Daily Tarot May 23rd to 30th, Love & Action At Odds

Another Day, another card to help you create – with a mix of Astrology and Hand Analysis thrown in, how can you resist a little more help telling the rich story of you?

Please do keep in mind the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!
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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.

Card of the Week- Two of Stones

2 of bows

What I love about this two in the Wildwood Tarot is that it invites us to consider the uses of healthy competition.  In sports they use the analogy of ‘playing up’ when you are matched with someone who has better skill than you.  It can spur you to greater heights of achievement when you have someone to compete with for the prize.  The challenge of course is to stay within the bounds of fair play and win with yourself, finding the stretch goal within you rather than in using any means to defeat a rival.  We all love to win, this week the theme is how will you get across that finish line?  With Venus opposing Mars we can find a lot of emotion flaring up around what it is we want and what we will do to get it.  Keep this card in mind and remember, you gain so much more when you play with a sense of universal fairness that gives value to what you do win.  That’s a victory you can cherish and build upon!





Day One – 
The Journey

JourneyLet go my friend.  This card asks you to surrender all pretense and face your deepest fears.  They are there in the darkest recesses of your fearful mind.  What have you been to frightened to look at, to see?  Your illusions and the death of them can truly set you free to create something more, but only when you are willing to acknowledge how terrifying it’s been to face the idea of what you want not working out.  Today I want you to hold the absolute truth that there is more than one way for something to work out.  It’s clinging to the ONE way you pictured it and refusing to see where it isn’t real that is causing you the pain.  Until you acknowledge that fact, you cannot allow for bigger better possibilities to come into view.  They are there, I promise you.  The Journey asks you to let go so that something more can come in.  Are you ready to do that?

Take Action:  Write it down, your worst fear.  Burn it…  Go ahead, I dare you too!



Day Two – Seven of Stones

7 Stones

This card follows the release of yesterday and asks that you be gentle with yourself!  Tenderness, healing, patience are all required for you to rest and repair how much that release of the Journey took out of you!  You’ve been brave to let go, to face that dark night.  Now you need comfort food, soft space and things that soothe you.  Don’t worry, you will have energy and things will bloom again.  This card speaks to letting the healing be like a garden preparing to bloom.  You can’t pull the blossom open without ruining the flower.  Let everything unfold in it’s time.  There is much waiting for you to enjoy when you are well healed and ready.

Take Action:  Give yourself a timeout today!  What’s your fun ‘go to’ or favorite guilty pleasure.  Indulge, indulge, indulge!






Day Three – 
The Shaman


The keynote to this card my friend is making magic happen!  What a follow up to the week…  This card says that you are ready to draw on the wisdom of all that is in you and around you to make your dreams and wishes come true.  Take that step today, let a little magic happen.  What is required is trusting yourself, what you wish for and then allow the whole Universe to step in and help make it more than what you start with today.  The Shaman has a wicked sense of humor so look for the trick in what’s being served up.  It may look like lead but your touch can turn it to gold.  Don’t let appearances fool you, don’t let go of your dream, instead use the alchemy of everything and PLAY with it.

Take Action: 

 Take one thing that is unexpected and see where you playing with it using fresh eyes and a beginner’s mind to invite the magic in today!






Day Four – 

King of Bows

King of Bows

This particular King says you can dominate today with a little effort.  Make your mark, show the world what you can do!  There is life force, mastery of possibilities and a dancing energy waiting for you to unleash it.  Choose your arena and show up to show off.  The element of fire is our visionary leadership and the King is our active masculine.  So where will you take the lead today?  There is power and an element of healing with this card that adds to the body healing of earlier in the week.  This speaks to healing the lack of faith.  Anytime this card shows up it is an invitation, almost a command to doubt your doubts.  What makes you believe them anyway… you’ve got magic showing up this week.  Obstacles are just a chance to show what you can do as you map out a new direction for that long cherished goal.

Take Action:  

Where can you trust yourself and your gifts today and risk them out in the world?





Day Five – 
The Hooded Man

Hooded Man

Ah, you’ve done a lot in a short period of time this week my earthbound friend.  So now it’s time to go within and be still.  This card says that you’ve let go, you’ve given yourself quality healing time and then you risked in a new way when you take advantage of all this week is offering you.  So now let the quiet inside of you anchor the growth, anchor the expansion and give you a bigger, stronger, more solid belief about yourself.  All that is swirling around you is your playground.  It isn’t there to hurt you, take from you or punish you for wrong choices and actions.  It’s a mosaic taking shape that calls on all the broken pieces of your days to make art emerge.  You are an artist as well as a magician this week.  Today is for letting that sink in when you stop the outside world for a little alone time.

Take Action: 

 Take at least 20 minutes to sit quietly with yourself, just breathing.  Put your hand on your heart and belly and know that everything you require is right there.





Day Six – 
Two of Arrows

2 arrowsAh, expansion comes with risk my friend.  When you put yourself out there in the world, it can rattle a few cages.  Especially when you win the day.  This little two asks you to consider that others are likely to compare and despair when they see you achieve.  Your best bet is to remind them and you that we are wired to compare and dare!  Our mirror neurons fire when we see others make good and if we use that competitive edge for our benefit, then it helps us do more than we thought was possible.  After all, no one thought breaking the four minute mile was humanly possible, we just weren’t designed to run that fast.  Then Roger Bannister broke the barrier and guess what, so did seven more people in the next few years.  Today let the message of this two be your Roger Bannister reminder.  We are wired to inspire each other!

Take Action:  

Where will you compare and dare today rather than compare and despair?  Who can you share this with so they can turn around their own despair?




Day Seven – 

The Sun

Sun Bordered

Here comes the Sun, la la la la…. Can you hear the song?  I love this card.  It’s the most positive card in the entire deck!  So it says whatever troubles you’ve encountered this week will be well and truly overcome.  It promises the fuel of our very being will be replenished and restored just as sure as day follows night.  You’ve earned this my friend.  What a week, hmmm?  Bask in the promise of life, love, happiness, good things around you.  Your job is to let them in, celebrate them.  The heat from the Sun can melt all resistance, burn through all limitations and offers the promise of potential bubbling up inside of you.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Take Action:  Go stand in the Sun (with sunscreen of course) and let the warmth of the light seep into your very bones. 

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