take command back.  The surge of power that comes with this is switch up and switch on for a primal link with the life force within you.  Time spent in your own company can shift the power back into your hands.  This week has given you just what you need to make this important change.

Take Action:  Spend time either by yourself or with another connecting with the root of your power.  The choice of what you believe is always up to you – speak the words out loud, see what is yours and take your power back.

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