Daily Tarot – 5/16-23rd

Here’s your Daily Tarot a Week at a time – are you ready to see what the week has shaping up for you? Remember the cards don’t decide anything for you, they give you insight to make a better decision!


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Where can you uncover your hidden power, expand on the story you tell yourself?   Enjoy these ancient symbols that help make your world a bigger, better creation with added flavor to each day!


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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.

Card of the Week – Forest Lovers 

Forest Lovers

This card is a reminder to see the options this week.  There is polarity built into us, built into the world around us.  Use this as an invitation to see the options in any situation.  What are fresh approaches you might take to thinking, feeling, doing whatever comes up this week.  Choose the one that is most considerate of you and you will be able to have more generosity for other people as well.  This card can also signal telepathy or better than average intuitive syncing up with people this week.  If you find yourself in a triangle of any kind, leverage it to your benefit rather than damning the existence of an added element you didn’t count on.  There may be more good that comes of it than you realize, if only to help you define a choice.  Nothing like choosing between two things to help you define what you TRULY desire.










Day One – 
Nine of Stones

Nine of Stones

There is something so powerfully comforting in having your contributions seen and acknowledged tangibly as valuable.  This nine says that you have much to offer and it will not only be received but it will be noted as praiseworthy and of great worth.  The earthy element of the stones always ties back to the legacy of your entire history including mistakes, choices that didn’t turn out and all the second guesses.  In spite of all that’s happened, you powered through, learned from your experiences and can now rest on these lessons making you wise instead of just smart.   Enjoy the feeling of security in yourself today.  The outcome is to your benefit, especially when you start by seeing how who you are is the outcome of great worth!

Take Action:  Nines are the teaching number, find someone to support with your wisdom today.  Observe and compliment something they are doing well.  






Day Two –Nine of Arrows

9 of Arrows


Contentment and co-operative endings are the promise of two nines back to back.  With the Nine of Arrows we have the ‘shirt in the closet’ reminder.  Often we let our fears grow bigger the more we sit in the dark afraid of the proverbial monster in the closet.  Turn the light on and see what you feared is just a shirt, no monster in site.  You can decide to sit in fear or you can flip that switch.  Which one will it be?


Take Action: Take one thing that’s been rattling your nerves and find help if you need it to turn the light of clear perspective on it and watch it shrink down to size.






Day Three – 
King of Vessels

King of Vessels

This King represents the balance of both the feminine and masculine energy coming together to make magic happen.  I often see this card as the Minor Arcana version of the Magician.  Since the Kings represent reason and logic and Vessels are heart and emotion, the two combine that masculine and feminine energy to shift all kinds of things with ease and grace today.  Be receptive to what feel and want to create before you rush into action and that strategic pause will strengthen whatever the action may be.  You can take and situation and turn led into gold with a little balance of those two sides of you!

Take Action:

Practice breathing all the way out before you make a one or two of your bigger decisions today.  That strategic pause balances the left and right brain and shazam, magic!






Day Four – 

Knight of Vessels

Knight of Vessels


This represents movement in a heartfelt direction.  A long waited for invitation can come in that signals advances on a creative project or relationship.  Knights always signify movement and this watery Knight says the progress may be indirect, but trust that things are advancing, watch for ripples of effect showing you where things are moving ahead!

Take Action:  Pay attention to your body when good things happen today.  Do you take it and and feel it?  For fun, picture your heart singing and dancing.  Mine often looks like Gene Kelly, who does yours look like?







Day Five – 
Eight of Vessels

8 of Vessels


Eights always ask you to pay attention to what you are receiving.  What you put out to the world is coming back to you in the realm of heart and new beginnings.  This eight asks you to let go of what is finished and move on to what is new.   So much is waiting for you to begin when you let the old pass away.  What can you let go of today so you can move ahead?  Sometimes it is a mind set, a belief, rather than just a person, place or thing.  Whatever pops into your head first is yours to release.  Set yourself free with love and watch the Universe bring you more than you counted on to replace it.  Just have a little patience.  Water doesn’t always move fast and when it does, it can be overwhelming!

Take Action: 

Whatever it is that you want to release today, picture putting it on a ship and pushing it out to sea.  Wave good bye then turn to see what is yours to begin!






Day Six – 
Eight of Bows

Eight of Bows

This is the second eight in a row that represents a development not expected.  With the hearth fire pictured you can bet that there is warmth and community involved.  This card in traditional tarot represents an activation of something with rapid progress or recognition.  This fiery eight energy coming back to you means you can expect praise, applause or acknowledgment for your vision, your courage. You have support, you are seen, you are valued by the community or team.  Now doesn’t that feel good!

Take Action: Take a bow today my friend, you’ve earned it!  Will it be a modest, head nod of a bow or a grand sweeping curtsy to the audience acknowledging you.







Day Seven – 

The Blasted Oak

Blasted Oak


Buckle up my friend, things are shifting quickly today!  You can expect some seismic activity with this card and it can be pleasant or unpleasant.  Either way, it is knocking down old limitations and revealing broad new vistas of possibility.  Shocking change can be like ripping a band-aid off fast.  It’s one way to minimize the sting and uncover the healing wound.  Realize how we think about what’s happening can cause more trauma then the actual shift.  Let the open air hit the booboo and be sweet to yourself.  Even when it’s a good change the shock can take our breath away!

Take Action:   Treat yourself to some TLC.  Is it mac and cheese or pizza you crave or some mindless TV and favorite snacks?  Whatever it is, say yes to indulgences and absorb the shifts, there’s so much more ahead of you!

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