Daily Tarot Feb 12th-18th-Partial Eclipse of The Heart, Valentine

There are lightning bolts in this solar eclipse particularly tuned to where you need to ‘let go to grow’.  Because the South Node is also involved, something that must end in order for the new to begin.  Stuck places can suddenly shift and the jolt depends on how fixed you’ve been on status quo.  To release the old without the new already in sight can be frightening.  Yet it’s required.  The good news is the next thing sweeps in almost immediately and may even take your breath away with it’s force.

One of the best parts of this week is how much easier it is to catch ourselves in old patterns.  It’s a bit like a hot potato once you do and the heat builds uncomfortably if you don’t toss it back.  The cosmos offers a nice assist, thank you very much.  Feel that tug towards re-tuning a situation for harmony rather than staying stuck on a stubborn belief of what ‘should happen’?  This is part of the ‘new’.   It’s especially sweet since we have Valentine’s Day just before the eclipse.  There is a strong relationship upgrade theme to the eclipse.  So the day of romance may be a revelation as much as a celebration.  Still, it gives you a map of what needs upgrading and then you have to sign on for YOUR behavior change.  Look to your mother story with Ceres and Juno playing a part in the eclipse.

Be careful if you get stuck on what anyone else ‘should’ do differently.  If expectations didn’t get met, time to revisit your feelings, wants and needs.  How well do you understand them, take responsibility for them now and how well do you communicate those needs.  Often we get stuck on an idea of what we wish for without a clear idea of where that originated.  If you want a particular ‘thing’ when it comes to romance, dig deeper.  What does that ‘thing’ give you?  Where else have you felt it?  Do you trust that you are lovable or are the words, actions and romance pouring water into a bucket with holes.

We had programs set in childhood that set a lovability measure within us.  No matter how good your parenting, it couldn’t meet all your needs and this Aquarian eclipse says who you are is important in the world.  The world needs you, the whole of you including the bright and the dark.  Where does the story you believe of your needs not being met in childhood impact you now.  See where hidden expectations creep into present relationships.  You can start to ease the pressure off those loaded triggers when you underneath your current wants and needs in love.  Getting what you want signals you are loved, not getting it can mean something cruel to you even when you an offer on the table that falls short.  The goal is to appreciate what’s offered and navigate through the healing that’s there in what you didn’t receive.

This is a year to let love in, really embrace it.  Which brings with it the things, people and moments to also reveal the contrast, where we don’t feel loved or loving.  Eclipses reveal the shadow side of things in service to reconnecting to the light with greater understanding and appreciation.  If the monsters come out of the closet in the eclipse, it’s for your benefit.  Suddenly they stand in bright light with the context of your whole life to measure them by.  The terror of being unloved doesn’t hold up when you see your friendships, work relationships, happy moments stand alongside the fear.  This Valentine’s Day see where you are loved and examine the places you don’t feel loved – these stories are where you start.  Time to tell a different story.

When fear pops up, grab a mental (or actual) gratitude list of moments that prove you are loved, you are lovable.  If you don’t have such a list – this is the perfect week to start one.  It’s as easy as a voice recording on your phone if you hate to journal.  It’s a good and easy antidote to balance any real history of heartache.  When you give this kind of quality attention to yourself, you teach the world how to treat you better, too.  The cards and the stars can help…



Card of the Week:  Queen of Stones

This solid Queen presides over a week filled with Stones.  These represent the body or what we make real, which means this a week to deal with what you have and see the contrast between what is tangible and what still waits for you experience yet.  Whenever this many stones appear, my strong recommendation is to fall back on breath.  Each day be sure you do a few minutes of focused breathing.  One that’s simple is to breathe in on a slow count of seven and out on a slow count of eleven.  Because our bodies are the densest of the four elements it’s also the slowest to take in changes.  An airy eclipse in Aquarius with lightning bolts from Uranus add wonderful flashes of insight, inspiration and tempting synchronicities.  But it can also expand your life more rapidly than the body easily adjusts to when they happen.  So breathe.  Give your heart rate a chance to settle into the turning points and forks in the road that suddenly appear.  You navigate the changes with more enjoyment and less pressure.  This Queen represents a good attitude to the abundance available, she knows she has plenty.  The shadow side gets too attached to security, but there is always the higher octave thought that trusts the endless flow of bounty in life.









Monday:  Four of Stones

The fours are always about a firm foundation, the Wildwood Tarot calls this one ‘protection’.  Today watch for where scarcity mentality has you defended instead of trusting.  Mars, our action planet hits the accelerator thanks to Uranus electricity so we may feel edgy, antsy or irritated.  The Moon opens the basement full of fears so you can let them air out and possibly even discover some forgotten treasures there.  Nothing like an unexpected windfall to feel the Universe really is on your side and you are protected from the harshest realities.  Fours really put things on a firm foundation according to their suit.  This Four of stones means your sense of security in your world is present for you today.  It heals when you see, touch, taste the reality, the tangible texture of it. If the shadow face of greed or defensiveness peeks out when you open the basement door, breathe.  Then glance around at the all that bounty around you and breathe again.  This awareness helps relieve the need to cling to that one choice or grab for an extra share out of fear.  Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude always calms the nervous system and allows you to plug back into the bounty within reach.










Tuesday:  Four of Bows

Two fours in a row is the sign of good relationships.  Four plus four equals eight the number of reciprocity.  In other words, you give and receive in healthy measure today.  It could even turn into a party, after all this card signals celebration in the Wildwood Tarot.  The Moon slips into Aquarius alongside a pushing match between Mercury and Jupiter.  When the clever communicator is at odds with generous Jupiter perspective can shift fast and not always at an easy pace.  Friends and loved ones can exchange surprising ideas which lead you down unexpected byways.  It definitely is fun to have company as you set off on a fresh path.   This evening the Sun does the mambo with Uranus which enhances the mental flights of fancy from earlier and adds unexpected actions to make it official.  You are a few steps down your new Yellow Brick Road and in good company, too.  That is worth celebrating.










Wednesday:  Nine of Stones (Happy Valentine’s Day)

Ah, a Nine for Valentine’s Day.  The secret ingredients for this one are adult communication and presence.   The Moon and Mars pair up to make it easier to put feelings into action.  You see how much your fears calm down with a little healthy attention from you.  Instead you are free to be present with whatever you feel and let that be fine.  Before you rush to act, let those feelings be a dashboard to navigate by and in doing so you create a life that feels so much better.  The Moon crosses the South Node which helps release the limitations on the limits of love you learned from your mother.  Time to be the real authority, both inside and out, on what makes your life truly yours.  When you do, you begin to establish your own traditions.  Life lived on more authentic terms feels good.  This Nine of Stones says look around you for places where you’ve let inherited views, beliefs and actions limit what you create.  Those places stand out like flies on a white wall today so see them and shoo them away.  Not needed any longer when there is love there for you…Wishing you a day of love.










Thursday:  The Wanderer  (Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius)

The shake up this morning, thanks to Uranus’ lightning bolts, hits first Mercury and then the Moon.  Have no fear though, this Wanderer is present and takes life a step at a time.  When you catch yourself mapping out ten, twenty, fifty steps ahead, pause.  There are things you don’t know yet, curves in the road ahead that block the destination from view.  Okay.  You’ve got plenty right here in this moment to focus on and some of it is not to be missed.  Fun, enjoyment, excitement and more are right here, right now.  When you ‘future plan’ too much it’s as if you walk through life with blinders on so you only see the straight path between you and what you want.  This Solar Eclipse whispers, you are free to step off the road.  Sight see a bit and let life surprise you.  If you dig in and stubbornly refused the pressure builds to shift you out of the straight jacket of fear.  Better to do it when it’s a graceful nudge and with such tempting rewards on offer, too.  Don’t see them immediately?  Relax, there’s a caravan of unexpected headed your way and it’s simply stuffed full of fun trade offs when you surrender the rigid security of the ‘same old expectations’. Breathe and take that leap of faith.  Watch for themes of jealousy today.  Where do you trade your happiness away to stay connected to those who can’t bear to see you enjoy what they don’t?  Where does the green-eyed monster have its claws in you.  Two words can help there.  Mirror neurons.  We are wired to adopt behaviors that others show us are safe.  So if someone has something you wish you had, instead of compare and despair replace it with compare and dare.  Let go of a specifics on your outcome and know you can have your own version of it, tailor made.  To do so you stay open to what it can look like.











Friday: Six of Arrows

Ah sweet enjoyment of the calm after the storm. The brave adventurer knows that ‘a ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for’, right?  Sixes are wholeness and the Arrows point to peace of mind and newfound strength after the challenge is survived.  Mercury passes over yesterday’s eclipse point to give you a vantage point to see the worst is over and you are safely past the rough waters.  With this view your self-trust is anchored and Saturn says you won’t forget this journey or the reward you gained.  Time to savor your efforts and give yourself the respect you are due.  Go ahead, you’ve earned it.  This evening a stray squall may pass close to nudge the boat a bit when Mars and the Moon meet up.  It gives you courage to stay your own course and not be blown off track by the storms of others.  Remind yourself that the worst is over and let the calmer waters sweep in right on any tensions heels.











Saturday:  Three of Stones

This three pops up as Mercury joins the Sun today before dawn.  Dreams may reflect any overwhelm so you can channel it into productive conversations when you wake.  Difficult subjects – address them today.  Challenging communication can be heard today.  Take some smart risks and get solid success thanks to a sturdy hand from Moon traveling with Pluto/Jupiter.  The big planets jump in to kick the Moon’s transformation into a higher gear.  Turn fear into love, that’s the message.  Stones represent your body, this is progress you can get your arms around and trust.  When you believe in your ability to handle life’s twists and turns in the present moment, you will ‘let go to grow’ in expanding waves.  Much more enjoyable than projecting fear out in front of you like a brick wall.  It’s good to feel how deep your roots go because it’s also how deep your creativity goes when you are in love with this moment, warts and all.










Sunday:  Knight of Stones

This practical, slow moving Knight says it’s time to take the next detour.  There is nothing speedy about this fellow.  When you feel deeply things tend to grow at a more measured pace as deep roots go down, and there is enormous security in what you create with this Knight.  There can also be stubborness associated with sticking to something.  The Moon moves into Aries while the Sun moves into Pisces.  Fire and water are a delicate mix.  Fears balk at patience, they want answers or results now with a ferocious appetite for proof, proof, proof.  Tame them when they clamor for attention with loving acknowledgement that a slow pace aggravates at times. Or conversely see where fear mean you dig in on one point of view rather than exploring what else is possible.    You are on the move.  Look back over this week and see your path.  It’s a richer, more varied and interesting one that it was at the week’s start.  You have space to refine your goals, upgrade your goals, expand your desires and anchor what’s true on this path.  Trust this sturdy Knight delivers measurable results.


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