Daily Tarot With TruthinHand 3/4-10 Old Guards Surrender

The Present:

The energy isn’t exactly gentle this week.  There is a hum of Mars outrage at any challenge to established authority and rules.  It has the flavor of “I have the power, so you do as I say”.  Hmmm, it reminds me of the lemon tree in my backyard that was dying and so the lemons it put out were almost more seeds than they were lemon.  The power of the old guard dwindles but not without a last roar of outrage.

This is present within you as well.  Old thoughts and stories, especially around your wounds, don’t like being replaced with beliefs that feel freer and powerful.  It’s a testing time.  Do you believe, really believe you have a choice and can see anything that has happened or going on now in light of your greater understanding of you.  Conflict is your chance to speak personal truth and learn to integrate that into day to day life without hiding it or battering others with it.  It’s odd to think that the mere fact that something is true for you can be hard and need time to adjust to, yet this struggle shows up in all kinds of surprising ways.  Jupiter lends it’s help as it slows down to go deep in retrograde with Scorpio flavor, taking you back over growth territory in oder to firm up tender new ground.

The Old:

In childhood we learn to withhold parts of us unacceptable in our families and now they present themselves for readmittance.  The force with which they show up can vary from the shy bits poking a timid nose out to the avalanche of words that rushes out when someone says the perfect trigger.  You aren’t alone in stumbling along, surprised at some of the feelings and actions that emerge in conversations or quirky moments.  That Mars outrage can try to shout them down or scare them back into hiding as the grip of old patterns fights to stay relevant as you change.  Jupiter retrograde reminds us that you have wells of strength within you and the time to put them to use is at hand.

The good news is this week Pluto makes a big shift and the slow moving transformer carries this struggle with it into the territory of ‘don’t care’.  It’s a clarity to see the struggle for exactly what it is.  The death cry of the old as the new you emerges triumphant.  The Truth, the real Truth is going to get more and more obvious.  Which brings a big sigh of relief and a few regrets where you sold yourself short.  Know that nothing is wasted, not one moment of what you’ve lived through.  So don’t waste too much time on regret or ‘poor me’.  This is the shadow side of the old order trying to keep a hand in the new game.

Your Change Agents:

What matters now is what is in front of you.  What do you want to create with it?  Where can disagreement open you up bigger perspectives that enrich you without surrendering what you know is true?  Play here and set up a new normal of abundance in whatever lies ahead.  This year goes right to the heart of the scarcity mentality to dismantle that belief for those willing to surrender the old guard of win/lose.  This treasure trove of plenty is alluring, compelling even.  But first you have to get past the part of you that loves to be right.  Really, really loves it.  Are you ready?  This week gives you a chance to practice the switch up.  The Cards and the Stars will help.

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Card of the Week:  The Ancestor

How perfect that this card of duality represents this week’s theme.  It stands for law, order, structure, hierarchy and authority.  Before that meant governments and courts we operated under the law of nature.  As civilization evolved, so did our need for structures to help us cohere as groups.  Down through history we have different countries, religions or beliefs that are born, strengthen, rise up to the guiding principle of the time and then go into decline.  We are in the overlap of the decline while the new struggles to emerge.  This is where that Mars energy that insists on being right rather than being in relationship shows up.  It really is a battle between the old king and the new that repeats down through history.  What you feel, think, believe and want plays a role in shaping what happens for a long, long time.  Don’t doubt that one small life amidst millions can make a difference. Every choice you make writes your governing principle.  Is your one of inclusion or one of dominance/submission?  Do you trust that connection doesn’t require surrender of individuality? After all in nature the smallest creature has an enormous impact on the world.  Bees can make the difference between fertile growth and desolate wasteland.  Ants shape a Savannah in Africa – their impact is felt all the way up to an elephant affected by the lives of these tiny creatures.  While you may not see it in your day to day, your life, each choice has incredible value.  So it’s time to be more of you, explore what you want, desire, like and believe.  How much of it is inherited and how much actually resonates with you.  Feel your way.  It matters.









Monday:  Queen of Stones

The right attitude can move mountains, right? Well, internally at least…  Today the Moon meets up with Saturn to do some heavy lifting on where you spend your quality time.  Truth time – do you spend more time on protection from possible threats or more time creating something that excites you.  Fear or Love – the theme continues.  When you lead with protection first you head back to the old authority, old conditioning that has structure out front at the sacrifice of the individual.  When you start with creation first this leads to innovation, expansion, joy and surprise.  Structure serves best when it is in the follow up position, not the lead.  The Moon moves into Scorpio to assist your inner excavation.  Saturn hangs out to remind you that little changes now put down a firm foundation you can build on for years to come.  As Mercury heads into Aries new ideas pop in by late day, inspired by a more hospitable welcome and without the strict checklist of the old order’s perfectionism.









Tuesday:  Six of Bows

Sweet Victory in this fiery six.  The number of wholeness shines brightly as the Moon finds all kinds of support on the trek to see the big Truth of you.  Neptune, Pluto and the Sun all lend their support along with Venus now in Aries territory.  The flames of new desires flare up and you explore a fresh batch of things to tempt your creative instincts.  It’s a good day to indulge yourself, save contemplation for another day.  This one is all about inspired actions.  There are like minded others to join the fun and there is more than enough to go around.  After all, the Wildwood Tarot calls this six Abundance, for good reason.  Let the bounty of the world reveal itself to you and take a bite or two out of what appeals to you.










Wednesday:  Five of Vessels

This is one of those trickier cards with the Wildwood Tarot calling it Ecstasy, while traditional Tarot sees this as heartbreak.  The Stars shed some much needed light on the situation.  The Moon is in easy aspect to Chiron so it’s a day to let the pleasure of moving on from the wounded helpless place can feel so good if you let it.  The Moon leaves Scorpio after some quality self examination of those dark corners and hits Sagittarius with glee.  The Moon and Venus team up to continue yesterday’s reveal of unexplored desires that recently revealed themselves.  The relief of this view without suffering clouding your view is one you could get used to fast.  Doesn’t it feel good to feel good rather than drowning in sorrow?











Thursday:  The Guardian

Now that you have a clearer view of a dazzling array of options that weren’t possible looking through the past’s skewed view of your strength, it’s time to face down the latest challenge from those old authorities and patterns.  Jupiter goes retrograde Today and the Great Expander takes us back over the territory added these last few months to consolidate our gains.  Through July 10th you get to revisit the emerging, more authentic you and choose again – just to be sure it’s really what you want.  This card represents Death in Traditional Tarot and goes by the name Guardian in this deck.  The life cycles, including endings, are a necessary part of playing with power.  All things end.  No matter what you do, things reach their natural conclusion.  The old guards’s end is here.  Honor what it brought you along with what no longer serves your purpose so you can let it go with grace.  The safety of the old routines, pathways and relationships are no match for what comes next.  In fact the ‘old’ feeds the ‘new’ just as the leaves of fall turn to rich resources in the soil to fuel spring buds.  While you may not be able to see all the results yet, trust what is about to bloom and make peace with the endings – it’s not the end of the story.









Friday:  Balance

Adjustment, adjustment, adjustment is the theme today.  Small moves are required.  Watch out for the urge to get ahead of yourself.  There is a restlessness that builds towards late afternoon and you want to act on something now.  This is normal, just take smaller steps instead of huge leaps.  Or do some serious reconnaissance work before any bigger leaps.  What you do has a higher chance of success and satisfaction with personal attention rather than being carried away by an emotional trigger.  After the ending you’ve experienced with yesterday’s Guardian, it is time to decide what you will pair yourself with going forward.  The Ancestor and Balance together invite you to consider a gentle knitting together that has a strong bond that lasts a long, long time.  So little decisions you make today could wind up echoing down the halls of decades to come.  Be thoughtful, mindful, present with your choices.  Bring as many parts of you as possible to table when you choose a yes or no.  Don’t worry about it.  You can’t choose wrong so don’t let your mind get you stuck trying to get it right.  Instead put your focus on HOW you make the decisions – that is crucial; not which thing you say yes or no to with this energy.  Watch for the wound and protection instincts grabbing the driver’s seat.  That defensiveness hates to surrender without so give it some compassionate attention.  Then let your heart create from strength, not your wound or fear.









Saturday:  Two of Arrows

After a wave hits the highest part, it recedes before the next wave arrives.  Today is a pull back day.  Your mind is definitely going to jump in and try to second guess your choices, with fear in the forefront.  Little pesky ways though, not big struggles.  This Two of Arrows is a mental back and forth like the rising tide.  Your mind may retreat from the fullest expression of you, but like the tide, one pullback won’t stop the next wave from rolling in to view.  It’s a good checkpoint day.  Notice the chatter, the irritation and observe.  Very often it helps to talk it out with someone who won’t do anything but listen and reflect back to you what they observe.  It helps to choose a neutral listener.  You don’t want to have to battle someone else’s opinion along with the chatter in your head.  Or maybe you do.  Sometimes hearing someone else talk your fear talk is just what it takes to shrink it down to bite size.  Notice the path you take you get to the place where you trust your choice.  That’s an excellent way to retrain the mind speak.










Sunday:  Forest Lovers

Ah, harmony within you at last.  While it may feel a bit odd, there is also a strong feeling of ‘coming home’ to this Sunday.  All the heavy hitting planets come out to play today and the only one who shakes up the mix at all is Pluto when the Moon wanders into the deep underground.  The rest of the planets play nicely together to help you understand yourself, what you want and how to act on it in a way that feels much more in line with your emerging view of YOU.  It takes the whole day for the Moon to sort out that this really is where you connect, live and play from without distortions and fear clouding your view.  It may not be a dramatic shift for you, but then again, perhaps change with a flourish is so very you.  Whatever your day is, let it reveal to you the music within you where find the right people, places and things to blend and build your life.  This ‘click’ doesn’t mean you won’t cross an occasional challenge or difficulty.  Instead it means that when it does, it somehow blends in with the overall richness and can’t assume to big of a proportion to spoil things.  It merely adds texture.  Now that’s a homecoming.









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