Daily Tarot 2/5-11 Dreams Come True For You

This week offers you dreams come true for you, and you have to work for them.  This effort is actually what crystalizes them into reality.  Rather than a ‘sit back and wait for it to happen’ kind of energy, it is a creative visualization kind of energy.  We have Neptune’s energy of compassionate connection to our feelings (and others) mixed with the lightning bolts of Uranus understanding.  The challenge is in deciding what it means to feel the way you do.  If you feel powerless, helpless, or at the mercy of anything or anyone, you’re looking through the old lens of your wound.

Lay those glasses aside, they are the wrong prescription for your eyes now.

Instead put on the lenses where you have the ability to take what you feel and weave it into a new narrative, one that has all the power you require to meet your own needs and show others how to do the same.  The Moon/Mars meetup Thursday night can pull hidden bullies out of the closet.  Keep an eye on your own behavior.   Balance, balance, balance.  Acknowledge your own point of view and give others their point of view.  Let the story become clearer thanks to the Uranian light switch.  See where behavior from others can be their own expression of the old wound rather than the bigger Truth of who they are.  Rather than their behavior being a story about your lovability it is a revelation of their own fears about theirs.

Locate your own power to see, really see and get familiar with it.  This is not about excusing bad behavior when someone oversteps a boundary.  Instead it’s understanding where it comes from, having compassion and then holding a firm boundary that won’t let another treat you in a way that doesn’t feel good to you.  You are the authority on what’s best for you.  No one else is.  They can only take that away from you with your permission.  Don’t give it to them.  It doesn’t have to be nasty, in fact be careful of retribution.  We are still in the energy of what you serve up boomerangs back on you. Do check in with whether you see them from the lens of helplessness or powerful. Then be firm and clear without judgment and your personal power can help bring out the best in others.

If it doesn’t, then you step back and keep your distance.  Anyplace in you that fears that distance, pay attention.  It’s easier than ever right now with the Juno/Jupiter/Ceres line up to break the childhood fear of abandonment.  As helpless infants we needed our parents.  We can still see our current relationships through the filter of that fear of loss.  You are not dependent any longer.  This is the perfect week to visit the places where you’ve traded your power away unconsciously because of the brain stem, childhood need to be connected at all costs.  It’s only when you are willing to stand up for yourself and your truth at the cost of a job, relationship or connection that you truly own the whole of you.  This is where dreams come true.  The cards and the Stars can help.

Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield


P.S.  Due to family circumstances there is just audio this week.  Thank you for your patience, enjoy!

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