Daily Tarot 5/30-6/5 – Sun Saturn Opposition means brakes or gas pedal

Another Day, another card to help you create – with a mix of Astrology and Hand Analysis thrown in, how can you resist a little more help telling the rich story of you?  We start the week with Sun opposite Saturn so it can feel like a real stop/start energy.

Feeling tired?  Trust that and SLOW DOWN.  This week is not about rushing, there are deep shifts going on, respect your bodies wisdom and take it easy!
Please do keep in mind the cards don’t decide anything for you, they draw on ancient symbols and wisdom to give you insight for better decisions!
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The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.

Card of the Week – 

The Hooded Man

Hooded ManHow appropriate that this week’s theme is about the interior you, not the exterior you!  This card shows the light of new understanding dawning within you will help you make better choices, wiser choices, richer choices for you this week!  Alone time is so powerful right now to really allow all the cosmic dust to settle so you see the wide array of options you have.  How much more can you cook up in a day with all the extra ingredients you never stood still long enough to see.  Pause, reflect, let the abundance reveal itself in small and surprising ways this week.  Once the lamp is lit inside of you then you can’t help but be a light for others to steer by as well.  So cherish your down time, and rest as much as you can this week.  It will make a big difference!






Day One – 
Six of Vessels

6 of VesselsSixes are the healing number and about being complete within yourself.   I like the words ‘with your whole heart’ for this card.  Where in your life have you been ‘half-hearted’ and therefore incomplete.  Today is the day to open your heart to loving with your total being.  Our emotions are the magnetic part of our being, so when you put your whole heart into anything the results shift dramatically.  Suddenly more options are possible, you draw to you resources that increase the chances of success.  Let yourself want the full extent of what you wish for, this day is for noticing where your mind has put the brakes on your emotions in service of keeping you safe.  Playing it safe is not so safe today.  Feel everything… don’t necessarily act on anything yet, but feel it.  To understand the depths of your desire is important for you!

Take Action: 

  If you are most afraid of losing something, spend time today really acknowledging how much you want or love what you fear losing or wrecking.  Notice where your fears creep in and just keep switching your eyes back to how good if feels to have what you in your imagination.  Practice, repeat, practice, repeat!




Day Two – 

BalanceThis card emphasizes rest as a powerful tool for growth and expansion.  Just as we breathe in, we must also breathe out.  With our Sun/Saturn opposition operating this week, rest is not just helpful, it is required.  If you push yourself this week you may pay a higher price then you want to pay.  Let things take the time they must take to come together or come apart.  You cannot push the river today, it goes where it will.  So lean back, exhale, take a pause and let the expansion of your heart’s knowing from yesterday settle into a rhythm in your body today.  Everything is unfolding perfectly even if you can’t see it from here.  Be patient and rest.  It heals the soul to be still.

Take Action:  

 No matter what you have on the books today, find a way to squeeze in 15 minutes of quiet time.  Listen to a favorite playlist in your favorite chair, meditate, or nap.  Just be quiet for 15 minutes!




Day Three – 
The Guardian

The GuardianOh my friend, today you must be willing to see beyond what appears on the surface.  The shadow is there in each of us, the place where in spite of all civilization and culture our beastly nature is still there.  The selfish bits, the primal bits, the greedy bits, these are all part of us too.  What’s your relationship with this part of you.  Do you fear it, judge it or loathe it?  Your mind has no power to wipe out these parts of you.  You can only learn to integrate the shadow into the light and thus reduce the intensity of its power over you.  To do that you must be willing to own it.

Take Action: 

 Give one of your shadow emotions a body today.  For me, I’ve made my fear into a vampire, malevolent and frightening. Dress yours up in the richest clothes, the most detailed description possible.  Then when you picture it in front of you, shrink it down to to the size of an action figure, one you can pick up and manage.  Practice doing that as often as you need to remind yourself that it’s there, it just doesn’t have to be larger than life.  




Day Four – 

Four of Bows

Four BowsAhhhhhh, after the intensity so far this week, finally a card that is sweet!  Fours are always a firm foundation like the four corners on a building.  Bows are the fire of spirit and intuition so you enjoy a spiritual homecoming today.  Doesn’t that sound sweet!  There is joy in the rich connection of those you love and the place where you feel safe.  There’s a celebration aspect to this begging for you to notice the sweetness and toast yourself and the moment.  Giving it your attention will only dial up the enjoyment.  Revel in it!

Take Action:  

Picture yourself standing under a canopy of flowers surrounded by all those you love.  Put the one you love most across from you and feel the connection you to share filling your heart.






Day Five – 
Nine of Arrows

9 of ArrowsThis nine says it is time to realize where you have been worrying unnecessarily.  Because nines are the completion of a cycle, they always ask you to reflect on what you’ve learned and give back to the world around you some of that wisdom.  Mental discipline is required with this card along with recognition of how far you’ve come.  Far enough to see what’s come before and take heart that you have gained a lot of ground, faced a lot of challenges and survived some difficult things.  So now, what will you do next with this knowledge?  Use it for yourself, or share it with the world.  Even by being a role model you can give back to the world some of what you have been given.  Today know that this, too, is part of your contribution.

Take Action: 

 Tell at least one person where you have been afraid or what you have feared and let them know you own the emotion, but it doesn’t own you.  Share courage…





Day Six – 
King of Arrows

King of ArrowsThis high flying King has the 10,000 foot view and is meant to give you the big picture on what you can leave behind.  Is it a mindset that sees you as less than you actually are?  Is it a fear that you have to settle for what you don’t want?  What is it today that you can see no longer has any good reason to travel with you as you go forward?  This card can mean either that you are the wise seeing eyes for someone around you or that another can offer that to you.  Today is about the big picture view.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to let go of anything you aren’t ready to leave.  Instead this card says you will see where the time has come for those things you are ready to release.  Do it and fly high!

Take Action:  

Write down one thing that you know you are ready to let go of today.  Burn it and let the smoke rise in the sky taking your dreams with it.  (I find iron skillets excellent for this process)




Day Seven – 

Nine of Bows

9 of BowsSweet, this is the second nine this week and signals contentment and co-operative endings.  Did I hear a sigh of relief.  After the letting go yesterday this nine says you are willing to face the road ahead with fresh perspective that includes your self respect and acknowledges you are up for the challenges that face you as you move ahead with your dreams.  Now the question is how much fun will you let yourself have with all that is unfolding?  Will you see it as an action adventure movie, or is it more a horror show?  You decided.  This is your life, your movie.  Write a different story now that you’ve left some of your limitations behind.  Why not?

Take Action:  Pick your favorite movie and notice what the theme of it is.  Man against nature, man against man, a character study?  Then notice where you see your life as either like your favorite or not so much.  If there’s a gap, start rewriting the story in your head!  You have the power…Life is your movie!

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