Daily Tarot 1/22-28 Chaos, Creation and the How

We are walking a path of ‘make it real’ where we are meant to confront our illusions and decide which of those we make tangible.  This is accomplished with your words and actions as the container that expresses a dream, illusion, possibility and takes it from the unformed realm and into the world where it can be seen and experienced by more than you.  This lays out a banquet of potential in front of you and is definitely expansion although it may look like chaos at first. Small problem in that though.  Human brains are wired to see expansion into the unknown as risk.  It goes haywire when it doesn’t know what’s coming like a monkey in a cage rattling the bars and screaming it’s frustration.  This week gives your a chance to retrain your brain.

First watch for this reactive behavior and see if for what it is.  It likely you will see it those around you as well because this is a time of global uncertainty and change and everyone feels the underlying tension of shift.  They may not know what causes it or that it drives a particular mood, and still it is there.  We have a big eclipse on the 31st that hooks into the eclipses last August that signified the death of the King. We are our own highest authority and ultimate responsibility for our lives rests within us.  That is the Inescapable Truth to end the blame game.  Our old construct of safety that we felt under governments, families or religions are eroding faster and faster to be replaced with our inner sense of authority.

This switch over feels uncertain and can be a bit frightening if you don’t understand what goes into the mix.  You are meant to trust your own inner authority and these times are practice for that.  When things feel off, uncertain or just plain wrong can you speak up or act in a way that validates your sense of things?  Each day, each week and month of this year has yet another opportunity for you to trust your own knowing and create from that place rather than inherited ‘shoulds’ or traditions.  Fear comes up and it’s natural.  Honor it and soothe yourself the way you would someone young.  Then be strong enough to see that what you are afraid of is one possibility among many, many others.  The unexplored offers as many rewards as it does threats and you can handle yourself now with far more power and authority than you have in the past.

In fact remind yourself of the places in your life where you met a big challenge and succeeded.  Keep a list of those to remind you when fears pop up.  Add at least one failure that you not only survived but see what you learned or gained from it.  Fear will have you focus on what you lost or the cost, but don’t stop there.  See the big picture and include all that you gained as well.  Inner strength, resilience, a sense of your courage to risk in the first place.  You will want both the successes and a failure or two to take with you as you create your most authentic life this year.  It’s a big year for you and this week has a chance to practice creation from a place of engagement, excitement and love rather than fear.  In the swirling chaos of change how you do what you do changes everything.  This week requires you see whether you create more from fear of what could go wrong or love of what you want to make real.  You choose.  The Cards and Stars will help.

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Card of the Week:  The Great Bear

This card is the Judgement Card in traditional Tarot and links to Uranus.  This is the energy of a lightning bolt that illuminates the dark.  Even after the light fades you know what you saw and that vision changes everything.  Something pivotal happens this week to show you more of who you are and the role you are meant to play in the world around you.  The whole picture may not come into focus but there will be at least one moment, one choice that seems small but ultimately is the first in a chain reaction that puts you on course to a greater sense of yourself, your power and influence to shape your world and life.    The Wildwood Tarot calls this card the ‘inescapable truth’.  It’s also the promise of renewal and rebirth born out of compassion that forgives yourself and others of the ignorance from the past that wounded.  We all fall short and we wound each other.  Our fear and trauma cause us to react in ways that aren’t helpful and often extend and deepen our own wounds.  These are a snapshot of what we are doing to each other as nations.  Personally and globally we are meant to learn from our pasts and do better – creating from a place of love and respect rather than fear and blame.  Love doesn’t mean you are a push over.  Far from it.  In fact self love is best at firm healthy boundaries.  So let each day show you where your choices are made.  If fear and protection drive them, time for an adjustment.  See yourself as the powerful adult you are and not the helpless younger you.  Create from a place that sees you and watch things change rapidly.








Monday:  Nine of Bows

Nine’s are the teacher number that calls on your mental and spiritual discipline to master any challenge.  With the Moon moving into Aries and then promptly squaring Saturn it’s about restraint and timing as key to whatever you wish to see or create.  Can you be patient with delays or even see how to use them to your advantage?  Obstacles merely give you a chance to double down on what really matters so you can overcome them or show you what really matters when the obstacles feel more daunting than you realized.  Venus and the Moon travel nicely together today so it is a good time to refine what you want rather than blindly do what you think you should.  This is a great use of the Nine energy with bows adding the additional spiritual dimension to help clear the mind of old fears.  Then the Moon trines Ceres late night so the stores we feed ourselves can nourish you or make you ill.  You decide whether to snack on fears or love.









Tuesday:  Ten of vessels

This empowered one to the tenth degree boldly dominates the days events.  It’s as if a dam breaks and the flood waters pour through by evening.  This ten takes the self love of the Ace to the furthest it can go which means you are met with love on all sides when this is what you broadcast out.  The Moon squares up the Messenger Mercury which requires that we change our filter from fear back to love. The shake up affects us all.   You will have opportunities to do that today and with the Moon also square Pluto you have the opportunity to transform on a deep level when you do choose compassion over judgement, discernment rather than discrimination.  Otherwise you stay stuck in power struggles and a fear of being dominated where you steamroll others with towering emotions without realizing it.  This is the Happiness Card in Wildwood Tarot that brings a flow of opportunities to you both wanted and unwanted.  See your triggers so you don’t let them own you when you kindly acknowledge when it happens.  Then take a deep breath and make a different choice, one that doesn’t need to defend yourself against the flow.  Swim with it and choose your direction, your creation point.  When the Moon joins up to the lightning bolts of Uranus at 8:15pm PDT tonight you are ready for the ‘aha’ moments this day brought you.  You can suddenly see your gains in the fresh perspective.  Happiness in the midst of a chaotic world is always possible, it is only a choice away.  Those bolts open the door to where to plug in to the new creative and heartfelt opportunities you won’t be able to see from the stuck place of protection or defensiveness.








Wednesday:  Five of Arrows

Hello pesky Five of Arrows.  Today we have the Moon moving into Taurus which is an easy aspect to Saturn the Great Teacher and also conjunct Pallas.  Which means it’s easy to gravitate to structures you know, familiar pathways, proven ways of thinking and doing things.  Then Mercury meets up with the Great Transformer Pluto and detonates all the careful plans you laid out just after lunch.  Don’t despair though, the Moon then meets up in easy aspect to Saturn and this is all training ground for you to trust yourself moment by moment.  Long term plans are a good goal but with the shifting landscape this year nothing will be a straight line to a destination.  In fact you could find yourself gladly steering towards a new horizon more than once this year as the old destination dissolves into chaos.  Moment by moment your job is to be present, make a choice and then act on it.  Long term ‘strategy’ is a useful tool in life but it cannot be the main guide this year because it will not hold up to the changes swirling. Instead you are being trained to stay present, make your own authentic choice, trust that and act on it in concert with like minded others.  Embrace opposition as they can help you carve out the edges of what you choose and why when they see it completely differently than you.  Educate yourself.  Then create rather than react.  Watch impatience as your brain’s way to get you to fall back into old limited patterns.  Take it a day at a time, a choice at a time and you will thrive.








Thursday:  Queen of Stones

Sweet the payoff of this solid queen.  She is the promise that a good attitude shapes so much of what you experience.  The difference between and ordeal and an adventure is the way you embrace or hold it.  When you cannot change what has happened you absolutely can change how you tell the story of it.  Jupiter the expansion planet touches both Mercury and the Moon today so it’s easier than ever to get a more optimistic view on what you do, have or love.  It can also dial up your fears but adds the extra benefit of support to switch gears and breathe so any tension gets converted to excitement.  This is the best reward and serves you all year long because once you know how to do it, you can do it again and again whenever life serves up curve balls.  You can be in the adventure of it all.   From this place your courage will be generously rewarded.  The shadow side is a demand offered up out of fear.  If you do this it will also be a lesson much like touching a hot stove.  You probably won’t want to do it again.  The aspects have us all on a short leash for consequences and demands aren’t likely to be met with good ends.  Even if you get it it will cost you more than you wish to pay.  So you decide, inner strength or outer control.  One has resources and regard flowing to you the second has it flowing away from you.









Friday:  Knight of Bows

The bravest of Knights rides through the day as Mars moves into Sagittarius and the Moon moves into the opposite sign Gemini.  This can be the courage to face your limiting beliefs and act in a bold new manner or it can be fights and arguments from knee jerk reactions when triggered.  Can you see whatever happens with fresh eyes?  Instead of the old story about what it means when they say or do something that provokes you can you be curious and ask questions?  Mercury is square Eris so confusion and chaos are likely to abound today.  Instead of reaction mode, can you switch to investigator and let the information you glean benefit you more than a hasty reaction?  The old stories don’t sit well with Neptune and Ceres in a tense dance, so this asks the collective as a whole to change the interpretation, change the meaning of whatever happens.  See yourself as a brave knight off to face down prejudice and small thinking and coax those who can be reached into a curiosity of their own.  Don’t argue, inquire.  This card can represent foreign travels and what better way to open a mind than experience a very different world than your own.  You don’t need to get out of town for this, let it be a vision of what’s possible.  Bows are fire and it can warm, tempt and ultimately consume ignorance to give off light.  Be that inspired fire today and spawn a different little revolution rather than a reactionary that demands and takes in self righteous entitlement.








Saturday:  Queen of Bows

This is the second Queen this week and signals communication between friends.  The aspects today point to conversation as being the best way to discover more about yourself, your beliefs and your filter on the world.  This Queen is one who has both work and personal life dialed in satisfactorily.  The shadow side is the bossy boots who runs everything to her satisfaction.  The difference is control or command.  Being ‘In Control’ comes from fear that you must make everything the way you wish, therefore people must do as you say, the way you want it to happen.  It works but it also burns those involved.  Being ‘In Command’ invites collaboration, welcomes outside input and sees what others offer as fuel for the fire of desire.  What this creates is often more than the original wish because each person contribution adds another proverbial log on the fire.  Where are you willing to collaborate versus control?  Mercury is in shocking aspect to Uranus so the promise of some eye opening conversations are there for you to collect on today.  With Venus opposite Ceres it’s important to realize that we must go beyond the imprint of our mothers to create our own love experience that is different from any childhood wound.  What is the story of your lovability you learned from your family and how can you rewrite the story now?   Talk about that today and watch what happens.









Sunday:  Three of Bows

Well your ship is in the harbor and heading towards the dock.  What I love about this card is that while it isn’t fulfillment you can touch at least you can finally see it.  Three’s are the communication number and this three speaks to goals and desires realized.  The work you’ve done this week gives you an inner security not dependent on the outside world to make you feel better about yourself.  This way when the recognition or rewards come in they are surplus and overflow to the inner abundance you have going on thanks to the changes you’ve made.  Each choice you make from your own authority, this week and going forward gives you more and more certainty that you are in command and not your fears or defenses.  Mercury is in easy aspect to Chiron so our wound and where it made decisions for us in the past is easily seen.  Then the Moon opposite Saturn says ‘go ahead, make a better choice, you’re worth it’.  Anything that is served up today is banquet for your soul whether it is easy or hard to hear.  That makes you very rich indeed.

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